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Hello Dear,please take your time to like our facebook page,we appreciater you for coming back to this sight,enjoy your survey around this empire.

Hello dear,take a minute of your time to like our facebook page!!

Hello Dear,please take your time to like our facebook page,we appreciater you for coming back to this sight,enjoy your survey around this empire.

Friday, 28 April 2017

And this is to true....never fake perfection

hope u have been inspired?


see photo's of pragya and her parents

pragya (not her real name) shared photo's of herself and her parents on social media,i guess pragya resembles her mum.


See photo's of man and woman half naked in the name of fashion!

chaii!!! i cry!! ngwa tell me whats the meaning of this? is this fashion or Madness?


My New look!

Hello....am an Administrator of this Blog! how do i look?


one word for this man!

Do you think its easy? can you finish a Basin of garri? but in all I call that thing he is doing suicide!


do you recognise this bollywood actor!

too cool the actor seems to look extra cool on bald hair..


That moment Nollywood informs petience Ozokwor there is a Daughter Inlaw to Maltreat!

Good day readers,we all know Petience Ozokwor Aka Mama.G has an exceptional role of maltreatment her daughter inlaws in Nollywood movies.

Below is small hilarious photo of that moment Nollywood informs Petience Ozokwor she has a daughter inlaw to maltreat,see what could be her response!

lol naija gat no chill!


checkout this lushy bunch of bananas!

Imagine if you owned a Banana farm and its yielding as good as this? talk on how much you will sell it and your tithe to God what could be the possible outcome?


See terrible photo of this premature baby shared online.

Below is a photo of a baby born premature and looking very terrible and horrible to fault,photo's of this baby circulated around the media after an anonymous social media user shared photo's of the baby!

This is terrible


Read all that is to come this week on Young Dreams

Monday 1 May 2017 Episode 30 Gunjan reunites Rachna and Mayank, question is... can she reunite the whole family? Dayal loses his cool and he decides the only solution is if they move out of the house.

Tuesday 2 May 2017vEpisode 31

Shail helps Seema win the prize and Seema refuses to give the prize money to Dayal and Shail. One silly mistake from Gunjan puts the entire Garg family's lives in danger.

Wednesday 3 May 2017bEpisode 32

Rachna and Gunjan work together to fool the thugs. Right before the police come in, the gun goes off and someone gets shot.

Thursday 4 May 2017vEpisode 33

The family comes together once again and they also celebrate Shail's birthday. Mayank gets a call for a job interview. Seema starts to feel neglected. Vihaan encourages Rachna to continue the work she started.

more...to come dear!


Read All that is to come on Twist of Fate this coming week!! May trips!!

Monday 01 May 2017 Episode 171

Pragya gets involved in Abhi's company in the finance department, and finds out that there is fraud committed. The then takes a major step which leaves the family with tight financial constraints.

Tuesday 02 May 2017 Episode 172

It is revealed that Pragya is teaming up with one of the family members. Abhi longs to feel Pragya's love but the act she is putting does not allow her to do so.

Wednesday 03 May 2017 Episode 173

Pragya allocates chores to each family member and not of them are pleased with this move. Aliya falls into Pragya's trap and was helpless.

Thursday 04 May 2017 Episode 174

Aliya is finding it hard to cope andvlive under Pragya's command as she see's herself as way too big to be controlled by pragya. Tanu and Aliya are falling for Pragya's trap. Tanu is caught red handed, will Pragya expose to the family?

Friday 05 May 2017 Episode 175

Pragya threatens to reveal Tanu's biggest secret. Abhi falls into a trap meant for Tanu. How will Pragya help him out of this situation?

Monday 08 May 2017 Episode 176

Bulbul walks in on Pragya and Kulpreet's conversation. Pragya plots another plan against Aliya and Tanu, will their plan succeed this time.

Tuesday 09 May 2017 Episode 177



(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 1
Mr Anuma was known to be a teacher that
explore students with grammars and good
discipline. He had an average height with a
big stomach. On his head was no hair and
his shoes had no comparison. He stood in
front of his office spacing out with his
hands in his pocket. He wore a big brown
trouser and a long sleeve shirt which he
tocked in. There were flowers in front of the
office giving it a perfect beauty. Students
hung around at different angles of the
school premises, though they appeared in
Mr Anuma's eyes but he wasn't seeing any
of them because he was lost in thought. But
he suddenly realised himself to the voice of
a familiar student who greeted him. He
turned and looked at him.
"Wisdom!" he called and adjusted his
Wisdom wore a correct uniform of white
and green. He never hesitated to tock-in
properly and combed his hair. He had an
attractive complexion which drives girls
crazy making them to have fantasies about
him before going to bed each night.
"Morning, Sir" he greeted Mr Anuma again
smiling seriously.
"You look absolutely exquisite in your
Wisdom scratched his head for the
unexpected grammar.
"You know what, Wisdom?" Mr Anuma
continued. "I don't want you to expostulate
on the obstreperous students disturbing
this school this morning because that
shows you've deviated from your
"Thank you, Sir"
"No, the response isn't efficacious. You
should be apologizing"
"Oh, I'm sorry sir"
"You may go, now"
Wisdom smiled out after apologizing for
what he didn't know about.
"Na me carry my problem come greet this
man this morning oh. I for just waka pass.
Now he has finished me with grammar" he
thought in pigin English as he walked
towards the junior section.
He could see students doing their morning
duties and other senior students like him
hanging around with their friends-male and
female. Many admired and greeted him,
especially Jennifer who had been looking for
a way to capture his heart. She was with her
two friends, Calista and Melody under a palm
tree discussing about their previous
holidays. They were on a green skirt and
white long sleeve shirts. They plaited their
hair which fell on one side of their cheek.
Anybody who sees them will think they are
sister due to how they relate with one
Melody could see how lustfully Jennifer was
staring at Wisdom.
"O-girl take it easy oh!" she exclaimed.
"Don't mind her, she behaves as if she
hasn't seen a boy before" Calista added
before Jennifer turned to them.
"You won't understand how i feel whenever
i see him" she said with a low voice and her
friends stared at her.
"How i wish he feels the same way for me"
she added.
"Come on, girl! You can't strip yourself so
low to him" Melody said.
"I'm ready to ask him out"
"Jeez!" Calista exclaimed. "Don't even try
such a thing!"
"But i love him!"
"Love gbakwa uko!" Melody shouted angrily
and dragged a palm leave down. She began
to plug them off one after the other.
Jennifer still wanted to pour out her feelings
but the sound of the bell put back the words
into her mouth.
"Hey, go to the assembly ground!" Wisdom's
voice echoed from a distance...
Mrs Desmond, Tochi's mother was at the
backyard of her local house draining water
from a drum when Tochi came out. She
wore oversize skirt and a black top without
a bra. Her breast dangled when she jumped
down the stairs. Her hair was unkept and on
her feet were bathroom slippers. She looks
beautiful but her dirt overshadowed her
"Good morning, mama" she began to
scratch her butt.
The mother brought out her head from the
drum and turned.
"I thought you have gone to school. I have
already talked to the principal and he said
you can start school"
"You mean Winners International school?"
"Okay, mama!" she rejoiced and rushed into
the bathroom.
Student gathered on the assembly ground.
They sang and prayed waiting for the
principal to come and addressed them. But
before then, the senior prefect, Wisdom
climbed up looking charming. Jennifer's
heart melted into her stomach.
"Hey!" Mr Anuma shouted at a student from
a distance and all their concentration went
there expecting to hear the next grammar
that will come out from his mouth.
"Your voluminous skirt should be weeny.
Then after your punishment, you explain to
me unequivocally why it is so!" he
completed and all the students on the
assembly ground laughed. Even Wisdom
couldn't help it.
"Silence please" he said and all attention was
given to him.
He continued, "As we wait for the principal
to come up, i will like to use this opportunity
to welcome you back to a new term..."
"Welcome too!!" Jennifer interrupted from
the crowd.
"Thank, you" Wisdom smiled at her and she
gave him an attractive wink. Of course she
was good looking and beautiful to be
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 2
Mr Nelson, the principal came in and Wisdom gently stepped down for him still admiring Jennifer's beauty but he pretended as if nothing was going on. Even Mr Anuma arrived and stood beside the principal who wore black ironed trouser and shirt. On his eyes were a pair of eyeglasses and a paper in his hands.
"Good morning, students!" he began, "This is another term, a term that you all should work hard for your examinations especially the SS3 students..."
All the students were quiet with their eyes and ears opened but Jennifer never stop eying Widom. Melody and Calista noticed it but kept quiet. Suddenly, Esther, a senior prefect too walked to the quiet assembly ground and stood beside Wisdom. They looked at each other and smiled as a way of saying 'Good morning'
Seeing such an eye contact and smiles on their faces, Jennifer became jealous and frowned her face.
"..Put away any negative thought and concentrat on your studies. Understood?!" the principal concluded.
"Yes sir!" the students chorused.
After that, Mr Anuma climbed up and the students stared at him in silence. They were expecting nothing but a grammar from his mouth.
"Good morning students!"
"Good morning sir!" some started laughing already even when he had not even spoken a word.
"Some of you are already perspicacious of my perversion" Mr Anuma began and all the students began to laughing. "In other words, you understand my behavior which you believe to be abnormal simply because you are unable to comprehend my grammatical structure" Mr Anuma paused, his attention and that of the students went to a girl that walked into the assembly ground without a uniform-Tochi. She wore a big skirt nd a red top. One hand of her bra was seen and on her feet were sandals.
"Hey, come back here!" Wisdom took an action walking briskly to her.
Tochi stopped and turned.
All the students even Mr Anuma watched to see what will happen.
"Who are you and why did you dress like this to school?" Wisdom asked.
"My name is Tochukwu" she turned angrily and began to walk again.
"Hey I'm talking to you, you aren't through with my questions!" he dragged her back on her fairy and elastic cloth in a way her bra was openly seen by everybody.
"Hey! Hey!!" the students began to shout.
Meanwhile, Tochi had given Wisdom a hot slap and grabbed his uniform. Students gathered around.
Chester, Wisdom's friend quickly stood behind him trying to disengage Tochi's hands from his uniform but he couldn't.
"Hey! All of you should get into your classes now!" Mr Anuma shouted walking towards the scene with a fat cane and all the students ran into their classes leaving only Wisdom and Tochi.
"Get your hands off me!" Wisdom shouted at her.
"You are the one that look for my trouble this morning oh. Me, i will not leave oh!" she replied shaking her body in a way her breasts flung up and down.
"Hey, leave him alone" Mr Anuma said holding Tochi's hand. "Don't prove stubborn, just leave him alone!"
"But sir, he naked me. I will not leave him oh!"
Mr Anuma didn't know how to deal with such issue and stubborn girl. So he turned just to see the principal coming probably because of the noise he heard.
"What's going, Mr Anuma?" he asked.
"Just a little misunderstanding, sir"
The principal looked at Tochi and recognized her. He asked again but Tochi narrated that Wisdom naked her.
"Just leave his shirt, first" the principal suggested before Tochi disengaged her hands from his shirt.
"Both of you follow me to my office" he added.
Wisdom adjusted his rumpled uniform angrily and they followed the principal.
Meanwhile, students were already peeping through the windows, especially Jennifer and her friends.
"Na this kind girls fit that Wisdom of a boy eh" Melody started.
"Hey, hollam there!" Jennifer harangued. "Don't speak of him like that in my presence again"
"If i do, what will happen?!"
They gazed at each other angrily.
"Hey, girls, make una takam easy oh" Calista stepped forward. "The very question now is; who is that girl that Wisdom striped naked?" she asked but none of them answered...
In the principal's office, Wisdom stood beside Tochi. Both looked angry facing the principal's table.
"Wisdom, what happened?" the principal asked.
"She disobeyed me, sir"
"And does that warrant you to naked her in public?!"
"It wasn't intentional, sir"
Mr Nelson became quiet for a while and rubbed his pen on his jaw looking for the rightful judgment.
"Now, i apologize to her" he said.
At first, Wisdom hesitated.
"I said apologize to her!" the principal shouted.
Wisdom gradually faced Tochi and said, "I'm sorry, it will not happen again" butTochi didn't even look at him.
"Is okay" the principal began. "She's only a new student that's why she isn't on our uniform" he looked at Tochi and continued, "And you Tochi, this boy here is the senior prefect of this whole school and you must respect him. Understood?!"
"Yes, sir"
"You may now go"
They walked out..


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Breaking NEWS!!! NNAMDI KANU Has been released from Prison Based on Health Reasons

According to Naij reporters,The detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has been granted bail by the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja.

Nnamdi Kanu was granted bail on health ground.

The IPOB leader is also expected to provide three sureties one of who must be a serving senator, a jewish religious leader and highly respected person and must own a land in anywhere in Abuja The bail bond is N100 million for each surety.

He was also ordered never to grant any press interview pending the outcome of his trial He will not be in a gathering of more than 10 Persons The judge on the matter Justice Binta Nyako said Kanu's bail will be revoked if any of the orders are flouted.

However, the other accused persons were denied bail.

According to the judge, treasonable felony - the charges against them is a serious offence against the state.

Also, the judge refused the application by Kanu to vary her previous order on protecting witnesses in the matter.

Nyako said the witnesses who have been identified as security operatives cannot be exposed in the course of the trial.
She further held that the witnesses will be identified with alphabets during the Trial.

More details coming soon....stay tuned


Breaking News: Leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu has been released on Bail!!!

According to report from Naij,There was a mild drama at the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court this morning April 25, as security operatives,barred former Minister of Aviation, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode, from entering inside the court scheduled to deliver ruling on whether the detained leader of theIndigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu,should be released on bail.

Kanu, who was hitherto the Director of Radio Biafra and Television, is facing trial alongside three other pro-Biafra agitators, Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi.

However, the Ekiti state Governor Ayo Fayose and Fani-Kayode later forced their way to the courtroom to show solidarity to detained Kanu.

Justice Nyako had slated today to rule on applications by the defendants seeking to be admitted to bail pending determination of the five-count criminal charge the Federal Government slammed against them.

Former Minister of Aviation, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode NAIJ.com gathered that Fani-Kayode,  who is equally facing criminal charges the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, preferred against him, upon his arrival at the court to face his trial, sought to gain entry into the sister court handing Kanu’s case but was blocked by operatives of the Department of State Service, DSS.

It took the intervention of lawyers to persuade the security operatives to let the former Minister into the courtroom, even though officials of Kuje Prison had yet to bring the defendants to court for the ruling.

Atmosphere within the heavily-guarded high court premises is tensed, with many pro-Biafra supporters, brandishing different Biafra insignia and flags, chanting at a distance, as they were also barred from standing within perimeters of the court premises by gunwielding security men.

Journalists are equally facing tough hurdle to gain entry into the court room, with a few that managed to squeeze in, ordered to surrender their handsets.

The ruling will also determine whether FG should be allowed to shield identities of witnesses billed to testify against the defendants.In this NAIJ.comvideo below, a retired army major calls for dialogue between IPOB and the federal government.


See a perfect reason why I dont want to get married

women who are like this make me see marriage in a different perspective....


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