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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

More photo's from Clara and Ala's wedding that took place last weekend (17th december)

Last week saturday been 17th december,clara joel and Alabo George Smart tied the knot at The power of His Majesty's Deliverance Ministry after a relationship which took them about 4yrs to get to know each other very well before they promoted themselves to the marital level.

According to the bride in narrating how she met her husband she said:-

"It was raining the day I was coming back from CAS,this man saw me and started following me ,I noticed and went and hid in the bank,just when I thought he was gone about 30 mins later,I came out and found out he was still following me,he offered me a lift and since then love has brought us thus far"

JwB correspondents present at the Wedding were able to take Amazing photo shots of the bride and groom,see photo's below:-



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