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Saturday, 25 March 2017


I decided to leave the house for a week,to clear my head,I cried bitterly wen i remembered my lazt encounter with Dave...i knew he is hurting....but my mind wasnt willing to stop turturing him,i wanted him to go tru hell ..but he has even passed hell.

According to tobi his frend he called last begging me to come back,to 4give Dave or else he will die and i will neva see him again,he will finally live me,i almost died of shock when he told me dave had drank overdose valium 10mg and passed out.
  my heart told me to go back home,to tell him i love him and will never live him again,my soul betrayed me with emotions,i fell on my kneels and cried my soul,i couldnt stop even when i wanted to,like my eyesockets could no longer hold tears.

my heart told me to atleast give him a call,which i quickly did,i was tensed,confused,i almost ran mad when his number was not reachable,i need to see my husband again. .he loves me again...i stopped listening to my mind and ran out of the Hotel room,it was 12am midnight,the road naked,just in my night dress ran on bare foot with my luggage,my mindset was what if he dies,i will loose him forever,i cried like a raped victim untill the heavens cried with thunder and lightening telling me he is waiting...i was no longer scared of the dark,i fell in the dirt,I knew he wanted me,I felt it.

Adding sold to injury,mama called saying Dave is going to die if i dont come home as soon as possible and that he has refused his medicine. .he has been terribly sick for over 3days ..
I almost threw my luggage away...i got in front of a moving trailer that stopped at me.. it was the only moving vehicle i could see. .i begged and got in with hopes i get home on time and give that coward a reason to live,to kip loving me again...



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