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Saturday, 25 March 2017


"wuwuwuwu witch you have bewitched him! you have succeeded in snatching my son away from me but let me tell you your plans in the life of my son will not work! do you hear me? it will not work!! i will not all you to win this battle" mama raked like wild dog outside the house,throwing things arround,she had even thrown a plastic chair at our care when dave went haywire,

"this woman is something else,i hv to teach her a lesson!!" Dave said in anger,about rushing outside and i held him on his shirt to calm down and in an act of disobedience to do his will he pushed me forcefully into the couch...mama rushed to calm him but came running to me when she saw i was in pain ..thinking it was something minor,the pain became terribly i couldn't bear it any longer,mama did nt fail to realise it was labour before she rushed outside,Dave had chased his mother into the streets.

Mama and Sule was able to pull me into the car,i thought i was going to die since it was the first time of experience child birth,my legs heavy from being spread gigantly apart,my eyes  spinning 360 like it would never stop,i started having nose bleeding,Dave jumped into the car and drove out of the house with the gate widely open  .

I have never liked the smell of hospitals but when we got to the hospital i had alot of things to put up with, i nearly died of blood pressure untill i was taking into the delivery ward to deliver.

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I felt the joy of motherhood beging in a fast pace,after i was told to breast feed my baby boy jamil,it felt good feeling his small mouth circled around my nip,i rubbed his head as we communicated in our spirits boundlessly.

I was worried after buying different size of napkins yet non was his size,he had to pad him up with mama's old wrappers to keep him warm,I watched him sleep peacefully in the cot and waited for his father to come and say hello to him.



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