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Wednesday, 29 March 2017



I laid on my bed with my baby close to me,i smiled back as dos cute smiles he gave me just before his Dad came,
"sweety whats going  on?"he said,stoning my little boy with a kiss on his left cheek..
"nothing....just that we hv been waiting for u..." i said,noticing his smiles fade into sadness.

"whats wrong?"

"Mama brought a girl home....and wants me to marry her unless she will kill herself! things just got worse!!" he said.

"mama is something else what is she thinking? and i don't understand what's making her feel vulnerable..."

my mum came in with a bag containing local medicines,like she had been running helterskelter.

"i manage to get this medicine,boil it and bath jamil with it,it will make him strong and grow osiso"

i waz about telling mama wat was new amongst us b4 dave told me to keep quiet and tell her some other time rather than spoil her mood.

"chimle! chimle!! Oyoyo chimle....chimle! chimle!! oyoyo chimle!!..." mama sang happily,scrubbing my poor  song as she bathed him...becoming a grandma had rekindled an old spirit that died off as i became an adult...

"you know ehhn....i was wondering  why ur mother in law hv not come to see ur child..."

"she brought me a house...."and den daves face appeared on the door asking me to shhhh...."errrrhm....erhhhm. ."

"house gini?"

"dnt worry i will tell u later!!" i said



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