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Wednesday, 29 March 2017



Merely looking at the girl mama brought was calling for irritation,my stomach rumbled at the smell she unleashed all over the place,i was astonished when she washed our sink using the bathroom brush since she couldn't find a heart will beat so fast thinking​ about the hygienic condition of my family,what will she do next? i was so trouble,that girl had nearly spiked my sons pap with nescafe...if i wasn't fast  enough to intervene,I did nt wait for Dave to rest when he got back from work,
"Dave we need to talk....we need to talk seriously" i said in a hurry,flinging his suite on the bed...

"Honey i jus got back....dont u think i need to rest? besides whats so important that it cant wait till night?"

"The girl ur mother brought?"

"what about her?"

"cant u see?? .. .cant u see she is possess??? how can a normal human add lemon fresh to pap to feed jamil? i stopped her,the other i almost died seeing her trying to feed my baby a pap spiked with nescafe gold ....washes her pants in the kitchen...throws her used pad on the floor at the backyard,i had to clean everything my self and each time i try to correct her mama wil from nowhere pounce on me like a wild animal...and of all...she used my babys diapers i had asked her to bring to take down a hot pot from the gas it is i hv neva seen someone as crazy as she is?? i wonder where mama brought her childa life is at risk here!! its no longer funny to overlook ...not at all goshhh!!" i said,the goose pimple even made me more irritated ...

"Honey...look calm down...dnt stress urself out about this...i will speak to mama about it" Dave said...even when he knew i wouldn't give my all on what he said,his assurance kept me at bay.

i missed mama so much,that i wished she waz present and I will be able to tell her all dat is going on,its just dat mama wont handle it likely and she will cause a scene as usual..i decided to call but shuddered when the call couldn't get tru to her,my throat scratched and i decided to go downstairs to drink water and calm my self,only to wura eating the egusi soup i had kept for dave on the dining table,i waz dumbfounded ,Dave was taking his bath and will be down soon enough to eat dinner jus to realize the buffalo of a woman has consumed a larger portion of the food let alone remain something tangible,my head ached knowing it waz the last soup and dave had strictly told me to warm the soup for him...

"just what do you think you are doing?" i asked her baring all my thoughts in wonders.

"I dey eat aunty!!

"Dont aunty me! i strictly told you to eat the rice mama cooked and nt this food and u still....."

" ma o! na madam te...tell to carry the food chop sey oga dave don eat!!"

"just shut the hell up...did u see him eat? hei madiebo u are finished?? which MADAM asked u to touch this food?"

"This madam asked her to....i asked her to..and what's wrong with That? the girl is hungry so let her eat"

I and mama almost brought down the house before Dave came down and asked me to forget about it...he will eat the slice bread he bought on his way back from work...its in the car according to him...

Later that night i went to my room to dress d bed for my husband to come and sleep only to discover wura lieing half naked...on the bed,i quickly pounced on her,

"what are u doing on my matrimonial bed dressed like a harlot...look i wont tolerate dis from u ....just who do you think you are to do that!!"

"Abeg no vex na which person room bdis? bcos mama bin tell me to sleep here sey here na my room encefort !!"

"pls get out!!! get out!!!! Now!!" I shouted on top of my voice ;watching her scamper away in fear....with her rounded buttocks bubbling behind those loose faded piece of rag she called wrapper.



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