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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Love me again dave

I kept playing this mind game with Dave untill he fell sick,he no longer went out,always indoors,he would com dwn to the sitting room to look 4 me and when he doesnt see me. he just sigh and go back to his room..i stood at a corner watching as stressed himself with thoughts,i really felt sorry for him,i felt like i should end the game ryt now and become the madiebo he used to know...even if he breaks my legs i wont bother,he my husband for crying out loud??
I was in my room ...telling mr.diary how my life has been this past few months and if my bby finally come out ..i will tell him hw all the game that came abt happened.
"gbam! gbam!! gbam!! bum! bum!! bum!!" the knock on my door sound .it was going to split my drums"
"who is it!" i asked...who else would it be...i gently opened the door and just imagine hw dave rushed me with a swift hug,den i knew i had taunted his archilles in the most unbearable manner.
"stop it now...just stop it. .what do u gain by doing dis!"
"stop wat dave??"
"stop!! stop!! stop this game ur hurting me!"
"oh u realised?"
"am so sorry,i did all dos...t..things...cos..."
"just get out of my room no longer urs and Neva will i!"
Before he left my room,he said something significant to me,"what ever happens just now its nt my fault cos i tried!"
"then whose fault is it bastard!" i shouted....falling on my kneels to cry my eyes out....i was dieing inside...i wanted him back but my pride just took over me.


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