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Sunday, 2 April 2017


I watch the lonely and silent afternoon slowly crawl into with chippings of cars by men who were in a hurry to go to their family.

The lightening rocking the base of the heavens so much that i could perceive the fresh smell of a heavy rain;i watch petty traders pack up with their customers scampering about like small while i stood and watch fidget the rain,i began to feel very cold withing me,my ribs cold enough to quench the thirst of a mad dog if it was Water,trying hard to fight of small creatures that found their way to my,while i watched with so much thoughts my eyes darted to sule's corner and just then i saw Wura snicking away from Sule's apartment with plates in her hand bared up to her chest,her wrapper loosed fitness to her body and gave out details of how round her buttocks was as it bubbled behind the wrapper into our building,i never saw wura visiting sule as anything untill this evening,the way she was dressed gave some part of her away.

Later that evening Mama had come home singing songs of praise,riggling her stiff waist to the rythm of the song passed out by her lips,she made my heartbreak choke me when she said Wura is pregnant for Dave,the fool couldn't wait for only one night and went into another woman and he tries to defend himself saying it was mistake and just couldn't remember what happened that night when he went intimate,he said all he could remember was coming back home from a tired day,ate and drank a few glass of juice before he went up to his room and passed,whatever happened after that was not in his consciousness,it was not sleeping with her that pained me but the fact that am going to share my husband with somebody like wura, in all i will say things weren't turning out fine,
Mama did not wait for Dave to drop his suitcase when she broke the news that left me heartbroken ,all he did was look at me and when i looked away he told mama,"i do not care if she is pregnant,all i know is that that child she is carrying is probably not mine"

"Ehnnn? you say what? you have to care from today response,start preparing your self to marry her!"

"marry who? as long i never knew or cant remember going intimate with this village girl i wont marry her!!" Dave said running upstairs with mama ranting like a used ashewo without pay making series of wu's while Wura laid at a corner crying and when mama came to her she said,

"chai ....i don suffer...suffer no be small ...this kind of suffer wear me black go pregnant me kon reject me because i be village girl...ahhh oluwa.....she wailed,i knew for a fact those wails were wails of deceit,wailings that wont convince me,i got irritated when i saw mama trying to control her and when i was about leaving mama hissed a strong sigh ,

"shey you are happy and over joyed,see what you have caused!!" she shouted.

"wha..what have i caused? was i the one who adviced her to spread her leg for someone elses husband?"I said,"infact i wonder what you were thinking wonder you wished me farewell that day i was going to see my uncle....u were able to manipulate ur son into sleeping with her,shame on you..."

I felt the need to ask Dave questions about the pregnancy,steps we needed to take,the silence that issued between us made each other wonder what's on each others mind and then we chorused together,
"what are we going to do?" and then we stopped to look at each other,

"go on first!" he said,

"No you go on first!"

"well you hv to go on first if not i wont speak"

"Alright what are you going to do about wura's pregnacy?"

"i haven't fathom what to do next,mama talking about marriage is ready pissing me off"

"I wish this mistake never happened" i muffled to my self,not waiting to hear what he had to say i allowed my heart to lead me to the bathroom.



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