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Wednesday, 5 April 2017


I suspected something fishy between Wura and Dave,its not as if they waited for I and Dave to go out,my eyeballs where going to fall off when i saw sule giving wura a back penetration,he was so rough of her that i feared for her pregnancy​,wura  on the other hand  seemed to be enjoying​ it as she reached to kiss him,letting out lousy annoying moans,the way sule was going down on her got me thinking when he had become a wild animal,i would hv declared him a rapist if not that wura was consenting .

i percieved the disgusting smell of their,i held on to my boobs praying it never disappears because the way sule chewed on wura's ni*ple,it was  if he would bite them off,pulling them with his teeth as he rode faster and even faster untill he climax,nearly scrapping the poor girl against the wall,i pretended as if i had not seen them when i came out of my hiding place.

"Wura i have been calling you to go and attend to mama,she has been looking for you,what have you been doing here since!!" i said.

i noticed the fright on her voice on seeing me i am sure she did not see it coming, i was wondering  what lie she was going tell to cover her moments of pleasure that lasted over fifteen minutes, i wondered how sule got such stamina even with all the food we give to him he is not even worth comparing a pen cover,i choked with disgust seeing him zip up his trouser as wura struggled to adjust her undies indirectly,and then i quickly turned sule and asked him what was going on.


"Maram??? shun ma!!"

"wetin carri you commot from duty post?"

"ahh madam na chop i come chop oo  .."

"so you no fit chop for duty post again okwaya?"

i began to sound aggressive,sule been a demonic was fast enough to act as if nothing had happened,smiling as if he won lottery.

"" he stammered,

"mogbe madam na me call am ni the small eba wey remain for pot i give chop am from the main pot!"

"No be small eba!" i said in my mind,looking at sule in disdain,i sighted his black boxers ,only God knew how long that boxers had been on his waist,because i have never seen sule hang any tangible boxers on the line near his apartment,it either a yellow that slowly faded with a touch of brown dirts that became stagnant on the part his manhood was packed,my nose suffered the odour of nature when musa raised his hand to yawn like he had eating something heavy,his hairs were so grown that i almost threw up at the brown dirt the stucked between the hairs, i wondered how wura could undergo such stenchy smell just for sexual satisfaction, i flinged N500 note to him from my trouser pocket and strictly told him to buy shaving stick and roll on.

I went upstairs to meet Dave seeing he was already dressed for the outing,its has been a long time since we went out together, i thought of telling him what i had seen earlier, i started having doubts about who was really the father of wura's child,of course it cant be dave but at same time,i couldnt accuse sule aswell,i just needed to confirm.

"sweetheart i see you are all set,i wonder where you are taking us!!" i said,going to rub over his shoulders and stretch him out a little bit...

"us includes!!" he said.

"I and Jamil of course!"

"seriously....would you handle him when he cries??"

"if i can handle him at home why cant i handle him out side?"

"na you talk am oo"

"eeeh even if"

"no come dey complain for me i no go answer you oo"

"meaning sey?"

"wetin you think seh i mean before?"

"you go abandone me and jamil ..bia dave no be only me get the Baby so we go share the work ....u carry small...i carry small"

"see your small mouth!"

"see your big eye like nepa light!" i said and we laughed over it then i let him grasp me and giving me a long lasting sticks,my hand traced to his trouser zip and then he cuts the begining of something married couples do short by saying,

"Ahhhn Madie chill ni...we have not yet gone out and you already want it...its too early jhoor!"

I almost died of embarrasement,i felt the ground should open and swallow me and then i teased him,

"abeg are not even happy i want to make your pen cover happy!!" i said,walking to the door,"am going to get jamil,see you downstairs!"

I noticed dave shaked his head in disbelief,i am very sure he was wondering what i meant by 'your pen cover" i laughed thinking about it...almost loosing my voice,i couldn't help it.



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