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Monday, 15 May 2017

Meet the CEO of D'Amiablez concept,Miss Faith Wejinya!!

So I went around trying to discover new and promising entrepreneurs in Nigeria and then I stumbled into this beautiful young Entrepreneur,Miss Faith Wejinya a CEO of D'Amiablez concept,situated in Port Harcourt,I had  brief interview with her,read it below:-

Joel Hechimenum williams: So tell me what is D'Amiablez all about?

Faith Wejinya: We are an all inclusive events supports firm. We manage any kind of event but we love weddings especially

Joel Hechimenum williams: what sparked this Idea...there is always something fishy behind it?

Faith Wejinya: We offer other services like venue decoration, fashion (tailoring), usherettes, catering services...
  Events is an aspects of our daily living that cannot be dealt without. A lot of people delve into organising one without having the faintest idea where to begin and where to end even though they may have all the funds at their disposal. At the end of the day, they get things screwed up and regret ever doing it at all. Basically the passion/desire to render exceptional services at the best price ever is what birthed this idea. We love to see our clients happy and satisfied at the end of the day.

Joel Hechimenum williams: Fantastic!! so when was D'Amiablez founded?

Faith Wejinya: officially 2013,
Although we had been there (low key) as Ibamandaz concept since 2010.

Joel Hechimenum Williams : so what do we call D'Amiablez? A Developing or an already establish Event management firm?

Faith Wejinya: I wouldn't say we're there yet.

Joel Hechimenum Williams : what could possibly bring about the sheer success of this glamorous concept,if you had the upper hand?

Faith Wejinya: We're good at what we do and we have a team of dedicated staff who work tirelessly to see that all our events are a story.
I'm open to creative ideas and above all, I'm not in doubt that God's hand is upon what we do so i'm rest assured that our success story has began.

Joel Hechimenum Williams : Nice....its really nice talking to you Miss faith....where and how do we contact D'Amiablez if we want to patronise you guys?...and please say something to JWB Readers ,to Inspire them aswell.

Faith Wejinya: (Smiles) I must confess i'm most honoured. It's indeed been a great pleasure speaking with you. Thanks for having me. 

We are at 5 Woko Close Rumuagholu, off Rumuokoro Port Harcourt. You can also call 08171924360, 07035363000
And to my lovely JWB readers i'd love to say to you what i always say to myself. Yes you can! You can achieve anything if only you believe in you and in what you have inside.

So you see its nice talking to Miss Faith! You can contact them in the address and contact number visible above,dont be shy contact JWB and lets discuss about your business,who knows your potential customers/patronisers might be reading this blog.

contact us on:
whatsapp: 09034237921.
twitter: @jwb_official_



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