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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Read all that is to come on Twist of Fate this week (1st - 5th of may)

Monday 01 May 2017 Episode 171

Pragya gets involved in Abhi's company in the finance department, and finds out that there is fraud committed. The then takes a major step which leaves the family with tight financial constraints.

Tuesday 02 May 2017 Episode 172

It is revealed that Pragya is teaming up with one of the family members. Abhi longs to feel Pragya's love but the act she is putting does not allow her to do so.

Wednesday 03 May 2017 Episode 173

Pragya allocates chores to each family member and not of them are pleased with this move. Aliya falls into Pragya's trap and was helpless.

Thursday 04 May 2017 Episode 174

Aliya is finding it hard to cope andvlive under Pragya's command as she see's herself as way too big to be controlled by pragya. Tanu and Aliya are falling for Pragya's trap. Tanu is caught red handed, will Pragya expose to the family?

Friday 05 May 2017 Episode 175

Pragya threatens to reveal Tanu's biggest secret. Abhi falls into a trap meant for Tanu. How will Pragya help him out of this situation?

Monday 08 May 2017 Episode 176

Bulbul walks in on Pragya and Kulpreet's conversation. Pragya plots another plan against Aliya and Tanu, will their plan succeed this time.

Tuesday 09 May 2017 Episode 177



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