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Wednesday, 3 May 2017


(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 5
The drama attracted several people, even Calista, Jennifer and Esther. Of course, Melody saw what was happening but she refused to go.
Tochi was made to carry her stool up as she knelt down by force. When people gathered around pleading for Wisdom to forgive her, tears ran down her eyes.
"You have to release her" Esther told him.
"He will not release her! This girl is insultive!" Jennifer opposed standing beside Wisdom and Esther looked at her angrily standing behind Tochi.
"Please, Wisdom, tell her to stand up" she pleaded again.
"Don't try it Wisdom!" Jennifer defended again.
"Jennifer stop!" Esther became more angry.
"And if i don't what will you?!"
They gazed at each other silently without saying a word.
"I will leave her in one conditions" Wisdom began. "In a condition that she greets politely and do frog-jump"
Hearing that, Tochi's tears increased. Esther could see how her hands were vibrating longing to go down from the heavy wooden stool. She gazed at Wisdom in a way she shows; Do you really want to do this?
"Bros, let the girl be" Chester also pleaded but Wisdom stood by his words.
"Come on, stand up and greet him!" a prefect shouted at Tochi.
Everybody watched her stood up and dried her tears. She stood before Wisdom and said, "Good day"
"Good day who?" Jennifer asked.
"Good day senior" Tochi corrected.
"Now the frog-jump!"
"Jennifer is okay!" Esther shouted at her but she kept quiet waiting for Tochi to carryout the punishment.
"Frog-jump" Wisdom also insisted and Tochi began to jump with her hands on her ears and tears in her eyes. As she jumped, Wisdom walked out followed by Jennifer and Chester. Everybody dispersed leaving only Tochi, Esther and Linda.
"Please, stand up" Esther rushed and helped her up semutanuoisly with Linda. "Is okay, stop crying"
"I warned you to greet them but you wouldn't listen" Linda said.
"I will also become a senior one day oh" Tochi cried.
"Yes, you will" Esther smiled and all got seated. "I want to be your friend" she added, then Tochi stared at her.
"No problem" she replied.
Calista cornered Chester while Jennifer went away with Wisdom. Melody didn't care. She found their behavior absolutely repugnant (Disgusting or dislike).
Junior students who saw Wisdom and Jennifer walking towards where they were playing a football with an orange, greeted them and wanted to go away.
"Hey, where are you all going to?" Wisdom asked them.
Some of them smiled while some scratched their heads looking for the right sentence that will fit their reasons.
Wisdom understood and said, "Don't worry, just continue with your soccer game"
"Thank you senior!" they chorused.
"I wonder where we are going to" he turned to Jennifer.
"We are strolling" she replied.
"That reminds me, you wanted to tell me something in the classroom. What was that?" he stopped and looked at her.
"Nothing" she smiled.
"Yes, by the way, i like what you did to that girl called Tochi"
"You are changing the topic. What did you want to tell me?"
Jennifer stopped, she looked into his eyes and said, "What will you do if i.." she paused when she heard the ringing of the bell. "Sorry, we need to go inside the classroom now" she added.
Wisdom suddenly became quiet and moved on.
"Are you upset?" Jennifer asked.
"No, I'm just wondering the cat that you don't want to let out of the bag"
"I will let the cat out very soon" they smiled.
Wisdom suddenly forgot that he suppose to be on duty sending students into their classrooms, so Mr Anuma's voice reminded him.
"Wisdom!" he shouted from his office.
"Yes, sir!"
"It seems like you need an ophthalmologist to see what the time is saying! I also think the piquant break meal you've eaten caused a tornado which blew into your eyes. Would you go and resume your duties now?!"
"I'm sorry sir! I will do that immediately!" Wisdom walked out briskly with Jennifer smiling at the grammar.
"This man will kill me one day with just a grammar" he told her.
"I will die with you" she replied and laughed.
#SCHOOL_OVER- 2:00pm
Students hung their bags going towards the road to their houses. All began to walk fast when Mr Anuma came out to enter into his car because none wanted to be a victim of his grammar.
Wisdom sighted Esther and Chester discussing and laughing from afar. As she looked, Tochi and Linda joined them.
"Hi, Tochi, are you going home?" Esther asked.
"Yes, I'm so hungry"
"Follow me to my house to have a lunch" Chester suggested.
"No oh!"
"I don't think you have my type of food"
"What type? Name it!"
"You mean akpu?"
"I withdraw myself, go to your house and eat" they laughed.
"I know you are an ajebo. Anyways bye bye" Tochi walked out with Linda. Immediately, Wisdom arrived to that place.
"Hi, Wisdom" Esther waved her hand smiling seriously.
"Hey, good afternoon" he greeted.
"Are you going now?"
"Not yet, i have to lock the classes"
"Can i wait for u?"
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 6
Chester didn't need to stay behind just as Esther agreed to wait for Wisdom. So he shook hands with Wisdom and departed. Of course he had a driver who suppose to have taken him home but he always insisted on living like other students.
Students weren't much at school. All had gone home except the seniors who hung around with their dates but none was at the sight of Mr Anuma to avoid embarrassment especially when it comes with a mind blowing grammar.
Jennifer and her two friends were still around. They were inside the classroom arranging their books while Esther and Wisdom were seen at the junior section. They walked like teenage couples with their bags hanging on their backs. Wisdom moved to lock the JSS1 door and Esther called him back.
"Let me help you with your bag" she said.
Without hesitating Wisdom handed the bag to her. In the process, his arm mistakenly touched her soft breast and Esther smiled.
"Why are you smiling?"
Esther was always like that. She glows with smiles at any little thing unlike Jennifer and that made her more beautiful.
Wisdom locked the doors and they began to walk towards the senior section.
"I don't like what you did to that girl" she began.
"Which girl?"
"Who cares?"
"I do! It isn't good"
They became quiet.
"It's so fun to be with her" Esther broken the silence but Wisdom kept quiet. "And she is also a good girl" she added.
Suddenly, Jennifer came out with her friends. When she saw Wisdom with Esther, she ran and gave him a peck while Melody hissed and continued walking.
"Hi my love" she said and gared at Esther.
"Why is Melody behaving like that?" Wisdom asked.
"Don't mind her. Are you going home?"
"Not yet"
"Alright, bye, see you tomorrow" she gave him another peck  and walked away making Esther to be jealous. Meanwhile, Esther had already left the place into one of the classrooms.
"Hey, Melody wait for us!" Calista shouted.
"Don't mind her!" Jennifer added.
Wisdom walked into the classroom and found Esther gazing at the wall with her hands folded. He could sense that she wasn't happy. "But why?" he thought and touched her.
"Are you okay?" he asked but Esther didn't say a word and walked towards the window.
"Your mood has changed. Have i offended you?"
"No, don't worry, I'm okay" she turned and gave him a weak smile.
"You look more beautiful when you smile"
"Thanks, but can i ask you something?"
"Go ahead"
"Are you.. i mean do you.. are dating Jennifer?"
Then Wisdom understood why her mood changed. He smiled.
"No, I'm not" he replied.
"Then what was that behavior for?!"
"She's always like that"
"Gush! That girl is so annoying!" she walked towards the door. "Please, let's go" she added.
Wisdom locked the remaining classrooms and they left. Before they departed, Esther handed his bag to him and stared into his eyes silently which Wisdom noticed.
"When last did you kiss?" she broke the silence.
"Kiss? I have never had one b4"
"Me too"
"That means we have something in common"
They smiled still staring at each other.
"Bye" Wisdom broke the silence.
"Okay, bye" she smiled and gently walked away.
Tochi kept her bags and rushed in the kitchen and found her mother making lunch.
"Nne, ehihi oma" she greeted in igbo language.
"Yes, mama"
"How was school today?"
"Hmm, Mama.." she sat on a stool and adjusted her skirt downward. "Mama you won't believe what happened today. One stupid boy nearly naked me!"
"Hey! For what?!"
"Only because i refused to answer his question"
"He must be stupid! I must report to the principal!"
"Don't worry, Mama, the principal settled it and moreover the boy apologized"
"Yes, he said it wasn't intentional"
Tochi kept quiet without telling the other part of what she passed through in the hands of the same boy because she knew that she was at fault for not greeting her senior and her mother wouldn't have taken her side.
"Mama" she called. "I need a uniform oh?"
"Yes, That reminds me, the tailor said you should come and collect it when you are back"
Before Mrs Desmond could finish, Tochi ran out with a high speed!
Wisdom's parents weren't rich but they were contented with what they had just like Tochi and her mother. He dropped his school bag and laid on the bed to reflect on what happened at school.
"What is Jennifer up to?" he thought. "She behaves strange, why?" he remembered Tochi and hissed. "She's so annoying!" he soliloquized and thought of Melody's character. "What's her own problem? I will never understand girls" he stood up and went out. He wore a white singlet and a boxer. His dick could be seen dangling to and fro in it.
Mrs Caleb, his mother was just returning from the market with a basket of foodstuffs in her hand.
"Good afternoon, Mummy" Wisdom greeted looking hungry. "Don't tell me you've not cooked"
"There is food in the kitchen my son. Where is your father?"
"He's not at home" he walked into the kitchen..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 7
Melody hung her school bag and was ready to take off to school. Her uniform looks cleaned and ironed to the extent that the shape of her pant was seen through the green tight skirt.
"Melody!" the mother called and came out with a bunch of money. "This is your school fees" she handed it to her.
"Thank you, Mum" Melody collected it and walked away.
Tochi wore her uniform with a black shoe looking like a smart student. She was able to locally plaite her hair like other students in Winners International Secondary School. Her beauty began to showcase gradually.
"Mama!" she called coming out through a passage. Her mother couldn't believe how good she was looking in her uniform when she saw her.
"Yes, mama"
"You look beautiful!"
"Thank you, mama. I will be going now"
"Won't you eat?"
"No, mama, I'm already late. Don't worry i have some money for my breakfast"
"Alright, learn well oh"
"Okay, Mama!" her voice echoed from the passage.
Just at the entrance of the school compound through a narrow road filled with bushes beside it, Melody discovered her school fees lost. She brought down her bag and scattered the books yet she couldn't find it. She saw a minor opening, then she concluded that the money must had fallen off through the opening.
"Oh God, I'm finished!" she exclaimed and began to walk back following the narrow road. Her eyes had already filled with tears waiting to drop at anytime. Just inbetween the road she saw Wisdom coming and both stared at each other...
Meanwhile, Jennifer and Calista were already in school just like other students. The time was just five minutes before assembly will take place.
Esther who had not seen Tochi or Wisdom began to walk to the other building of the senior section to check on them. She climbed a corridor and walked majestically with a white handkerchief in her hand. Her buttocks swung to and fro as she walked. She was very beautiful.
At the other end of the corridor, Calista and Jennifer were also walking like a queen and her maid. Jennifer disdained Esther and hissed when they met at the centre of the corridor.
"What was that for, Jennifer?" Esther asked.
"Did you hear your name?"
"But why exhibiting such character in my presence?"
Jennifer kept quiet and began to catwalk.
"Listen, don't try such thing again in my presence or i will show you were you belong" Esther concluded point at her with the handkerchief.
"You can't do anything, okay?!" Jennifer responded without looking at her.
Wisdom expected Melody to hiss and walk away as usual but she stood still looking at him with the tears that engulfed her eyes. After some moment without both of them greeting or saying anything, Wisdom passed her.
"Wisdom!" Melody called him back and he turned.
"What is it?"
"Please, did you see any money on your way coming?"
"Ten thousand naira?"
"Yes! Did you see it?! It is my school fees!"
Wisdom quietly brought out the money from his pocket and gave it to her. "I saw it on the ground" he said and continued moving.
"Thank you so much!" Melody shouted from behind and Wisdom turned. He didn't say anything but only nodded his head. Just then the bell rang.
Tochi was not yet in school and students were already on the assembly ground. Prefects blocked all the entrances waiting for late comers. Wisdom moved around monitoring students while Esther led the students on the assembly ground.
Suddenly, Tochi arrived and was told to kneel down by a prefect who sat on a stool with a fat cane in his hand.
"I said kneel down!" he shouted at her again.
Tochi frowned her face.
Wisdom sighted them and walked to the place. He couldn't believe how beautiful Tochi was looking in her uniform but he didn't care.
"Don't bother her, she will cut grass" he told the prefect.
"Hey, senior! I will kneel down. In fact I'm already kneeling" Tochi went on her kneels.
"I don't go back to my words. You must cut grass" Wisdom ordered for a marchet and he stretched it to her. "Stand up and take it!" he exclaimed.
Meanwhile Esther, Jennifer and few students were looking at them from the assembly ground.
"Senior, please, i beg you, rather flog me than giving me such a punishment" Tochi pleaded with a shaking voice yet Wisdom wasn't smiling.
Tochi gently stood up and sadly collected the marchet.
"Clear the whole field" Wisdom instructed.
"I will not do that one oh! How can you give me a whole football field to cut? It is now a nefarious punishment" Tochi used the same grammar Mr Anuma taught her and Wisdom became surprise!
"What is nefarious?" he asked.
Tochi wanted to respond but the presence of Mr Anuma interrupted her.
Mr Anuma couldn't believe her beautiful look in her uniform.
"Desmond" he called. "You were once regarded as a personanongrata and looking yucky, now look at how unique and extravagant beautiful you are!"
"Hey! Sir u have finished me oh!" Tochi exclaimed...
(Tochi in school)
episode 8
All the students within that vicinity, even Wisdom began to laugh at both the grammar and how Tochi reacted to it.
"Abeg, sir, just speak that grammar again" Tochi requested.
"No, do not agitate" Mr Anuma began. "I just complimented on your incomparable outfit" he added.
"Hey! Sir, you are making it worst oh"
Mr Anuma smiled and began to walk away but he suddenly turned to Tochi.
"What are you doing with a marchet?" he asked.
"Sir, they want to give me a nefarious punishment"
Mr Anuma smiled remembering that he was the one that taught her that particular word. He was actually loving being around her.
"And what punishment could be so nefarious?" he asked.
"They want to give me the whole field to cut"
"Oh Lala! That's actually a wicked punishment" "Wisdom!" he called.
"Yes, sir"
"Please, pardon her. You know she's still a green horn"
"Okay, sir"
"And you Desmond!" he turned to Tochi. "This school isn't for lazy people. You must come to school on time if you are serious to learn. Understood?!"
"Yes, sir!" Tochi exclaimed.
"You may go inside now"
Tochi gave a mockery smile to Wisdom and dropped the marchet. Then she followed Mr Anuma. Wisdom and other prefects watched her walked semutanuoisly with Mr Anuma. They also saw how attractive her buttocks looked, then Wisdom walked out angrily.
"Thank you once again, sir" Tochi began.
"You are welcome, Desmond" Mr Anuma replied without looking at her.
"Sir, what is... i have forgotten the word eh"
"Which of the grammar?"
"I don't think is a grammar. It is.. Eaheh!, i have remembered it. It is O Lala. What does it mean?"
"It is not actually an English language. It is a French way of saying Oh my God!"
"Oh Lala!" Tochi repeated and smiled out. Even Mr Anuma couldn't stop smiling.
"Thank you sir!" her voice echoed from a distance.
Everybody stared at Tochi as she walked into the assembly ground looking like every other beautiful students around. She quietly sat beside Linda and they smiled in a way of saying; Good morning. She looked at the girl leading the assembly-Esther. Their eyes caught together and they smiled too.
Jennifer wasn't looking happy at all!!
"Where is your hymn book?" Linda asked Tochi.
"I don't have oh"
"That's another problem"
"Eeh! I know that wicked senior Wisdom will be the one to flog me. I hate him!"
"Thank Good you know already" Linda concluded and brought her hymn book closer for them to share.
Just five minutes before the assembly ended, Wisdom and Chester walked into the assembly ground. Calista admired them especially Chester. Even Mr Nelson, the principal and Mr Anuma approached. After the national anthem, Esther entered leaving the floor for the principal to continue.
"Good morning students?!"
"Good morning, sir!"
"I won't beat around the bush" the principal began. "A group of students from SS2 and SS3 will be having a quiz in the next five weeks. So, if you are nominated.."
"Hey!" Tochi exclaimed silently when she heard the word 'nominated'. Linda smiled.
The principal continued. "Make sure you study your books. Understood?!"
"Yes sir!"
The principal left and the students expected Mr Anuma to address them but they saw him going out.
"Sir, won't you address us?!" a student shouted. Then Mr Anuma turned.
"Who is that Incubus or is she a Succubus?!" he asked and the students began to laugh seriously. Even the principal smiled into his office.
There was no teacher in the classroom and Tochi, being a social girl with zeals stood up and went to the from of the class looking at fifty students.
"Attention everybody!" she shouted and all looked at her quietly. "Please, lets choose those that will compete with the SS3 students in quiz oh before Mr Anuma comes here and call us names like incubus and succubus!"
all the students laughed again.
"No, I'm serious oh, let's choose now!"
There was a rising murmur among the students. Then suddenly a voice came from the crowd.
"Tochi, please, choose for us!"
"I should choose?!"
"Yes!" the whole class responded.
"Hmm,That means i will be the only one to do this quiz because i will choose only myself. If i pity you, i will add my friend, Linda"
The students laughed again. Suddenly, a female teacher entere and began to write on the board. Immediately Tochi and all the students concentrated.
Esther was seen with Tochi outside sitting together on differents stools. A junior student passed and greeted them, then Tochi became surprise.
"So i can be greeted too?" she asked.
"Not really, is bcoz you are with me. When you relate with seniors, you will be respected as one"
"Oh, now i understand"
They became quiet.
"You are good" Tochi broke the silence.
"Thank u. U are good too" they smiled.
"Have you been inlove before?" Esther asked.
"Inlove kwa!"
"No oh"
"Have you had feelings for any man b4?"
"Hmm, not really. Why asking?"
"Bcoz I'm inlove"
Tochi smiled. "With who?" she asked.
"With Wisdom" Esther replied..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 9
Tochi suddenly became speechless when she heard the unexpected from Esther.
"Which of the wisdom are you talking about?" she asked.
"The senior prefect"
"Hmm, i don't know what to say"
"I just wish he notice my love for him"
"Do you want me to help you?"
"You, help me get Wisdom?" Esther laughed.
"I can do that oh"
"Don't worry my dear"
"But i want to tell you something"
"What's it?"
"Someone once told me that the boy you love must love you back otherwise the relationship won't work"
Esther thought for a while and said, "With time, he will realise my love for him and love me back"
"Okay oh" Tochi smiled.
Chester was always seen with Wisdom either patrolling or sitting at a point observing students and at the same time having conversation. They sat on a fallen electric pole without wire.
"Guy" Wisdom began. "If you see the embarrassment and disgrace i received from Tochi and Mr Anuma this morning you won't believe it"
"What happened?" Chester listened.
"Can you imaging Tochi used a grammar on me probably taught by Mr Anuma when i wanted to punish her.."
Before he could finish Chester began to laugh.
"Guy, why you dey laugh nah?" Wisdom lowered his voice for the pigin English.
"I told you that girl will supersed you in this school"
"Never! She can't try such a thing. The most annoying part of it is that Mr Anuma released her when i wanted to punish her"
"Guy, stop making enemity with this girl. She's harmless and beautiful for that matter"
"And so what?"
"Just make her your friend"
Wisdom gared at him and hissed. At that moment, Jennifer, Calista and Melody arrived at the same place.
Tochi and Esther saw them and stared at them from a distance.
"Hi, my love" Jennifer began. She sat beside Wisdom while Calista sat beside Chester.
Wisdom neglected her greetings and looked at Melody who stood alone.
"How are you Melody?" he asked.
"I'm fine, thank you" she replied smiling. That's what she had never done before.
"You look happy today"
"I have always been happy"
"What is going on here?" Jennifer interfered. "I should be the one given attention here not Melody" she hissed.
"Hmm, Jennifer easy oh" Melody exclaimed. "I'm not taking your prince charming away"
"You better not!"
"And who is her prince charming?" Wisdom asked.
"What does that suppose to mean?" Jennifer frowned and they smiled...
Esther was totally jealous and Tochi could see it in her eyes.
"I hate her so much!" Esther said.
"That girl Jennifer"
"Me too, i don't like her. She was the one that supported Wisdom to punish me"
"Is okay"
"Desmond!" Mr Anuma called from his office. Then Tochi turned.
"Sir, you called me?"
"Yes, call Wisdom for me and come with him"
Hearing that, Tochi and Esther looked at each other.
"Go and call him" Esther told her and smiled. After Tochi left, Linda replaced her and sat with Esther.
"Good afternoon, senior" she greeted.
"Welcome" Esther responded still looking at Tochi who was going to meet Wisdom in the presence of his friends.
"Where is she going to?" Linda asked.
"Mr Anuma sent her to call Wisdom"
"Eh! Wahala!" she exclaimed and also watched to see what will happen.
Jennifer frowned her face immediately she saw Tochi standing before them.
"Good day seniors" Tochi greeted and threw away her face.
"Eheh? What is it?!" Jennifer interrogated angrily.
"I'm looking for Wisdom.. sorry, senior Wisdom"
All of them stared at each other. Only Chester was smiling.
"Mr Anuma sent me to call him" Tochi added.
"Look at Wisdom in your presence. Talk to him" Chester interfered still smiling.
"Just go I'm coming" Wisdom replied with a low voice.
"No oh, he said you should come with me"
"As what? Husband and wife?!" Jennifer asked angrily. "Come on get out of here!" she shouted but Tochi stood still waiting for Wisdom to follow her.
Wisdom gently stood up and followed her. They walked semutanuoisly towards the office.
"Wonders shall never end!" Jennifer was still exclaiming clapping her hands.
Esther waved at Tochi and Wisdom when they passed and Linda greeted them.
"I can't believe my eyes!" she said surprisingly.
"Is nothing, i like it" Esther replied.
At Mr Anuma's office, Tochi and Wisdom entered without looking at each other's face or exchange words. They stood before Mr Anuma.
"Caleb Wisdom" Mr Anuma began. "I call you regarding the quiz between your class and SS2. I want you to get the list of the participants to me before school dismisses today"
"Okay, sir" Wisdom replied.
"And you Desmond, do the same thing and give the list to Wisdom or you bring it to me yourself after school"
"Okay, Sir"
As Tochi raised her head, her eyes caught with that of Wisdom...
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 10
Such an eye contact was unexpected. Wisdom saw Tochi's real beauty from it, then he disconnected his eyes from hers. Even Tochi saw the reason why girls flock around him but she regarded herself as not worthy to compete with them just to have a handsome senior. "I'm only an SS2 illiterate" she thought.
"Desmond" Mr Anuma broke the silence. "I believe you won't be able to participate on the quiz, right?"
"No oh!" Tochi exclaimed. "Sir, i should even be the first person on the list. I will make sure i beat the SS3 students even.." she glanced at Wisdom and continued with a low voice. "..even this one standing here"
"You mean Wisdom?"
"Yes, i can win him"
Mr Anuma began to laugh while Wisdom smiled quietly at her boldness and her funny way of talking.
"Desmond" Mr Anuma called. "Wisdom here is very intelligent that's why he was made the senior prefect of this school. So there is no way you can beat him intellectually"
"Sir, just wait and see, i will study very haaaarrd and with the small small grammar I'm learning from you, i will win him"
Mr Anuma laughed again. He had never seen a student with such boldness and zeal to learn. Wisdom didn't smile at the second time because the word 'grammar' Tochi used reminded him of the one she used on him that morning.
"Okay then, lets see what you can do" Mr Anuma concluded. "Wisdom you can put her through on how to go about with the list" he added.
"Okay, sir" Wisdom replied.
"You may go now"
Wisdom waited for Tochi to lead the way, then followed her. Their height was perfect like fitted couples. Tochi was quite tall but Wisdom was taller as they walked semutanuoisly towards where they came from. They were flowers on the road that led to the office and dwarf palme trees circulated everywhere which made people not to have a good view of them. Wisdom expected Tochi to walk faster than him but she didn't rather she followed him right by his side-but was a bit far.
"Senior" Tochi broke the silence, then Wisdom looked at her without responding. "Why is your friend so mean to me? I mean that one.. I have forgotten her name"
"Jennifer?" Wisdom helped.
"Yes, Jennifer! Sorry, senior Jennifer" she lower her voice. "I don't like her. Senior Esther is MORE GOOD.."
"Wrong English" Wisdom interrupted.
"What do you mean?"
"You don't say Esther is MORE GOOD. There is no English word like MORE GOOD"
Tochi stopped and looked at him. "Then tell me the correct one" she said.
"You can only say Esther is BETTER"
"Hmm, Senior thank you for teaching me oh" she gave an attractive smile.
"You're welcome" Wisdom replied. "Just don't disobey Jennifer, with time she won't be harsh on you" he added and they continued walking.
"Okay" Tochi glanced at him again. "Senior, don't you like senior Esther?" she asked.
"Pardon?" Wisdom gared.
"I'm sorry"
"You better be! You are crossing your boundary"
"I'm sorry" she began to walk faster leaving him behind. Wisdom saw her attractive buttocks again but neglected the feelings.
Tochi went back to Esther and Linda while Wisdom to his friends.
"How did it go?" Esther asked in anticipation.
"Mr Anuma gave us an assignment"
"Is that all?"
"Did senior Wisdom talk to you?" Linda questioned.
"That means both of you are now friends" Esther wanted to know.
"No oh"
"What do you mean?"
"We are not friends, he even shouted at me at last"
They kept quiet. Immediately the bell rang.
Break was over and all the students entered into their classrooms. None of them made noise enabling the singing of distance birds and sound of distance vehicles to be heard.
Few hours later, the bell was rung again for school over. Meanwhile, Tochi and Wisdom got the list of the quiz participants ready only wanting to get back to Mr Anuma.
Esther and Chester came out with their bags followed by Melody.
"Hi Esther!" she waved her hand.
"Hi" Esther responded to her. "Are you going now?" she asked.
"Okay, bye!"
As Chester stood with Esther, Wisdom arrived with a paper in his hand, then Esther smiled at him.
"Good day, Wisdom" she greeted.
"Good day my dear. Let me just submit this list to Mr Anuma, I'm coming back" he went out immediately, then Esther looked at Chester.
"Chester, can i talk to you?" she demanded.
"I hope no problem"
"Can you talk to Wisdom for me?"
"About what?"
"I know it seems awkward or weird, but I'm inlove with him"
Chester became dumb staring at her.
"Please, can you make Wisdom realise that i love him?" Esther asked emotionally. "I'm dying in silence, please!" she added.
Just before Chester responded, Calista showed up.
"Hi, Chester" she placed her hand on his shoulder. "Let's go home" she added.
"No, I'm in the middle of something. Moreover, we aren't following the same way"
"Just let's go"
"I said no!" Chester exclaimed angrily before she disdained Esther and left thinking that it was because of her Chester shouted at her.
Chester looked at Esther again, he could see the love in her eyes...
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 11
: (Writer-Bright Daniel)
Esther is a very emotional girl but physically strong that even Jennifer cannot handle her beating if they are to test their physical abilities. But at this moment, Chester was only seeing the emotions in her eyes that made his heart sank into his stomach. From the way she looked, he thought, if only he could do magic or abracadabra for Wisdom to fall inlove with Esther, he would have done it immediately but he couldn't, and the whole thing rendered him speechless.
"Won't you say anything?" Esther broke the silence.
"Do you really want me to tell Wisdom that you love him?" Chester wanted to be clarified.
"No, i want you to use your influence as his best friend and make him understand that i love him indirectly"
"Oh, now i understand. Don't worry, i will do that"
"Thank you" she smiled.
Wisdom met Tochi at Mr Anuma's office with her own list too. But she was standing at the door.
"Good afternoon, senior" Tochi prostrated.
"Why are you standing outside?"
"Mr Anuma isn't in"
"Where is he?"
"In principal's office"
Wisdom looked around. He knew he couldn't just keep the list on his table, so he looked at Tochi and stretched the list to her.
"Hold it, i will be coming back. My friends are waiting for me"
Tochi gently collected the paper and he rushed out. But he suddenly stopped and turned when he heard Tochi murmured.
"What did you say?" he asked.
"I didn't say anything senior"
"But you soliloquized"
"Hey! Senior when did you become Mr Anuma again. I don't know the meaning of solilo..." she forgot the full pronunciation.
"I demand to know what you said now!" Wisdom cut out a flower as a cane and began to tie the branches together. Seeing that Tochi confessed.
"Senior, i said you want to go and meet your friends, that means me, standing here is your enemy"
Wisdom stared at her, the more he looked the more her beauty enters into his eyes, mind and body. He threw away the cane and said, "Kneel down"
"I said kneel down!"
Tochi gradually went on her kneels and raised up her hands, then Wisdom left.
Just as Wisdom was walking back to Esther and Chester, Jennifer and Calista met him. Esther could see then from afar.
"I want to wait for you to close the classrooms today" Jennifer told Wisdom with her hands on his shoulder.
"Why?" he asked.
"So that i will be able to let the cat out of the bag"
"Is unfortunate that i have other things to do after closing the classrooms. We shall talk tomorrow" he disengaged her hands from his shoulder.
"Okay, see you tomorrow then"
They departed.
Esther exhaled deeply when Wisdom finally came leaving the annoying Jennifer as she thought. She smiled at him again.
"You always smile for no reason and i like that" Wisdom told her.
"I don't know how to control it and thank God you like it" they giggled.
"Mr Anuma isn't in his office, so i think you can go instead of waiting for me"
"No, Esther will go while i wait for you today" Chester said and gave Esther an eye contact which shows that he wanted to carryout their plans.
"Yes, is true" Esther supported. "Buy!" she added and left.
Only few students remained nd it was only remaining a classroom 2 be closed by Wisdom, then he said, "Guy, d girl isn't bad oh"
"I told you! So you are now admiring her"
"No, bro"
"That's good, you should go for d person that loves you"
"Like who?" Wisdom looked at him.
"Like Esther, i think she loves you"
Wisdom remained quiet looking at him. "Esther is quite good but i don't have any feelings for her. How did u even know she loves me?"
"Bcoz she always talks about you every minutes"
"Don't worry, guy, we are just friends"
"Think about it oh, guy" Chester shook hands with him and left.
Mr Anuma arrived at his office and saw Tochi kneeling down.
"Desmond" he called. "Why are you on your kneels?"
"Senior Wisdom told me to do so"
Before Tochi answered, Wisdom appeared, then Mr Anuma turned to him.
"Caleb" he called. "What can warrant a juvenile like you who should juxtapose with elegant students like Tochi to put her in such nefarious condition?"
Tochi began to smile when the grammar scattered her head. Even Wisdom also smiled, so he had no option but to explain what happened.
"Sir, she soliloquized after i gave her an instruction"
"She did?"
"Yes, sir"
"You should have pardoned her. Sometimes your punishment should be justifiable"
"Okay, sir" Wisdom answered smiling even though he didn't know the meaning of justifiable. "You can stand up, Tochi" he added, then collected the list from her and handed it to Mr Anuma.
Only Tochi and Wisdom remained in the school. As they left the office quietly, Widow asked, "Which road are you taking?"
"That road" Tochi pointed at it.
"Then we can go together. That's the same road i want to follow"
"You mean two of us?"
"Yes, any p?"
"No oh, no p"
They stared at each other.
"Wait let me get my bag" Wisdom said and left..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 12
Wisdom was still in his classroom when Mr Anuma drove out and saw Tochi standing alone, then he whined down his glass and adjusted his eyeglass.
"Desmond!" he called. "What are still doing standing like an evacuee. You can see the weather is hundred percent egreglous"
Tochi smiled because she always enjoys his grammars.
"I'm waiting for Wisdom, sir" she replied.
As Mr Anuma wanted to whine up the glass, Tochi interrupted him.
"Sir!" she called smiling, and Wisdom saw her through the window how she was so conversant with Mr Anuma.
"Any problem, Desmond" Mr Anuma asked.
"Sir, i want to be like you oh"
"Yes sir. I enjoy your grammar"
Mr Anuma smiled. "For you to be like me, you have to become a Lexicographer" he said.
"Ele ngini?!" Tochi asked in igbo language holding her ears closer to Mr Anuma and Wisdom smiled from the window.
"Lexicographer!" Mr Anuma repeated.
"Nna sir, this one is too much"
"Just make use of your oxford dictionary my dear, sixth edition and above" Mr Anuma concluded and drove out, then Wisdom came out.
"Are you ready?" he asked.
"Yes" Tochi replied.
"Let's go, the weather is bad"
They began to walk briskly towards the narrow lonely road. The more they walk, the more the weather changes. None of them said a word but only thought of how unbelievable it was for both of them to walk home together. Tochi occasionally glanced at him with the corner of her eyes. And sometimes if their eyes catch together they will smile.
Just at the middle of the road, rain began to fall and there was no nearby buildings.
"Oh Lala!" Tochi exclaimed. "Senior is raining oh" she added.
"I know!"
"What are we going to do?!"
Wisdom raised his head and saw a tree that serves as a shelter.
"Let's go to that tree and stay under it! Run!"
Tochi couldn't run due to her bag and Wisdom collected it from her, then she stared at him in surprise
"Why are you looking at me? Run!" Wisdom shouted again before she realised herself.
They finally got to the tree partially wet and Wisdom saw Tochi breathing heavily with her hands on her kneels trying to regain lost energy.
"I'm tired" Tochi stood erect.
"Sorry" Wisdom said without looking at her but she stared at him.
"Can i have my bag?" she demanded.
"Sure" Wisdom handed it to her and they looked at each other straight into the eyes.
"I never knew you are this good" Tochi broke the silence. "You have been so mean to me lately"
Wisdom smiled, he kept his bag and began to unbotton his shirt.
"Such is school life, though I'm sorry for being so mean to you" he apologized, then Tochi kept quiet. She dropped her bag too and placed her hands across her shoulder gazing into the sky. Wisdom noticed that she was battling with cold, then he brought out a jacket from his bag and covered her shoulder without her knowledge. Tochi became speechless, she also watched him clear the ground and told her to sit. Without hesitation, she gradually sat down and Wisdom sat beside her with just a singlet, then they stared at each other...
Esther wore a jacket and a jean trouser at home. In her room, she walked towards the window and held the metal protector staring at the heavy rain. She couldn't stop thinking about Wisdom. "Chester don't disappoint me" she thought and brought out her assignment book.
On the other hand, Jennifer was already doing her assignment. She didn't put on anything but just a pant and bra. One could see the shape of her pussy through the white pant. She suddenly kept her pen and raised one of her legs up. "Is time to tell Wisdom my mind since he can't just notice it" she thought and grabbed her pen back.
However, Calista had done her assignment already. She wore a bumshort and a red top. She couldn't stop thinking of the way Chester shouted at her at school, then she became heartbroken and blamed Esther for it.
Moreover, Melody walked in2 her room wearing a long fairy gown without a bra. Her nipples were visibly seen but she didn't mind bcoz she was the only one at home. She wasn't thinking of anybody but the good deed Wisdom rendered to her couldn't get off her memory. His handsome face appeared to her each time she closed her eyes.
Finally, at Chester's resident, he couldn't just stop thinking about Esther's very statement: Just make Wisdom understand that i love him, please!
Tochi was carried away by Wisdom's muscular body. So she became shy to look at him.
"Why did you pull your cloth?" she asked.
"To allow it dry" Wisdom replied and they became quiet again.
"Thank you very much for your kindness, senior" Tochi broke the silence.
"You're welcome. But you can stop calling me that"
"Calling you what?"
"But you are my senior"
"Under a tree?" they smiled.
Tochi struggled to rest her back on the tree comfortably. When Wisdom noticed it, he placed his hand across her shoulder and said, "Rest in my arms"
Tochi smiled and slept off in his arms..

(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 13
The weather became extremely cold but Tochi didn't feel it because she was not only fast asleep and covered with jacket but was also sleeping in Wisdom's arms. She jerked awake occasionally with her eyes closed probably to chest away flying insects. But anytime she tries to do that Wisdom will kill the insect before her. Sometimes their hands will touch together. He was experiencing what he had never thought in his life. He looked at Tochi and remembered the words of Chester: The girl is harmless and beautiful. He could remember the words of Esther too: The girl is good and fun to be with. Wisdom reasoned all these thoughts but didn't put any of them in mind. He was actually battling with his heart. He could feel it beating for the girl sleeping in his arms. "What is happening?" he thought. "I'm i really falling.. No no no, it can't be true" he concluded and looked at Tochi. The more he looks the more his heart beats.
The rain lasted for more than forty-five minutes. It totally stopped, yet Tochi was still sleeping.
"Tochi" Wisdom called and shook her body gently, then she woke and realised where she was.
"Did i sleep?"
"Yes you did, stand up lets go"
Tochi stood up, unknowingly to her, the upper button of her shirt was opened and her bra was clearing seen by Wisdom.
"Dress properly" Wisdom told her and bent to pick up their bags, then Tochi buttoned up and smiled staring at him. He was actually not only handsome but kind and responsible. She admired him and wished she could be in the same level with him.
"Are you ready?" Wisdom handed her bag to her.
Tochi also gave him his jacket but he rejected it.
"Just keep it incase you need it"
"But can i ask you something?"
"Go ahead"
"Why are you so nice to me now?"
Wisdom refused to answer rather he stared at her. "We should be going now, your mother must be worried" he changed the topic and led the way, then Tochi followed him.
Tochi jerked awake in a hurry and glanced at the wall clock.
"Oh my God!" she exclaimed. "7:30am?!"
She rushed to the backyard with a wrapper tied across her chest.
"Mama, why didn't you wake me up?!"
"I wanted you to eat before goin to school. As you can see I'm still cookin"
"I can't believe this!" she rushed into the bathroom thinkin of the type of punishment senior Wisdom will give her. She tried to figure out why she woke up late, then she remembered the romantic dream she had.
Meanwhile, assembly was already on and Wisdom became worried for not seeing Tochi. He went to Esther were she was leading the hymn and whispered into her ears, "Have you seen Tochi?"
Esther shruggled her shoulder. "She's not yet in school" she added and continued her duty. Since then, she couldn't concentrat anymore. All her thought was why Wisdom of all people asked after Tochi. She wanted to conclude that maybe they have feelings but she gave a weak smile. "Wisdom can't fall for that girl" she concluded.
As wisdom walked towards the road where Tochi suppose to come from, he met Chester on the way.
"Guy, you look restless, what's the problem?" Chester asked.
"Nothing" he replied.
"But you have been walking up and down like a sheep without shepherd"
"Have you seen Tochi this morning?"
"Now i know why you are restless!" Chester exclaimed.
"What do you mean?"
"Is obvious"
Wisdom smiled and neglected his suspicions. At that moment, he saw Tochi coming in a hurry. She wore a tight green skirt with a white long sleeve shirt which she tocked-in properly. The sharp of her pant could be seen through the skirt. And on her feet were black shoes with white short stockings, then she stood before a prefect who wanted to flog her.
"Hey!" Wisdom exclaimed from a distance. "Don't flogg her, let her in" he added to the hearing of Esther, Jennifer. All became surprise even Chester who was standing right beside him.
Tochi went to Wisdom and greeted.
"Thank you for not allowing them flogg me" she added.
"What took you so long?" Wisdom asked.
"I woke up late"
"Make sure Mr Anuma don't hear that from you. He hates undiscipline students"
"I know"
"Then decipline yourself"
"I will, I'm sorry once again"
"I hope you enjoyed your night?" Wisdom changed the topic and Chester stared at him speechless. Even the question reminded Tochi of the dream she had, then she smiled and replied, "Yes, i enjoyed it"
"Why are you smiling?"
"Am i smiling?"
"Maybe that's because my night was good"
"What made your night good? Did you have a lovely dream?"
Tochi bent her face down and kept smiling without responding.
"Come on guy, don't ask her such question" Chester interfered and told Tochi to go in.
All these while the conversion was going on, Esther and Jennifer couldn't get their eyes off them.
Tochi entered into the assembly ground looking like a senior prefect and everybody stared at her. She was becoming amazingly beautiful day by day...
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 14
Tochi was not only capturing the attention of students, but also the love of teachers especially Mr Anuma. Her illiterate behavior began to disappear gradually as she discovered the little feelings she couldn't explain who exactly it was for. As usual, she stood beside Linda without minding the students optimism.
After the singing of hymns and prayers, just remaining the national anthem, Wisdom, Chester and Mr Anuma approached. They stood before the two hundred students excluding the ones on their way coming and the national anthem kicked off. Wisdom stood erect like a soldier, his eyes caught with that of Tochi and they smiled.
Tochi was totally lust at his gaze and handsome outfit remembering all that happened the previous day and her emotional feelings stirred up. Linda could see her smiling while others were singing. She trace her eyes to Wisdom who was also smiling. She couldn't believe it! Then she cuddled her shoulder in a way that shows: What is wrong with you? Before Tochi realised herself.
After the anthem Mr Anuma stepped up.
"Good morning students!"
"Good morning sir"
"Briefly, i have the names of the quiz participants. If you hear your name stand up"
He called the names but when Wisdom's name was called all the SS2 students shouted, "No! no! no!" because they knew just Wisdom alone can win the competition. Meanwhile, he was already smiling moving to and fro with his hands behind him. He felt like all the power of knowledge was bestowed on him.
"Caleb!" Mr Anuma called. "You have heard what they said. What can you say about it?"
All the students remained quiet to know what Wisdom would say. Esther couldn't stop smiling and admiring him. Jennifer's heart sank into her stomach and Melody couldn't stop enjoying his smiles.
"My fellow students" Wisdom began still with his hands behind him. "I will agree on your opinions to deprive me of my right academically. Yes, is my right to participate on the quiz because i am also an SS3 student. But no problem, even without my presence there, i assure you that we are going to win SS2 students. Thanks you"
Tochi began a clap followed by everybody even the SS2 students who opposed the motion clapped for him because he was absolutely eloquent.
"Alright" Mr Anuma began. "You have heard him, so if you want to challenge his statement study your books, okay?" he gradually stepped down and Wisdom signaled Esther to dismissed the assembly.
In the classroom, students began to study their books quietly-but a little murmuring echoed the whole room. Linda occasionally glanced at Tochi. She could sense that she was a bit different than the previous day.
"Is there anything you are not telling me?" she asked her.
"I don't understand"
"You are different today and i saw you smiling with Wisdom"
"What are you saying? I'm still the Tochi you know" she smiled and tap her shoulder.
"Are you hiding something from me?"
"No oh!"
"What really happened yesterday after school?"
Tochi became quiet. "Nothing happened" she replied without looking at her and began to open the pages of her book unwillingly.
Linda sensed that she wasn't telling the truth, but she allowed her be.
"You can always talk to me, I'm your friend" she concluded.
"Of course i know" Tochi replied.
Before Esther knew it, Chester had gone out of the classroom. She wanted to find out if he was able to convinced Wisdom. Since she didn't see him she met Tochi and Linda outside under a palm tree.
Chester called Wisdom in the mist of Jennifer and Calista without noticing the presence of Calista unlike what she expected.
"Hi, bro" Wisdom greeted.
"I'm fine, we need to discuss"
"About what?"
Chester made sure they moved away from the hearing of Jennifer and Calista.
"I'm beginning to hate Chester" Calista told Jennifer.
"He isn't noticing my presence anymore"
"Why can't you make a move because I'm planning to tell Wisdom today how much i love him"
"Are you serious?!"
"Watch and see"
"What if he doesn't love you or he rejects you?"
"He can't! If i don't have him no one will!"
"Hmm, you talk like you have a skeleton in your cupboard" they watched Wisdom and Chester discussing too.
"I want to know what's going on between you and Tochi" Chester began. "I can see how you looked at her this morning and how she melted in your presence. You and i know that Tochi has never been humble to you"
Wisdom smiled. "Chester" he began, "Tochi and i are just beginning to be friends. That's all!"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, why are you even interrogating me? You have been the one telling me how beautiful she is, indirectly telling me to make a move"
"Well, that's true. But why don't you like Esther?"
"Who said i don't like Esther? Guy, is there anything you aren't telling me?"
"No oh. Well, if you say so"
"I'm only following the direction of my heartbeat"
Chester smiled and sighted Tochi and Esther. "Let's go and meet them" he suggested...
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 15
Students moved up and down the school premises, especially the junior ones who walked with snacks in their hands enjoying their break period. Some greeted Wisdom and Chester as they walked neatly with their hands in their pockets. Chester couldn't stop thinking about the very last words of Wisdom: I'm only following my heartbeat.
"Who could be his heartbeat?" he thought. Before he came out from his deep thought, he found himself in the presence of Esther, Tochi and Linda.
"Good day seniors" Linda greeted and wanted to walk away but Wisdom prevented her.
"Good day seniors" Tochi also greeted without raising up her head. She could feel her heart beating faster than normal.
"Good day" Chester replied her.
Wisdom didn't say anything but concentrated on Esther who was glowing with smiles all over her face. He held her palm and squeezed it softly.
"It seems like you have fallen inlove with my hand" Esther joked.
"Yes, and i will also ask for your HAND in marriage" Wisdom replied and they laughed except Tochi who was becoming jealous. Linda could see it.
"And my father will happily give you my HAND in marriage" Esther joked again.
"Then after that, i will just take the other hand in marriage. I will not ask for it, i will just take it by force" Chester added and they laughed again.
When Wisdom noticed that Tochi wasn't laughing or saying anything, his eyes went to her and Esther also followed the direction of his eyes to Tochi who's face was fixed on the book on her thighs.
"Tochi" Wisdom called before she raised up her head and gave a weak smile. "Are you okay?"
"Yes I'm fine, thank you" she bent down her head again and Wisdom stared feeling his heart beating for her. Esther was confused on the way he stared at her lustfully and gradually disengaged his hands from her palm. Linda and Chester sensed what was going on, even Esther had the idea but didn't want to believe it.
"Wisdom!" she called.
"Ehn? Did you call me?"
"What's going on?"
"Why are you staring at her like that?"
Esther remained quiet and waved it off. She didn't want to ruin the happy moment, then she placed his hands back to her palms.
"I hope we shall be going home together today" she changed the topic.
"Of course" Wisdom replied unwillingly.
"Have you eaten?"
"Is he a baby?" Chester interfered. "Only babies are asked if they have eaten" he added and they smiled.
"He's my own baby, please" Esther defended staring into his lovely eyes.
"I should be asking you that" Wisdom said. "Let me go and get you snacks"
Suddenly, a junior student came, he greeted them and they stared at him, even Tochi raised up her head in anticipation on what he had to say.
"Senior Jennifer said i should call you" the small boy told Wisdom.
"Jennifer?" Wisdom repeated.
Esther frowned her face, Tochi glanced at Wisdom and concentrated on her book again.
All waited for Wisdom to say something but he didn't.
"Go and tell her that his coming" Chester broke the silence.
"Okay" the boy left.
After few minutes of more jokes Wisdom and Chester left. Then Esther looked at Tochi who's head was still bending downward.
"Linda, can you excuse us please" she demanded and Tochi became surprise with her head up.
"Okay, senior" Linda left.
"Why did you send her out?" Tochi asked.
"Because i want us to talk privately"
"I hope no problem?"
"I think there is a little problem" Esther wasn't smiling. "Is there anything going on between you and Wisdom?" she asked.
"Something like what?"
"You know what I'm talking about"
Tochi remained quiet still feeling her heartbeat and emotionally taken over by just discussing about Wisdom. But she didn't show it, rather she smiled just to cover up.
"Esther" Esther interrupted.
"Sorry, Esther, you and i know that i can't do such a thing to you my friend. Moreover, who can believe that Wisdom of all people could have his eyes on me. I'm not his type, you know. And i have not forgotten that you love him, so why are you asking me this type of question?"
Her words convinced Esther even more than she expected.
"I'm sorry my dear for thinking like that" she apologized. "Just that i can't stand to see him giving attention to another girl just like Jennifer"
"Don't worry, he will realise your love for him one day" Tochi gave a weak smiled knowing that she was pretending just to keep the friendship and stay away from troubles.
As Linda sat alone in the classroom spacing out through the window so as Wisdom and Jennifer sat at the back of their classroom alone.
On the other hand, Calista and Chester were inside the classroom creaking jokes.
Melody, being a girl who doesn't react much about the little feelings she had for Wisdom was walking from the canteen with a snack for him as an appreciation for the good deed he rendered on her the previous day and also a way of getting close to him. Unfortunately, as she was passing, she saw Wisdom and Jennifer discussing..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 16
Wisdom had everything needed by girls except money. But his future was more than bright which automatically made people believe that he will be rich. None of the girls knew how good he was in bed but from his charming appearance, they concluded that he will be extra good in bed. But that wasn't what they were after. All were responding to their feelings.
Melody wasn't much jealous when she saw Wisdom with Jennifer, then she gently walked into his class and kept the snack in his locker.
There was no student in the place where Jennifer sat with Wisdom and no one had the right to enter there except bad senior students who want to do something bad. Jennifer practically stood up, she sat on Wisdom's thighs and placed her hand across his shoulder.
"What are you doing?" Wisdom asked.
"I just want to tell you something"
"But remember we are in the school premises"
"Nobody comes here"
"So you are ready to let the cat out of the bag"
Wisdom stared at her mouth. Of course he knew the meaning of her body movement but took it as part of her character.
"By now you should know how much i love you" Jennifer began and rubbed her hand on his cheek romantically.
"Really? thank you" Wisdom get her hand off and stood up. "Listen my dear, i like you as my friend not as a lover"
"Can't you see that I'm dying for you?"
"Jennifer, I'm sorry" he began to walk away.
"Don't walk away from me!" Jennifer exclaimed, then Wisdom stopped without looking back.
"I know that girl has brainwashed you" she added.
"Which girl are you talking about?" Wisdom turned.
"Leave Esther out of this! She has done nothing and moreover we aren't doing anything. So leave her out of this!" he turned to walk out again.
"Wisdom!" Jennifer called and he stopped again. "If i don't have you no other girl will, i promise you that!" Jennifer concluded and Wisdom left without saying a word. Immediately the bell rang.
All the students entered into their classrooms except Wisdom who resumed the duty of monitoring junior students who still wanted to buy snacks from the canteen. His mood changed after his encounter with Jennifer. Few minutes later he walked into his classroom and his eyes caught with that of Jennifer but didn't say a word. He sat down and opened his locker just to see a packet of biscuit. He raised his head up and saw Jennifer standing before him.
"I'm sorry" she said with a low voice. "I shouldn't have said those things to you but you should understand how i feel"
Wisdom didn't say a word but picked up a paper from the locker and read it: IT'S JUST AN APPRECIATION OF BEING A GOOD BOY. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. *MELODY* he folded the paper and smiled.
"Why are you smiling?" Jennifer asked him.
"Nothing" he replied.
"I can see your girlfriend brought you a gift"
"Which girlfriend? I don't have one"
"Thank God"
"Because i can't stand and watch another girl take you away from me or i will kill her"
"Watch your words. You are too mean sometimes"
"I'm serious oh"
Suddenly, a teacher entered.
Tochi could see Linda very quiet without noticing her presence, then she tapped her on the shoulder.
"Are we quarreling?" she asked.
"No, just that I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable around you"
"Is it not obvious? You are secrecy. You are hiding something from me. Tell me, what's going on between you and Wisdom?"
Hearing the name 'Wisdom' Tochi's heartbeat increased, then she exhaled heavily as Linda stared at her.
"There is nothing going on between us" she responded.
"It better not be!"
"Any problem?"
"Do you know Jennifer?"
"Do you also know that she has her eyes on Wisdom?"
"I know her very well. Her mother is regarded as a strong witch, so be careful"
Tochi became speechless, her heart skipped and returned beating faster than ever.
Students scattered everywhere, a junior student rushed into the field and kick a ball upwards. Tochi went to Mr Anuma and found him locking his office.
"Good day Sir"
"Yes, sir"
"For what do i owe this unexpected visit?"
"Sir, i need your help"
"What sort?"
"I need someone to be teaching me privately"
"Really?" he smiled. "I like your zeals. But I'm too occupied. Why can't you talk to Wisdom? He will be a great help"
Suddenly, Wisdom appeared with a paper, Tochi turned immediately and their eyes caught. Her heart began to beat faster again.
"The principal said i should give you this" Wisdom said and handed the paper to Mr Anuma, then he looked at Tochi who removed her face instantly.
"Okay" Mr Anuma responded and put the paper inside his briefcase. Wisdom glance at Tochi again and left.
"Caleb!" Mr Anuma called him back. "I want you to help this girl and give her a private lesson"
"You mean Tochi?"
"Yes, i can see she wants to win the quiz"
"Okay" he smiled and looked at Tochi, then Mr Anuma left.
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 17
It remained only Tochi and Wisdom at the entrance of Mr Anuma's office. Both remained quiet for sometimes before Wisdom walked closer to her and stared into her eyes then Tochi melted in his presence.
"Good afternoon, senior" she greeted and moved towards the wall.
"I told you not to call me that"
"I'm sorry"
Wisdom took two steps forward again.
"Please, stop coming closer" Tochi pleaded.
"What is it? Are you afraid of me now?"
Wisdom took another step, he met her very close to the wall and gently took her by the hand. Tochi turned properly and stared into his eyes feeling her heartbeat and emotions stirred up.
"Don't be afraid" Wisdom began with a soft voice. "I will help you achieve that which you so desire, okay?" he expected to receive an answer but Tochi was fully lust and carried away with her feelings and his charming handsomeness.
"Tochi" Wisdom called before she realised herself.
"Yes, i heard you" she replied and disengaged her hand from his, breathing heavily.
"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine"
"To day is Friday, i guess i will come to your house during the weekend to have the lesson with you"
"My house?!"
"Yes, any problem?"
"How do you know my house?"
"I don't know it, i expect you to show me"
"That means we will go together again today"
"Yes, that will be great!" they smiled. But immediately Wisdom remembered that Esther said she wanted to go with him that day...
Melody who suppose to go home immediately school closes stood back waiting for a response from Wisdom about the gift she kept in his locker. She was actually looking for him but didn't see him.
On the other hand Jennifer and Calista were ready to go but Jennifer wanted to see Wisdom before going. They were just coming out from their classroom when they met Melody at the door.
"Have you seen Wisdom?" she asked.
"No, we are looking for him too" Calista responded.
"You have never looked for Wisdom before, i hope all is well or are you eying him now?" Jennifer asked Melody.
"Please, do not insult me this afternoon. Anyways, are you people going home?"
"Yes" Calista replied.
"Then Let's go" they walked semutanuoisly with their bags on their backs. They looked matured and neat swinging their buttocks to and fro thereby making boys to wonder what could be inbetween their legs through the visible shape of their panties.
Meanwhile, Chester and Esther stood at their usual position waiting for Wisdom to come back from Mr Anuma's office. They stood like couples with the same body complexion-but Esther was a bit yellowish. Chester glanced at her occasionally and wished to turn to Wisdom and capture the heart of the beautiful damsel standing before him.
"Chester" Esther interrupted his thought. "You have not told me how you went with our plan"
"Yes, that's true"
"So tell me, what did he say?"
Chester stared at her looking speechless.
"Say something nah!" Esther persuaded.
"Wisdom said he likes you" Chester began. "But he's hiding something from me"
"What's he hiding?"
"His feelings"
Esther became speechless and stared at him without smiling.
Chester continued, "He said that he's following his heartbeat"
"Then who is his heartbeat?"
"I don't know" Immediately, Esther mind went to Tochi...
Tochi saw how confused Wisdom was looking and suddenly became quiet, then she gently held his hand which made Wisdom stood still and stared into her eyes.
Just at that moment, Jennifer, Calista and Melody who were passing saw them in such position. They made their presence unknown and watched them.
"Are you okay?" Tochi began. "Or don't you want to go home with me today?"
"No, just that..." he paused.
"Oh, now i remember, Esther is waiting for you because both of you agreed to go home together" she disengaged her hand from his. "Is okay, i will go alone. Maybe i will show you our house next time" she began to walk away...
Seeing that, Jennifer couldn't stand it. She wanted to go for a fight or diabolical display but Calista prevented her.
"Come on, lets go home. Don't go there, i know what you can do"
"Oh God! I must teach this girl called Tochi a big lesson!" Jennifer swore. Calista dragged her and they began to go home. Melody remained quiet and was also jealous but didn't show it.
"No, come back!" Wisdom ran and grabbed Tochi's hand. "We all will go together" he said.
"You mean with Esther?"
Tochi smiled and thought for a while. "Okay, let's go" she said.
"But i have to close all the classes first"
"No problem"
Wisdom smiled, he released her hand, then they began to walk out semutanuoisly.
Esther and Chester were still waiting for Wisdom without saying anything again. She couldn't stop thinking about Tochi as the girl Wisdom's heart is beating for. Her gesture came to reality when she saw both of them walking semutanuoisly like husband and wife towards them. Then she glanced at Chester in a way that explains: Are you thinking what I'm thinking..?
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 18
Everything was clearly seen and understood by Esther and Chester as they watched Wisdom and Tochi waking to them in such a suspicious manner. They were walking fast but to the eyes of Esther it seemed they were in slow motion.
"Isn't Tochi his heartbeat?" Esther asked Chester.
"Do you think so?" he threw back the question.
"Isn't it obvious? I can remember the type of eyes Wisdom looked at her this morning"
"We shouldn't just conclude like that. Though i will find out from him"
Just at the very eyes of Esther, Tochi and Wisdom arrived.
"Good day seniors" Tochi greeted but Esther didn't respond. Only Chester responded.
"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting bro" Wisdom shook hands with him. He noticed that Esther wasn't happy but he pretended not to see her.
"Can i talk to you, bro?" Chester requested and they adjusted to a distance leaving only Esther and Tochi who looked at each other.
"Esther, you are not happy" Tochi broke the silence. "What is the problem?" she added.
"Nothing is the problem. Why have you not gone?" she folded her hands.
"Wisdom said i should wait for him"
"Really? And when did you start calling him by his name?"
"I'm sorry, i mean senior Wisdom"
"Why did he tell you to wait for him?"
Tochi knew that she couldn't disclose the main reason, otherwise it will cause a big problem. Then she replied and said, "He only decided to go with me"
"Are you sure there is nothing going on between you and him?"
"No oh", Tochi exclaimed, then Esther moved closer to her and placed her hand on her shoulder.
"Tochi my friend" she began. "You know that it will break my heart to see Wisdom with you. Please, never allow him to do that. Even though he propose, reject it, okay?"
"Now i need that your former suggestion"
"What suggestion?"
"I want you to make Wisdom realise that i love him. Can you do that for me?"
Tochi nodded her head. "Yes, i can" she replied..
On the other hand, Chester brought down his voice and said, "Guy, to be frank with you, Esther loves you very much. Just give her a chance"
"What are you talking about, bro?"
"I'm just telling you the truth"
Wisdom, being wise and intelligent understood that Esther must have been the one who sent him to convince him.
"By the way" Chester broke the silence. "I want to ask you again. You and Tochi are becoming suspicious. What is going on?"
"Nothing is going on bro. We are doing nothing, i haven't even told her anything about my feelings"
"There i got you!" Chester exclaimed. "Now, do you have feelings for her or not? I mean do you love her?"
Wisdom remained quiet for sometimes staring at him.
"Guy, is a crime?" he asked and continued, "I'm beginning to have strong feelings for her. Is it my fault that i don't feel anything for Esther or any other girl?"
Chester became dumb hearing Wisdom confessing his feelings to him. Then he exhaled deeply.
"This is unexpected love" he said.
"Yes bro, and i can't hide my feelings forever. I have to let her know how i feel"
"But it gonna be disastrous. Remember what Jennifer did and said today. You and i know that Tochi will be in a very big trouble for this journey you are about to embark"
Wisdom remained quiet.
"Well, i wish you good luck" Chester concluded and shook hands with him again. He waved at Esther and Tochi with smiles on his face and went home.
Wisdom returned to the two girls and both followed him until he locked all the classrooms. Then they began to go home...
Jennifer angrily kept her bag and folded her arms. The mother came out, she tied a wrapper and bathroom slippers were on her feet. On her head was a grey hair and a black hair. And in her hands were a bunch of leaf with a knife.
"Jennifer, what is it? Who offended you?" she asked but Jennifer didn't respond.
"Is it your teacher?"
"No" she groaned.
"Then who put you in this moon?"
"Nobody, my friend only betrayed me"
"How? And who's your friend?" she waited for an answer but didn't get one. "When you are ready to talk, you let me know" she concluded and went to the backyard.
Just at the place the rain met Tochi and Wisdom the previous day, Esther held Wisdom's hand and flung it to and fro. Tochi remained quiet pretending not to be jealous.
"When are you going to visit me?" Esther asked Wisdom.
"You really want me to visit u?"
"Yes, at least you know the house of your future in-law" she smiled looking at him.
"Yes, that's good" Wisdom glanced through Esther to see Tochi and their eyes caught. Tochi wasn't smiling, rather she stared at the tree they stayed under the previous day and she smiled.
"Why are you smiling looking at the tree?" Esther asked her.
"Nothing, it only reminded me of someone"
Hearing that, Wisdom listed carefully.
"Who's that person?" Esther wanted to know.
"A guy in my former school"
"Hmm.. Okay oh. Take it easy, it seems you are falling inlove with that person, aren't you?"
The question made Tochi and Wisdom looked at each other..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 19
The gentle wind made the eye contact between Wisdom and Tochi more romantic when Esther added a question tag to her sentence but she was so blind to see it.
"Are you inlove with the guy that the tree reminded you of?" Esther asked Tochi again.
Wisdom was expecting her to say yes because he knew Tochi was indirectly referring to him and that would have given him a clue on how to tell her his feelings, so he listened very attentively.
"No, i don't love him" Tochi replied and Wisdom was disappointed.
"But you smiled when you remembered the person" Esther told her and continued, "When you remember someone and smile it shows that you are inlove with the person"
"Yes, so follow your heart my dear" she concluded and held Wisdom very closely.
Few minutes later, they got to where Esther had to depart and leave both of them to continue.
"Okay, have a nice weekend" Wisdom told her.
"Just like that?" she question and Tochi looked at her.
"What next?" Wisdom threw back the question.
"You should at least give me a hug" they smiled.
Wisdom gently hugged her, and through his shoulder Esther looked at Tochi in a way that explains: Remember what i told you. Then they disengaged themselves and she departed.
The road was too lonely for Wisdom and Tochi as they walked semutanuoisly without exchanging words to each other. They could see birds flying across their heads and hearing the sound of distance vehicles. Tochi saw herself being more gentle and humble. One could tell from her appearance. She had an attractive steps and body totally. She couldn't just stop thinking of the dream she had with the same person beside him.
"Who is the guy?" Wisdom broke the silence without looking at her.
"Which guy?" she looked at him.
"The one the tree reminded you of"
Tochi smiled and kept quiet.
"I mean the one from your former school" Wisdom clarified and then looked at her.
"He was my senior just like you" Tochi replied.
"What's his name?"
Wisdom kept quiet and thought for a while. He understood that she was indirectly referring to his own Wisdom, then he smiled.
"Then why don't you love him?" he asked.
"Nothing" Tochi replied without looking at him. "Though, i also dreamt about him yesterday night" she added.
"Really? Can you tell me about it?"
"I saw exactly what happened under the tree with him"
"And what happened under the tree?" Wisdom stopped and looked at her in anticipation.
"The Wisdom in my former school ehn" Tochi began. "He took me under the tree when rain was falling, he was so nice to me that i even slept in his arms"
"That was a romantic dream" they began to walk again smiling. "But that should be a reason why you should love him" he added and listen to hear a response from her but Tochi never said a word. They walked quietly like that till just a few metres away from Tochi's house.
"That's our house over they" she pointed.
"Oh, i have seen it. I will come tomorrow by 4:00pm"
"Okay" they stared at each other and smiled before Wisdom gently left, then Tochi began to miss him already. She couldn't stop looking backword to see him for last time.
"Wisdom!" she exclaimed from a distance, then Wisdom stopped and turned. "Please, don't disappoint me. Make sure you come tomorrow oh!" she added.
Wisdom didn't say a word but smiled at her and nodded his head positively.
Jennifer's house was far from Wisdom's but close to Calista's, Esther's house was close to Chester's but far from Wisdom's, Melody's house was closed to Wisdom's but far from Chester's. While Tochi's house was close to both Wisdom and Melody's house but far from others.
Melody was in the kitchen preparing lunch. She wore a blue short skirt and a brown top without bra. Her nipples could be seen through the top as if she was sexually arose. She had a mother who was not always at home and their house was a bungalow. She was taught to be responsible and have the fear of God in her, that was actually the reason why she found Jennifer's and Calista's behavior towards boys very repulsive. She imagined if Wisdom saw the gift and the note she kept in his locker or not. "Should i go and meet him later in the evening?" she began to think. "No, that will be awkward. Why am i even thinking about him? But could it be that Wisdom has his eyes on Tochi of all the girls in Winners International Secondary School (WISS)? Hmm, i can't believe it and i wonder what Jennifer's reaction will be if what I'm thinking is true" few minutes later, she neglected the thought and began to sing a Christian song.
Just on the way to her house, Tochi branched at their neighbour's to borrowed a dictionary from an old educated man. He sat in front of his house with just a wrapper tied around his waist. One could see white hair on his chest.
"Good afternoon, papa" Tochi greeted.
"Eah! Tochi! the Tochi!"
"Yes, papa"
"You look serious with this ur new school"
"Yes, papa" she smiled..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 20
Tochi didn't know how to express her request to the fogey old man, so she began to scratch her head and smiling at the same time. Being a wise old man, the man understood her strange attitude.
"I know you want something from me that's why you are acting foible" the man began. "Listen my daughter, you have to be folksy to me all the time. Now tell me, what's your demand?"
"Papa is because of this your big big grammar that made me to come here oh. You are no different from our teacher Mr Anuma"
The old man laughed. "So you want me to teach you grammar or what?" he asked.
"No, i want to borrow your dictionary so that i will be checking all this grammar you and my teacher speak"
"That's so good of you" the man dusted his legs and went inside. He came out with an oxford dictionary and handed it to Tochi. "You can keep it" he said.
"Ehn?! Papa, you mean i should take it without returning it?"
"Yes, is now yours"
"Hey! Papa thank you oh. God will bless you! But wait oh" she paused. "Which one will you use?" she asked.
"I have another one"
"Hey! Thank you so much. I must learn grammar by force. Grammar, here i come!" she rejoiced home while the old man smiled at her funny character.
#THE_NEXT_DAY 4:30pm
Due to the presence of Melody's mother she wasn't able to see Wisdom as she planned the previous day. So here was another opportunity for her to go and see him. She dressed up wearing a jean trouser and a white T-shirt with a flat footwears. She opened the front door and couldn't believe who she saw.
"Wisdom?" she called and stared into his eyes. She could see some textbooks in his hands and a pen.
"I was just going to your house" she added.
"Well, i have come before you" they smiled.
"Come inside" Melody opened the door widely.
"No, i'm rushing to somewhere. I'm already late"
"Oh, i see" she looked at the books again. "Are you having a private lesson with someone?"
"Yes" Wisdom knew she would ask who the person was so he jumped over to the main reason why he came. "I saw your note and gift, so I've came to say thank you"
"You are welcome" Melody smiled.
"I hope you paid the school fees"
"Yes, i did"
"Okay, bye"
"Alright, see you on Monday"
Wisdom left while Melody entered inside and admired him through the window.
It was 4:45pm and Wisdom was not yet at Tochi's residents as they planned which got Tochi worried. However, she had told her mother about Wisdom whom Mr Anuma have instructed to help her study and she agreed. One could see a table she set outside-at the backyard with books and dictionary on top of it but. She was actually with her mother in the kitchen separating vegetables and looking restless. She looked back occasionally at any little voice she heard to know if it was Wisdom. The mother noticed her mood to be unlike her and also glanced at the table full of books.
"Tochukwu nwam"
"You behave strange or is it because of the Wisdom you told me about?"
"No, Mama" she looked back again into the passage hoping to see Wisdom coming through it. "How can it be because of him?" she added.
"But you never behaved like this when you expect a visitor"
"Habah Mama!" they smiled. "How am i behaving?"
"As if you are expecting a suitor"
"Hey! Mama you have started oh!" they laughed. Suddenly, a voice came from behind and Tochi turned sharply. She saw Wisdom looking more handsome without his uniform. He wore a jean trouser and red polo with a fitted red and black palms on his feet. Her heart began to beat again and the vegetable fell from her hand.
"Good evening, ma'am" Wisdom greeted Mrs Desmond.
"Evening my son. Are you the Wisdom my daughter has been anticipating restlessly?"
"Yes, ma'am" Wisdom stepped down from the stairs smiling and Tochi looked at her mother in a way that shows: Mama stop!
"Now i know why she has been restless because you are more than handsome"
"Mama!!" Tochi exclaimed very loud and touched her.
"Onginidi?! Biko hapum aka!" the mother spoke in igbo language which means. "What is it?! Please, leave me alone!"
"Thank you ma'am" Wisdom said.
"Please, call me Mama and leave that Ma'am for now"
"Okay, I'm sorry mama"
"Now you come!"
Tochi became shy and hardly look at Wisdom which he also noticed. He looked at the table and said, "Tochi, i can see you are ready to study"
"Yes" she replied without looking at him, even her mother noticed the meaning of her behavior but trusted her daughter.
"Then lets go and start immediately"
"Okay" she replied walking briskly to the table and began to dust the seat making her buttocks look attractive involuntarily but Wisdom wasn't carried away by it.
"Just seat down" Tochi told him.
"What about your seat?"
"I will go and bring it" she rushed out feeling so shy to look at him. She suddenly came back.
"Mama, sir Edward is here to see you" she told her mother.
"Okay, i have been expecting him" she went out and Tochi brought the seat and sat beside Wisdom..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 21
Wisdom gently placed the textbooks on the table without looking at Tochi. He glanced at the dictionary and said, "I never knew you have a dictionary"
"My neighbour gave it to me" she replied, she took a bit glance at him and admired his fair handsome face. "Why did you bring all these textbooks?" she asked.
"They are for you"
"For me?"
"Yes or don't you like them?"
"I dey craze? I like them, thanks" Wisdom smiled at her words and brought out a current affairs booklet.
"What are we doing with current affairs?" Tochi asked.
"In quiz, questions come from different dimension but we are going to start with English-spellings and meanings"
"Oh Lala!" she exclaimed.
"Who taught you that?"
"Mr Anuma, he said it means Oh my God"
"I know, is a French language. Now, pick up your pen and book" Wisdom commanded with all seriousness and Tochi felt like a wife being instructed by her husband. Wisdom call many hard English words and told her the meanings. Sometimes, she tried to use the dictionary if she forgets any but Wisdom will prevent her making sure she remembers it. Sometimes they will drag the dictionary and laugh to the extent Wisdom hid the dictionary and if she fails any word he will hit her with the book romantically. Mrs Desmond, who came out few minutes later watched them from the door and shook her head negatively with smiles on her face.
"Spell EXPOSTULATE" Wisdom demanded, and Tochi look at him. She wanted to be carried away by his handsome face but she shook her head vigorously.
"EX-PO-STU-LA-TE" she stressed and began to spell. "E X P O S T U L A T" she concluded and looked at Wisdom.
"You missed a letter"
"That me must be later 'E"
"Yes, you are correct, and it means to argue or to disagree about something" as he explained Tochi wrote it down..
Jennifer's house wasn't modernized. The roof was made with zinc while the walls were made with mud. But nobody could believe or notice it from how beautiful it looked. She sat outside with a stool and before her was another stool with a book on it. She tied a wrapper across her waist on a white singlet. One could see her fresh breast through the corner of her armpit. Suddenly, Calista appeared wearing a tight black skirt and also a white top.
"You have come to do approko, abi?" Jennifer joked.
"Na you be chief of approkos" she glanced into house and took a seat. "Is your mother around?" she lowered her voice.
"No, u seem scared, why?"
"I'm afraid of your mother oh"
"Why is everybody afraid of my mother?"
"Are you telling me that you don't know why? Isn't it because she's.." she looked around and lowered her voice the more. "..because she's very powerful doin all these diabolical and traditional things. With just a leaf she will give you, you will go gaga"
"Abeg stop it!" Jennifer defended. "My mother is only against her enemies"
"Hmm, that's by the way, i know you will not harm that girl, Tochi on Monday"
"Hey!" Jennifer stood up and adjusted her wrapper. "The girl don die for my hand! I must kill her! As for Wisdom, he must surely regret. I will make sure of that"
"But don't conclude oh"
"What do you mean?"
"You don't know if they are dating"
"I don't care! I saw enough evidence yesterday! Because of that little rat Wisdom rejected me" she hissed.
"Hmm, take it easy oh" Calista concluded.
The day was getting dark when Wisdom was already through with the lesson and Tochi escorted him. They could see the light of vehicles and hear a music, #CONNECT by #PHYNO a popular igbo rapper playing at a nearby shop. A boy with a sagged trouser and handkerchief in his hand shook his waist and danced dramatically at the beat. They got to a lonely place where Tochi had to go back and Wisdom held her hand and looked into her eyes.
"I hope to see you becoming smarter than what i experienced today" he said.
"Trust me nah" she smiled and Wisdom saw it by the help of a light from a moving vehicle.
"Alright, i have to go" he said.
"Thank you very much" Tochi wanted to disengage her hand from his but Wisdom held it back, then she looked at him feeling her heart beating again.
"A friend asked me if i have kissed before" Wisdom broke the silence.
"Have you?"
"Neither have i"
They remained quiet again. Tochi held him very well and he pulled her closer.
"You need to start going" she told him and went back to her position.
"Yeah, that's true"
"Good night"
"Good night"
They gradually disengaged their hands and gently walked away looking back occasionally.
Wisdom was the first person to arrive at school looking neat as the senior prefect. He walked around the whole premises with his hands in his pocket. He occasionally glanced at the road where Tochi suppose to come through if he would see her walking towards him with an attractive smile on her face. Few minutes later he saw a beautiful female student coming through the road but was not visibly seen due to morning dew, then he stared..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 22
The more she walked the more beautiful she appeared. She wore the correct ironed uniform-white lone sleeve shirt and green skirt. And on her head was a green barrette which some part of her hair came out and dangled around her cheek. Her black shoe fitted perfectly with the white stockings. She hung her one-handed bag across one of her shoulder with a white handkerchief in her hand. Immediately she saw Wisdom she began to smile. Wisdom could see part of her yellowish thighs from the short skirt she wore looking very attractive and sexually arose.
"Wow!" he exclaimed still with his hands in his pockets.
"Good morning" Tochi greeted and smiled in his presence but suddenly bent down her head.
"You look absolutely exquisite" Wisdom used the exact grammar Mr Anuma used on him.
"Chei! Are you abusing me? The grammar is too much oh"
"My dear you look beautiful"
"Thank you. You too"
"And you are too early today. Why?"
"I promised you never to come to school late again"
"That's good" they became quiet smiling at each other, then Tochi gently passed him in a way her arm touched his. She walked into her class without looking back, then Wisdom smiled. Few minutes later he went to her classroom and saw her rehearsing what they learnt on Saturday.
"Come lets take a work" Wisdom suggested.
"But I'm busy"
"Just stand up" he held her by the hand and took her up.
They walked neatly around the school compound like couples.
"I want to ask you something" Tochi began. "Do you know how it feels to be inlove?"
"Yes, why asking?"
"Because someone is having the feelings and dying to hear you say you love her"
Wisdom became surprise at her words. He was actually thinking that she was indirectly telling him that she loves him. So he asked, "Who is this girl you are talking about?"
"It is Esther"
Wisdom stopped and stared at her. He was disappointed for the second time without knowing what to say.
"Yes, Wisdom" Tochi continued staring at him too. "She's madly inlove with you. Why can't you give her a chance? She's my friend and I'm to be by her side always, please, give her a chance"
"But i don't have any feelings for her!"
"Then develop it"
"I can't! I have tried severally. My heart beat for only one woman. She's the person i dream of day and night. How do you expect me to neglect my feelings?"
Tochi's heart began to beat again as she stared and listened to him.
"Who is the woman your heart beat for?" she asked.
Wisdom wanted to respond but the presence of Jennifer who stood in their presence prevented him. She looked at Both of them angrily and hissed, then she walked away.
"Please, i have to go" Tochi also walked out but Wisdom held her back.
"I'm sorry, leave me alone" she added but Wisdom wouldn't listen, then she get his hand off by force and walked into her classroom. She tried to think of how she feels for Wisdom, how girls flock around him, how she wasn't in the same category with them and tears dropped from her eyes.
All the responsible students arrived including Esther, Chester, Melody and Calista. Just before the assembly was due, Chester went to Esther's locker where she was bringing out her hymn book and startled her.
"Hi, good morning" he greeted.
"Good morning" Esther smiled at him and continued looking for the book. She thought of why Chester came to her that morning because it was unlike him.
"Can you give me your attention, please?" Chester requested, then she turned and smiled again. Her wetlips and power made her beauty sparkle.
"I want you to have this" Chested handed a package to her.
"What is this?" she gently took it smiling.
"It is for you and you alone"
Esther gradually opened it and couldn't believe her eyes-a Samsung Galaxy cell phone!!
"Oh my God!" she exclaimed and looked at him. "Thank you" she said with a sad face.
"What is it?" Chester asked.
"I know you can afford this regarding your background but i can't accept it. My parents will ask questions" to her surprise Chester brought out another package and handed it to her.
"I knew you will say something like this that's why i made it two. It is a novel for women written by #Bright_Daniel, i hope you like it?" Chester said.
"I love it!" she exclaimed and glanced at the title; THE HEART OF WOMEN. "I like reading Bright Daniel's novels. Thank you so much" she added.
"You are welcome" Chester walked away.
"But Chester!" she called him back. "Why are you giving me gifts?"
"Because you are my friend" he replied.
"Thank you once again"
"You are welcome once again" he smiled and departed.
The bell was rung and students went to the assembly ground. Tochi saw Jennifer monitoring her and making nefarious signs at her. She sensed that she was in trouble or probably will be beaten up by her or group of senior students. Wisdom looked disappointed and refused to talk or go to the assembly ground. Esther and Melody occasionally looked at him and wondered what was goin on..
I am only to use 5,000 letters for each episode according to fb terms. So stop complaining that an episode is too short cuz I'm not the one cutting it rather that's where the 5,000 letters ends. TAKE NOTE.
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 23
Linda noticed Tochi's mood again to be dull and unprotected as they stood on the assembly ground, but she couldn't ask her what the problem was because it would have caused noise making. Even wisdom looked dull in the sight of Esther and Chester and refused to show himself on the assembly ground as usual. Just before the assembly ended, the principal called him from his office and gave him instructions. After the national anthem everybody expected to see the principal or Mr Anuma but none were present thereby causing a rising noise. Just before their very eyes Wisdom came out standing before 500 students without smiling.
"Silent everybody!" he shouted and all attention was given to him. Tochi's heart began to beat faster again, Esther and Jennifer even all the students admired him.
"But he doesn't look happy, why?" Esther thought.
"Good morning my fellow students"
"Good morning, senior!" they chorused and everywhere became quiet.
"According to the principal" Wisdom began. "All SS3 students should get ready for their final year examination, WAEC because it's fast approaching than expected. Secondly, the quiz between SS2 and SS3 will now take place in the next two weeks instead of four. So get prepared.. Thank you" he gently stepped down and walked out without any signal for Esther to dismissed the assembly as usual which got her more worried. So she quietly stood up and dismissed them.
Tochi rested her head on her locker and Linda noticed it to be unlike her, then she adjusted her seat and tapped her.
"You look so worried, what is it?"
"I'm okay" Tochi replied sadly.
"No, you aren't. You can talk to me"
Tochi looked up. Her face was sparkling with make-ups-powder and wetlips. "Linda I'm scared" she said.
"Of what?!"
"Of Jennifer! She saw me with Wisdom this morning and hissed. And i also saw her looking at me in a dangerous way this mornin"
"I told you oh. Are you dating Wisdom?" Linda asked but Tochi kept quiet staring at her and feeling her heartbeat.
"Do you love him?" Linda was still inquisitive, then Tochi gently nodded her head.
"Yes, i love him" she said with a low voice.
"Oh my God!" Linda exclaimed. "You better git rid of that feelings oh! For crying out loud, how do you intend to face all these girls flocking around him?!"
"That's why I'm scared! Even Esther my friend will be against me. I don't know what to do!" her eyes became wet with tears.
"But has Wisdom made a relationship proposal to you?" Linda asked.
"No, but i believe he will any moment from now"
"You better reject him if he does"
"You heard me right. Unless you want to die"
Tochi kept quiet and went into a deep thought.
Wisdom had been noticing Jennifer's character towards him to be mercurial and angry. She hissed occasionally whenever she passed his locker and had not talked to him or even greeted him until break period when the principal sent him to an erran outside the school compound.
On the other hand, Tochi had refused to go outside but she finally did when Esther summoned her. They were at their usual position sitting as best friends, then Esther noticed her sad mood and quietness.
"Is they anything bothering you?" she asked.
"No oh" Tochi gave a weak smile.
"You are acting wired just like Wisdom. What is happening?"
"Nothing, I'm okay" she smiled again.
"So tell me" Esther adjusted her seat. "Were you able to convince Wisdom?"
"Do you want the truth?" Tochi asked.
"Yes, I'm curious"
"Wisdom only like you as a friend but doesn't love you" Esther frowned her face. "He said that his heart beat for only one woman"
"Who is this woman because i know it can't be Jennifer"
"I don't know" Tochi replied and faced her book. "He didn't tell me" she added and Esther felt like crying.
At that moment Jennifer and Calista appeared with other group of strong-headed female students. Then Tochi's heart skipped when she saw them.
"Good day seniors" she greeted.
"Jennifer, what's the problem?" Esther asked.
"Hey! Just hold it there!" Jennifer demonstrated with her hand angrily. "I didn't come here for you. I came because of this idiot called Tochi who has crossed her boundary"
"Senior, what have i done" Tochi asked with a shaking voice. Before she knew it Jennifer gave her a sound slap.
"How dare you ask me such stupid question!" she exclaimed, then Esther stood up angrily.
"You dare not touch her again unless you want to fight me!" she said.
"Then asked her what she was doing with my Wisdom at Mr Anuma's office on Friday after school hour!"
Hearing that, Esther looked at Tochi surprisingly.
"We didn't do anything oh" Tochi replied.
"Shut up, you lair!" Jennifer shouted. "If i ever see you with Wisdom again, you are dead!"
Esther became speechless staring at Tochi.
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 24
Linda saw what was happening through the window and ran outside but didn't go near because she was only but under all the senior students. So she walked around and stood behind Tochi whose hand was on her cheek to reduce the pain of the hot slap.
"We should deal with this girl eh!!" one of the seniors said and made a move but Esther turned and pushed her out.
"You people should get out of here and leave her alone!" she shouted.
"Esther, you pushed me because of this rat!" the student shouted.
"I will do worst than that if you don't get out of here!"
The student wanted to make another move but Jennifer prevented her.
"Listen to me, Tochi" she began. "Anywhere you see Wisdom start running because next time i will do worst than a slap! Nonsense!" she hissed and walked out angrily with her friends shaking their butts vigorously. Just then, Melody and Chester sighted Esther through the window shouting at Tochi.
"I never knew you are this deadly and wicked" Esther began. "How can you stab me at the back after all i told you?"
"I swear we didn't do anything" Tochi said. "We are not even doing anything" she added.
"You disgust me!" Esther walked out angrily. She nearly pushed Chester down unintentionally.
"Esther listen to me!" Tochi shouted and followed her. "Senior! Esther! Please, hear me out!" she stopped on the way and went into her classroom trying so hard to control her tears.
Melody and Chester became speechless wondering what was going on, so Chester asked Linda what happened and she told him everything from A-Z.
"That girl Jennifer is so annoying!" Chester said angrily and wanted to go and confront her but Melody held his arms.
"Don't go there, you will make the issue worst" she said softly. "Just allow them be" she added.
Chester's mind gradually slowed down then he looked at Melody's hands on his arm and she gradually disengage her hands.
"I'm sorry" she said but Chester didn't say a word, then they walked into their classroom while Linda also went into her classroom just to see Tochi with her head on her locker shedding tears.
"Is okay" she began. "You have only one option for this tears not to linger. Just stay away from Wisdom. I'm telling you as a friend who knows what Jennifer and her mother can do to get what they want" she placed her hand on her shoulder.
Esther's eyes were wet with tears too but wasn't crying. She spaced out through the window since her locker was beside the window. Her heart was partially broken when she decided to let Wisdom know her feelings by herself instead of sending people like Tochi whom she believed that betrayed her. Just then Melody and Chester walked up to her.
"Esther is okay" Chester gradually touched her shoulder. "Tochi is innocent. She's not having any relationship with Wisdom" he added but Esther didn't look at him.
Seeing that, Melody gradually went out to Jennifer and her friends. She met them laughing seriously at the entrance of the classroom.
"Just look at how you are disgracing yourself!" she told Jennifer.
"Wait, na who get this one way you talk now?!" Jennifer asked in pigin English.
"You heard me, how could you do such a thing to that innocent girl?"
"Come, you don smoke weed, abi?"
"Don't mind her?" Calista added disdainfully. "Come, i saw you holding Chester's arms. I hope you are not eying him or you will also receive slap" she added.
"Both of you disgust me! I cease to be your friend from today" Melody walked out shaking her attractive butt involuntarily.
"And who cares?!" Jennifer shouted. "Gerara heeaar!" she added and they laughed.
Break period ended yet, Wisdom wasn't back from the important and difficult erran. Just ten minutes before school over, he arrived and found everywhere quiet and organized. Tochi saw him walking into principal's office through the window and she removed her eyes instantly. But that wasn't constant. She kept glancing at the office to know when he will come out looking admirable. Suddenly, the bell rang for school over.
Just as Wisdom was walking to Chester's classroom, he saw Tochi and Linda going home with their bags.
"Tochi!" he called but she didn't answer him. "Tochukwu!" yet, no response.
To his very eyes, Melody and Esther walked out and headed straight to the road of their homes without even saying 'Hi' as usual, then he wondered why.
"Guy, what is going on?" Wisdom asked Chester who met him. "Why is everybody behaving formal to me?"
"You mean Esther and Tochi?"
"Jennifer got into a fight with Tochi because of you, in Esther's presence and you know what that means"
"But why would Jennifer do such a thing?"
"Guy, i can't believe you are the one asking this question! She said she saw you with Tochi at Mr Anuma's office on Friday"
"And so what?! I think that girl is over reacting. What nonsense is that?! I'm going to teach her a lesson!"
"Guy, calm down"
Wisdom saw Jennifer and Calista at that moment, then he hurried to meet them..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 25
Though fighting was prohibited in WISS especially when it comes from a prefect like Wisdom who suppose to show good example, but the rules vanished from his head as he walked with all anger to Jennifer. Chester pursued him trying to stop him. "Wisdom stop, you are making a mistake!" he said.
Being a man and also a wise person, Wisdom knew that it will be against him and uncall for if him, a boy fight or quarrel with girl unnecessarily so he made it look like an offence. Before Jennifer could notice what was happening, Wisdom spank her back hardly and cut out a flower as a cane.
"Wisdom what is it?!" Jennifer asked.
"Get on your kneels!" Wisdom instruction preparin the cane very well. Seein that, Chester stood aside.
"Excuse me?!"
"I said get on your kneels!"
"For what?!"
"For bullying an innocent girl, Tochi. And u know that's against the school rules, so get on your kneels now!" Wisdom had never been so serious and annoyed. Chester wanted to stop him but he looked at him and said. "Stay out of this!"
"So because of Tochi that's why you are acting this way" Jennifer hissed and walked out but Wisdom flogged her with the cane still insisting that she kneel down. Jennifer grabbed him on the cloth ready to fight which attracted several students, even Tochi saw them from a distance and wanted to go and separate them.
"Where are you going to?" Linda asked her.
"Please, i want to go and make peace"
"No, you are going nowhere!" Linda held her hand. "Let's go home" she added.
"Linda, please nah!"
"I won't allow you go there!"
"Okay, but let me see what will happen" Linda released her.
Meanwhile, Jennifer suddenly released Wisdom when Mr Anuma appeared.
"Caleb, what's going on?" he asked.
"She bullied an innocent girl and refused to adhere to my instructions"
"She did?"
"Yes, sir"
"Jennifer, you have to obey the senior prefect now!" Mr Anuma ordered.
"Get on your kneels!" Wisdom instructed again before she sluggishly knelt down, then Mr Anuma walked away.
Seeing that, Linda dragged Tochi home.
Jennifer remained like that under the sun planning how she will take her revenge. While Wisdom went to close the classrooms with Chester.
"Guy, you need to forgive her"
"But why would she lay her hands on an innocent girl for no reason?"
"Remember you did the same thing to Tochi before she became your friend"
"But with a good reason, she refused to show respect!"
Chester became quiet. Few minutes later, they went back to Jennifer. Meanwhile most students had gone except others and Calista who sat aside waiting for Jennifer to be released.
"You may stand up" Wisdom told her with a low voice. "I'm sorry but you are over reacting. Tochi has done nothing to you" he added.
Jennifer stood up and dusted her kneels looking at him.
"You did this because of Tochi abi" she said. "Well, you've not started because i won't watch that girl take you away from me"
"Jennifer stop this madness! You're acting crazy!"
"You are yet to see madness, just get ready!" she hissed and walked away followed by Calista.
Tochi sat before her table full of books. She couldn't concentrat because she expected Wisdom to come. Even her mother noticed it.
"Tochi, is you teacher not coming today?" the mother asked.
"I don't know mama" she replied.
Suddenly Wisdom appeared. He greeted Mrs Desmond who responded to him very well and he walked down to Tochi.
"Good evening" she greeted without smiling.
"Evening" Wisdom grabbed a current affairs and they began without any casualty.
5:50pm, Wisdom was set to go, he walked out expecting Tochi to escort him as usual but she didn't.
"Tochi won't you go and escort him?" the mother asked.
"Mama, i don't want to"
"Biko nwam, is not good after helping you like this you allow him go like that. Just go and escort him"
Wisdom had already loosed hope that she won't be escorting him but to his surprise Tochi walked beside him without saying a word.
"I thought you won't escort me today" he broke the silence.
"I saw you punishing Jennifer" Tochi changed the topic.
"You shouldn't have done that"
"Though i apologized to her and released her. But she shouldn't have laid her hands on you"
"She thinks we are dating" she smiled.
"I'm sorry dear"
"No problem. But do me a favour" she stopped and stared into his eyes.
"What favour?" Wisdom asked.
"I want you tell Esther tomorrow that we aren't dating and that you love her"
"But why?!"
"For me to free my conscience. She thinks that I'm taking you away from her just like Jennifer!"
Wisdom remained speechless.
"Please, will you do that for me?" Tochi asked.
"I guess i should be going now" Wisdom walked out without looking back. Though, it pained Tochi, she felt her eyes wet with tears but she couldn't do anything. She was only trying to make peace and free herself from trouble. She watched Wisdom walked until he vanished, then the tears finally dropped...
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 26
Tochi went to school with a heavy heart feeling like she had been deprived from her right. She never ceased to appear beautiful and lovely in the sight of boys especially Wisdom. She made sure she was in school as early as possible. She walked majestically on the road leading to her classroom where she saw Wisdom coming from the other side of the road. They came closer without looking at each other.
"Good morning, senior" Tochi greeted but Wisdom didn't respond, then she passed him but suddenly turned. "Won't you answer my greetings?" she asked.
"When you are ready to greet me, you call me by my name" Wisdom replied.
Tochi gave a weak smile. "Good morning, Wisdom" she repeated.
"Good morning, Welcome" he replied and also gave a weak smile.
Melody, who had small feelings for Wisdom got rid of it immediately when she knew that it won't favor her and planned to be closer to Esther and Tochi. However, Esther couldn't wait to express her feelings to Wisdom. She came immediately after Tochi left into her classroom and met Wisdom on the same road.
"Good morning, Wisdom" she greeted glowing with smiles and even gave him one sided hug.
"You look beautiful and happy this morning" Wisdom smiled too.
"Why shouldn't i be?"
"Wow! Good to hear"
They stared at each other.
"Can i see you.." both said at the same time and laughed.
"You go first" Esther suggested.
At that moment, Tochi came out and saw them in such a close range, then she became jealous staring at them.
"No, you go first" Wisdom insisted.
"Okay, i wanted to ask if i can see you after school hour"
"That's the same thing i wanted to ask"
"That means we have the same thing in mind"
"Okay, see you then" Esther concluded nd walked out just to see Tochi looking at her. They stared at each other, then Esther hissed and went into her classroom.
Jennifer and Calista also came to school without smiling monitoring Tochi's movement but didn't see any implication.
Melody was more familiar with Esther than initial. They stayed inside the classroom cracking jokes but Melody suddenly wore a different face.
"What is it?" Esther asked her.
"Is it true you love Wisdom?"
"Who told you?"
"Of course yesterday's drama made it obvious"
Esther remained quiet remembering the all thing.
"What if i say i love him?" she asked.
"That will be great! But what of Jennifer?"
"And so? Why is everyday scared of her?"
"I'm just saying"
Just at that moment, Tochi walked in after taking permission, then Esther frowned her face.
"Good day seniors" Tochi greeted.
"Welcome" Melody replied.
"Esther, can i talk to you?"
"But i want you to understand that.."
"I said no!" Esther interrupted her angrily.
"Take it easy nah, listen to her!" Melody suggested.
"No, i will not. I have nothing to do with her anymore. Come, who allowed this girl into this class?!" she exclaimed and strong_headed boys appeared immediately and chased Tochi away.
"You are so mean to her" Melody said.
"That girl is a betrayer"
"Hmm" She remained quiet.
Chester cornered Tochi after Wisdom told him to wait for him to talk to Esther as they planned. Students had gone home even Jennifer who had been monitoring Tochi's movement.
"Chester, i want to go" Tochi told him at the entrance the her road home.
"Okay, but can i ask you something?"
"What is it?"
"Do you really love Wisdom?"
Hearing that, her heart began to beat again and feeling scared.
"Don't lie to me, do you love him?" Chester persuaded then she nodded her head positively.
Tochi gradually turned to go but stopped and looked at Chester.
"Where is Wisdom?" she asked.
"He's with Esther?"
Hearing that, her heart skipped thinking that Wisdom was actually carryingout her instructions, so she went home heartbroken.
There was no student in the class where Wisdom stood at the window with Esther in a way Esther laid her back on the wall. She gradually grabbed his waist and stared into his eyes.
"So tell me that which you wanted to tell me?" she said smiling.
"No, you go first" Wisdom expostulated.
"No, i disagree"
"Okay, if you say so" Wisdom began. "I want you to understand that Tochi have nothing to do with me. By the way, why are you even angry with her?"
Esther remained quiet biting her finger, them Wisdom gently remove it.
"I only came here to tell you that she's innocence"
"Then who does your heart beat for?" Esther asked but Wisdom became quiet. Esther could sense that it wasn't her then she touched his cheeks and said, "Wisdom, i love you with all my heart. Please, tell me that u love me too, or am i not beautiful enough?"
"U are very beautiful my dear and i like you as a friend"
"Who then do you love?"
"Is Tochi! My heart beat for,her"
Esther began to shed tears. "Please, don't do this to me" she said.
"I'm sorry, Esther" Wisdom gradually disengaged himself from her and walked away.
"Wisdom, please!" Esther cried...
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 27
In slow motion, Wisdom walked out. He grabbed his bag to the very sight of Chester and went home making him believe that things didn't work out well. Chester went into the classroom and Esther embraced him in tears. His shirt was wet with the tears but he didn't mind, rather he reciprocated.
"Is okay, all shall be well" he said. After few minutes of shedding tears in his arms, Esther dried her tears and wanted to pick her bag but Chester did that before her and brought out his phone.
"Hello, can you meet me at school as soon as possible?" he said through d phone, then Esther wondered who he called. She wanted 2 ask but didn't have the strength. Just before they walked quietly towards d main road, a black car stopped in their presence. The driver came out and opened the back door.
"Enter" Chester told Esther who started at him.
"Who's car is this?" she asked with a low voice.
"Is my dad's car and this is the driver. I called him to come and take us home instead of trecking"
Esther remained speechless wondering why Chester had a driver but didn't alway come to school with him. She glanced into the car and Chester again, then finally entered followed by Chester then d driver drove off.
Inside the car, Chester glanced at her occasionally but she didn't care to look at him. She was actually staring through d glass until they got 2 a few meters before her house.
"I will like to stop here" she said, then Chester told the driver to pull over. Esther looked at him for the first time and said, "Thank you very much"
"See you tomorrow" Chester replied.
She stepped down and Chester watched her went home sadly.
Tochi also went home sadly wondering the kind of thing she has put herself into. "It is my fault?" she began to think. "How can't i stop this feelings and stay in peace? The more i try the more i fall inlove with him.."
"Tochi!" the mother interrupted her before she realised herself.
"Good afternoon, mama"
"What is it? You were totally lust in thought"
"Nothing, mama, is just a small headache" she walked into her room.
Few hours later, she was already missing Wisdom and wanted to be sure if he really accepted Esther. Her heart began to beat when she thought of that. She set out her table with books as usual waiting for Wisdom to show up just to see him and get the information from him but the time was already 5:30pm Wisdom was nowhere to be found. She glanced at the door occasionally hopping to see him standing there with a smile and looking handsome but all was an illusion. Her mother could see her not concentrating on the book before her. "Tochukwu, you can go and rest. Your teacher won't come today" she said.
"Mama, he will come" Tochi hopped.
"By this time?"
"Yes, he will.." her voice began to break and eyes wet with tears. She quickly bent down for her mother not to notice it. Few minutes later, she glanced at the time again, 6:00pm, then she gathered the books inside with a broken heart. The weather was already getting dark when she went outside and stretched her head still hoping to see him but she didn't. She concluded that he has accepted Esther, then walked inside with tears in her eyes. She couldn't sleep throughout the night.
Wisdom was also disappointed at Tochi's words to accept Esther. It made him think that she didn't love him or feel the same way he felt which was d reason y he refused to go for the lesson feeling heartbroken.
With the heavy heart, Wisdom woke up and glanced at d clock.
"Jeez! 7:30 already?!" he exclaimed and rushed into d bathroom with a toothbrush.
Meanwhile, Tochi had gone to school very early as usual hoping to see Wisdom walking around with his hands in his pocket. But assembly was due Wisdom was not yet in school.
As students rushed to the assembly ground, Tochi stopped Chester and asked. "Have you seen Wisdom?"
"No, i don't know why he's not in school yet"
Tochi's heart began to beat again.
"Oh God! What happened yesterday?" she asked.
"Nothing much, he went home without talking to me"
"He did?"
Just at that moment. Esther passed them making her presence to be known but didn't say anything or even look at them. Tochi wanted to greet her but she hesitated when she saw that she was still angry.
The assembly began, yet Wisdom was nowhere to be found. Jennifer and Esther could see how Tochi stretched her head occasionally to see if she would see him. Even all the students got worried why Wisdom wasn't in school yet.
Mr Anuma came out and saw students under a mango tree. He looked for Wisdom but didn't see him. "Hey, Chester!" he called then Chester ran to him.
"Where is Wisdom?!"
"I don't know sir"
"What nonsense!" he exclaimed and glanced at his wrist watch. "You may go" he told Chester.
Just at the very sight of all the students on the assembly even Tochi, Wisdom hurried to Mr Anuma who wasn't looking happy..

(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 28
Me Anuma put one of his hands inside his pocket and gared at Wisdom who stopped before him. All the students' attention went to them. They knew that Mr Anuma was angry and they expected nothing from his mouth but grammar. So they listed very attentively.
"Good morning sir" Wisdom greeted looking handsome.
"Caleb" Mr Anuma began and adjusted his eyeglass with the other hand. "I am so aback at your resent pestilential attitude. Why have you decided to change from being an arboretum to a scallywag?!"
Wisdom bent down his head in shame. Some students like tochi pitied him while some giggled at Mr Anuma's grammar.
Wisdom raised his head up boldly and said, "I'm sorry sir"
"No, apology not accepted. I demand to know the cause of this late coming that you have deliberately succumbed to!"
"I woke up late, sir"
"Did you hear that?" Mr Anuma turned to nobody. "He woke up late! A senior prefect is telling me that he woke up late!"
"I'm sorry sir, it will never happen again"
"Thank God I'm in a good mood today. Go and resumed your duties immediately!"
"Thank you sir" Wisdom walked out smiling which gave Tochi a bit hope, so she smiled too. Esther also turned and concentrated when Wisdom was released.
The assembly went on normally without the presence of Wisdom. Esther occasionally glanced at Tochi. "Why has Wisdom decided to choose her instead of me?" she thought and hated her the most.
Just after assembly was over, Chester sat alone on his locker without saying anything. He brought out his phone secretly and began to operate it bending his head downward on the locker. But he quickly hid it when a hand touched him, then he raised his head up just to see Melody smiling at him.
"Why are you startled?" Melody asked.
"Bcoz i was actually going against the school rules" he replied, then Melody looked under the locker and saw his phone in his hand.
"Oh now i know!" she exclaimed. "I wonder what Mr Anuma would have said about this" she gazed at the ceiling with a finger on her lips.
"He would have said.." Chester began, "..children of this modern generation cannot comprehend on their own again without the help of so called technology"
"Yes!" Melody shouted and they laughed which attracted Esther's attention. Then she looked at them but didn't care. As they kept on laughing and joking, she became jealous, yet didn't want to make herself known. Suddenly, a female teacher entered and all the class became quiet.
Jennifer walked to Wisdom's locker humbly. Her face sparkled with beauty and her breast pointed outward looking sexy.
"I'm sorry" she said.
"For what?" Wisdom asked.
"For slapping Tochi"
"I thought we have settled that already"
"No, you are still not close to me"
"How close do you expect?"
"Very close. I don't know why you don't want to notice my love for you"
"Please, stop, be yourself!"
"Is Tochi more beautiful that me?"
Wisdom kept quiet. After few minutes of no response, Jennifer went back to her seat and Calista came around.
"What did he say?" she asked.
"He said nothing"
"Hmm.. That Tochi has taken his heart"
"I will make Wisdom love me" Jennifer said staring at the wall.
"How?" Calista wanted to know.
"Watch and see!" she concluded.
Wisdom was lost in thought thinking how to revile to Tochi how he feels. "I know she will reject me probably because of my past actions towards her or because of Esther and Jennifer" he thought.
Meanwhile,Tochi was also in her classroom reading her book. But she stopped and stared at the wall. She was really missing Wisdom and wanted to hear his voice. She suddenly faced her book again but a voice interrupted her, then she quickly looked up. Lo and behold, Wisdom stood before her. Her heart skipped, returned and began to beat faster.
"Wisdom?" she called with a low voice allowing the book to fall from her thighs.
"Good day" Wisdom greeted.
"Sorry for my manners, Good day" Tochi forwarded the greetings.
"I'm sorry for.."
"Is okay" she interrupted him. "I understand. I waited for you though but didn't see you"
"I'm really sorry"
"I said is okay" she picked up the book and concentrated on it.
"Can i talk to you after school?" Wisdom asked, then Tochi raised up her head.
"You mean both of us?" she asked.
"I hope no problem.. by the way did you tell Esther what i told you?"
"Yes, i only told her we aren't dating"
Tochi stared at him expecting other other part of her request but Wisdom kept quiet.
"And?" she broke the silence.
"And nothing" Wisdom replied. "Please, will you see me after school?" he added.
"Okay, if you say so"
"Thanks" he walked out gently and Tochi didn't need a prophect to tell her that he was going to propose to her.
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 29
Still on break period, Esther had refused to move an inch from her seat looking disappointed. She was actually spacing out through the window with a red handkerchief on her shoulder. On her wrist was also a red digital watch. If it was in her capacity, she would have done something diabolical just to win Wisdom's heart. As she stared through the Window, she saw Chester with Wisdom discussing at the assembly ground.
"Guy, i want to tell you something" Chester began. "It isn't good to treat Esther like that. Since you can't feel the way she feels, still show her that you care"
"I understand, bro, i will do that but i need to free my conscience today"
"What do you mean?"
"I want to tell Tochi how i really feel"
"Are you serious?"
"Yes, bro"
"Hmm, well good luck with that" he bent down his head looking a bit sad. Wisdom noticed it and underly glanced at his face.
"What is it, bro?" he asked.
"It's just crazy to know that the one you love doesn't love you"
"I still don't understand. Are you in love? Habah!" he smiled. "You of all people? I thought you never wanted to do anything with girls"
"Forget, bro"
"No, tell me, who's this girl that has taken your heart?" Wisdom asked and immediately Chester looked towards the window where Esther was staring followed by Wisdom. As Esther notice them looking at her, she locked the window. So Wisdom didn't need another clarification to know that Chester was inlove with Esther, then he stared at him speechless. Just then, the bell rang.
Wisdom resumed his duties While Chester gently walked inside the classroom with a hand inside his pocket. His singlet was visibly seen through the white shirt and his black belt matched with his black shoes. On his neck was a golden necklace and on his wrist was a chain golden watch. He walked straight to Esther's seat where she was resting her head and gently touched her.
"Good afternoon" Esther raised her head.
"You look so depressed and you have not been outside throughout today. What is it?"
"Nothing" she gave a weak smile and stretched herself. "How are you today?" she asked.
"I'm not good"
"Because you aren't good too"
"Come on, I'm okay" Esther smiled again staring at him which also made Chester to smile. Seeing that, some group of female student at the back of the classroom shouted, "Chester easy oh! You are charming our girl!"
Everybody's attention went to Esther and Chester who began to smile seriously without knowing how to defend the funny accusation.
"Though, you have to see me first before asking her hand in marriage" one of the girls said and Melody gave a weak smile feeling a bit jealous.
"You better shot that your mouth there oh!" Esther rebuked the girl with smiles on her face.
"We have freedom of speech" Chester spoke out. "At least Buhari has not deprived us from that. So speak!" he added and Esther gared at him smiling.
"Chei!" the girl exclaimed. "For this thing wey you talk now, you are free to take Esther home immediately, i have given her to you free of charge!" everybody began to laughed. Chester looked at Esther romantically and went to his seat, yet Melody couldn't stop being jealous.
Tochi had refused to tell Linda her plans to meet Wisdom because she would have disagreed on it, so she remained inside the classroom until all the students left. She looked through the open door and saw Jennifer and Calista walking home, then her heart skipped. Unfortunately to her, they saw her and came inside the class.
"Good afternoon seniors" she greeted and carried her bag to go.
"Seat down, we need to talk" Jennifer prevented her. "Listen, you don't know how extreme i can go just to have Wisdom. So I'm kindly advising you to stay away from him or you will regret it. Have i made myself clear?"
Tochi nodded her head positively and they went out.
On the other hand, Esther walked out of the classroom ready to go and Wisdom met her. She knew he wanted to talk to her but neglected him and walked home.
"What?" Chester came around.
"She doesn't want to talk to me" Wisdom replied.
"Let her be for now"
"Alright, bro" they shook hands and departed.
All had gone home leaving Tochi who sat patiently alone in the classroom waiting for Wisdom. She saw him walking through the door and her heart began to beat faster, then she exhaled deeply and walked towards the window to spit out. (She was really nervous). Before she turned, she saw Wisdom standing close to her.
"Good afternoon..." her voice broke and couldn't look at his face.
"Tochukwu" Wisdom called and positioned her face in a way he stared into her lovely eyes.
"Yes? What is it that you want to tell me?"
"I want to tell you who my heart beat for, who i can't stop thinking of, the woman that has taken my heart, the woman i wish she feels the way i feel, the woman i love so much"
"And who is she?" Tochi asked staring at his attractive lips and feeling her heartbeat.
"Is you Tochi" Wisdom replied...
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 30
Tochi's legs began to vibrate gradually and her sympathetic nervous system activated than before making her heartbeat increase like she was about to orgasm through sex. Her lips shook gradually and eyes fist on Wisdom's handsome face. She couldn't think of anything or anybody but Linda's statement: "Better reject him if he propose unless you want to die. I know what Jennifer and her mother can do just to get what they want"
She also remembered Jennifer's recent statement: "You don't know how extreme i can go just to win Wisdom's heart, so better stay away from him"
Her mind diverted to Esther, "God, what will she say or do?" she thought. As she reasoned all these things, Wisdom saw tears dropping from her eyes.
"Why do you shed tears my love?" he began to clean it. "Please, say yes to me and i promise to be with you forever"
"Wisdom?" Tochi called. "I must be lying if i say i don't love you. My heart beats when i just think of you, i feel the same way you feel but what about Jennifer and Esther?"
"You alone i have choosen and nobody else"
"I'm scared!"
"Nothing will happen to you!"
"I'm sorry Wisdom, i can't do this. I can't face these people especially Jennifer and feel like a betrayer or boyfriend snatcher to Esther" she wanted to walk out but Wisdom held her back.
"Please, don't leave without saying yes to me"
"I'm sorry Wisdom, i have nobody to fight for me"
"I will fight for you! I will always be there for you? Please, don't break my heart"
"I'm sorry" she disengaged his hands and ran out.
"Tochi! Tochi!!" Wisdom called bitterly stretching his hand forward.
It was a disastrous day for the two lovers. In all his life, Wisdom had never been rejected by a girl or feel heartbroken for once but here he was battling with the feelings. He sluggishly opened his room, sling his school bag and laid on the bed.
"Akunauche" Mr Caleb, his father called and opened his room. He actually calls him in igbo language than English. "Are you okay?"
"I'm fine, Daddy!" he replied with his face on the bed.
The father noticed that something was bothering him but didn't want to dig into it. "Tell your mother i have gone out when she comes back" he said and closed the door without Wisdom responding.
On the other hand, Tochi also went straight to the backyard where her mother was. She stood at the door with heavy eyes and greeted.
"Tochukwu" the mother called. "Why are your eyes red and swollen up?" she asked.
"Are they?"
"Yes!" the mother stood up to get closer but Tochi interrupted her.
"Mama is nothing, an insect flew into my eyes"
"The two eyes?"
"Yes, mama" she turned immediately and went into her room.
"Lekwanum aya oh!" the mother exclaimed and went back to her seat. "I rebuke that kind of insect in Jesus name oh" she added.
Jennifer went home just to met her mother with a handsome young man who was actually demanding for a love charm, then she stood at the window and taking a glance of what was going on in the main room.
"You only have to use these leaves" Mrs Mbakwe, her mother began and handed some leaves to the young man. "Make sure you squeez one of them first thing tomorrow morning after calling her name three times, use the same hand and robbed the girl's face, she will automatically become yours"
"I hope it works only on her"
"Yes, that's why you must call her name before doing it" the young man smiled, he collected the leave, paid some money and went out just to see Jennifer at the window.
"Hey girl?" the man said.
"Good afternoon" Jennifer greeted and walked in shaking her buttocks which the young man glanced and smiled biting his lips. Jennifer greeted her mother and watched her keep part of the leaves. "I have actually seen what i wanted" she thought and couldn't wait for the next day.
Melody was really worried as a young 19 year old teenager who wasn't given attention by boys. As usual, she was the only one at home meditating in her room with a Biology textbook before her. She wore a white top with only a pant sitting on a long stool. One could see her fresh thighs and belly looking very attractive. "I guess Chester is secretly in love with Esther" she thought and concentrated.
On the other hand, at Esther's resident, the house was a bungalow but fashionly designed without a fence. Mr Godwin, her father's car was parked outside but wasn't at home. Esther was in her room with a physics textbook. She was actually trying so hard to get over everything that happened but couldn't. She wore a jean trouser and a bra, but when she heard a knock on the door she put on a T-shirt. Meanwhile, her mother hand gone to open the door. She opened it and saw a young boy looking classic and handsome standing at the door.
"Good evening, ma'am" Chester greeted.
"Evening, who are you?" Mrs Godwin asked.
At that moment Esther came out and her eyes caught with that of Chester. Then her heart skipped.
"I'm Silva Chester" Chester introduced himself...
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 31
Mr Godwin's sittingroom had furnished equipments-flower on the centre table, pictures on the wall, a plazma television and totem of heavenly things. It was a typical chatholic resident.
Esther stood beside her mother squeezing her fingers together and wondering what Chester was doing in their house.
"Who do you want?" Mrs Gowin asked Chester.
"I want to see Esther" he replied staring at Esther, then Mrs Godwin traced his eyes and turned to see her standing.
"Mummy, he's my classmates" Esther stepped forward. "He actually want to collect a book from me" she added and looked at Chester angrily.
"Oh!" the mother turned to Chester. "Which one is your surename?" she asked.
"It sounds familiar. Silva Luis?"
"Exactly ma"
"Okay, come in"
"No Mummy" Esther interrupted. "We will talk outside"
"Talk? I thought you said he needed a book"
"Yes, that's true, let me bring it" Esther turned.
"I also want to talk to you" Chester said allowed.
"Then come inside" Mrs Godwin added.
Esther briskly walked into her room and brought out a book. She saw Chester sitting on the cushion looking at the parlour, then she sat on the same cushion-but gave a distance.
"What are you doing here uninvited?" she lowered her voice,
"I came to collect a book"
"Which book?"
"The one you suggested"
"You and i know that you didn't come because of the book. I just made it up"
At that moment, Mrs Godwin came out and told Esther that she was going out.
"Okay, Mummy" she replied. They waited for her to walk to a distance before they continued their conversation.
"Now I'm listening, talk before my Daddy comes back"
Chester adjusted closer. "I want us to talk about you and Tochi" he said.
"Yes, for my sake please forgive her. I came all the way from my house to yours just to tell how important it is to me"
Esther became moody staring at him. Then he continued, "She's an innocent girl. Yes, i admit the fact that Wisdom unexpectedly fell inlove with her but that shouldn't bring demarcation between both of you. Please, i beg you"
Esther thought for a while and said, "Is okay, i have heard you, i will reconcile with her tomorrow"
"Wow! Thank you so much!"
"No problem"
"I also want you to keep moving regardless of the fact that Wisdom..."
"No, i don't want to talk about it" Esther interrupted.
"Is okay, but i want you to know that someone somewhere is loving you"
"Someone" they stared for a while. "I have to take my leave now" he added.
Esther didn't say a word but silently stood up and walked him to the door.
"Thank you" she said at last and Chester went home.
Very early in the morning, Mrs Mbakwe, Jennifer's mother went out and Jennifer dressed up for school. All her mind was on her mission to use the love charm on Wisdom. She quietly brought out the leaves, squeezed it in her palms forgetting that she has to call Wisdom's name three times after that. Just then, she heard a noise and a voice which seemed like Calista's. "Calista!" she called and began to walked out. "Calista is that you?" she called for the second time and opened the door. She saw Calista standing quietly outside.
"So you are the one behaving like a ghost, Calista!" she called for the third time. That means the charm can only work on Calista not Wisdom anymore if robbed on her face.
"I wanted to scare you a bit" Calista told her and looked at her hands. "What's that stain?" she asked.
"Never mind" Jennifer replied and went back inside to properly prepare.
All students came to school as usual even Wisdom who wasn't happy. Immediately the bell was rung for assembly he came out of his classroom just to see Tochi and Linda also coming out. He passed them without saying a word.
"S.P good morning" Linda greeted, then he turned.
"Good morning" he replied.
"Good morning, S.P" Tochi also greeted without looking at him but Wisdom didn't respond for calling him S.P.
"Is everything okay?" Linda asked Tochi but she didn't say a word too.
Just as students trooped into the assembly ground, Mr Anuma also drove in still monitoring them from his car. At the same time Jennifer and Calista walked in rushing to the assembly ground too. There was no much casualty between the students but Chester noticed that Wisdom wasn't looking happy and wondered why. Few minutes before the assembly was over, the principal came out with Mr Anuma and other teachers, then Esther gave way for him to give an impromptu speech.
"Good morning students!" the principal began.
"Good morning sir!"
"Just remaining few days for the quiz..." as the principal was giving his speech, Calista began to rob her face. When Jennifer looked at her, she saw improperly robbed power and particles then she robbed her hands on Calista's face to remove them. Immediately, the charm affected her and she looked at Jennifer romantically and brought her face closer to kiss her.
"What are u doing?" Jennifer asked silently..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 32
There was an arising noise at the line where Jennifer and Calista were actually battling with each other which brought the principal and students' attention. At that time, Calista had held Jennifer's waist struggling to kiss her lips. As she struggled, she placed a hand under her skirt and raised it up at the very sight of all the students.
"Hey! Aah!" everybody began to shout.
"Oh Lala!" Mr Anuma exclaimed. "What are my eyes beholding?!" he added moving forward. B4 he got they, Wisdom was already there as  the senior preface but what his eyes saw drew him back leaving the girls to handle it but none came close to them.
"Please nah, i love you so much just kiss me" Calista said aloud and everybody shouted, "Hheeeeeehh!"
"Lesbians oh!" a male voice came from the crowd.
However, Jennifer had realised that she misused the charm as she battled with her uniform trying to disengaged herself from Calista.
"Hey, both of you!" Mr Anuma pointed at two girls. "Go and separate them and cover them up" he ordered.
"No sir, we can't do that oh" they insisted because they knew that such an act wasn't ordinary. Nobody agreed to touch them until the principal and the female teachers grabbed them.
"Please, take them inside my office" he instructed and followed them angrily.
As the female teachers dragged them into the office, Calista was still shouting, "I love you so much, Jennifer, just kiss me or make love to me, please!"
"Heeeeehh!" the students shouted again.
"Holy Mary!" a female student added.
"Silent all of you!" Mr Anuma exclaimed angrily and placed one of his hands in his pocket.
Without being told, Wisdom picked up a cane to calm all the students down and made them stay in lines. Then everywhere became quiet.
"This nefarious act which my eyes has beholden this morning is unwittingly!" Mr Anuma began and the students shouted, "Heeehh!"
"Is it pernicious!"
"And I'm so perplexed and woozy for this very act which has no aggrandizement rather make one to perpetrate! Oh Lala!!!"
"Sir fire on!!" a male voice shouted from the crowd.
"We are going to dig out the very cause of this act and i assure you, a serious action will be taken" he walked out out angrily.
"Esther!" Wisdom called. "Please dismiss them" he ordered.
Esther didn't respond rather she quietly carried out the instruction.
The whole school wasn't stable anymore. Each classroom talked about the very act of Jennifer and Calista. Some criticized them and concluded that they were lesbians while some pitied them and wondered what caused the act.
Tochi was speechless with her hands folded staring at Linda who wasn't surprise.
"I told you" she began. "That Jennifer is dangerous, she was up to something. Who knows if she was targeting you or Wisdom to be disgraced? We are going to fine out the main cause of the act soon"
"Can it be that they are lesbians?" Tochi asked.
"Is that how lesbians show themselves?"
Just at that moment, a student came and interrupted them.
"I'm looking for Tochi?" he said.
"Is me, any problem?"
"Esther is calling you" the boy said and Tochi stared at Linda.
"Okay, I'm coming" she stood up and followed the boy.
Esther was actually with Melody at the window when Tochi walked in.
"Good morning seniors" she greeted, then Esther smiled at her which gave her hope and made her believe that things were well.
"I told you not to call me senior" Esther told her with smiles.
"I'm sorry"
"Just sit down" she brought a chair for her. "I'm in a good mood today, i want you to forget whatever that is between two of us, okay?"
"Okay, thank you very much" Tochi smiled.
"So let's gist" she brought her seat closer. "Did you see what happened this morning?"
"Hmm, I'm speechless oh" Tochi smiled and they laughed.
Jennifer broke down in tears as she was on her knees while Calista was still demanding for more kiss and sex. She was actually in a teacher's hand struggling to get off to Jennifer. Teachers round the office while the principal sat on his seat looking woozy.
"Mbakwe" he called. "Explain the meaning of this act"
"Jennifer speak up!" another teacher added.
"Are you two lesbians or succubus?" Mr Anuma also asked.
"No oh, sir we are not lesbians"
"Then why this type of disgrace you have brought upon my school? Ehn?!" the Principal exclaimed.
"Speak up before i descend on you!" Mr Anuma shouted and raised his cane properly to flog.
"It is a charm, sir" Jennifer confessed.
"A charm?"
"Yes, love charm"
"Jesus!" the female teachers exclaimed.
"Was the charm meant for Calista?" Mr Nelson was still inquisitive.
"No, is was for Wisdom but i misused it"
"Oh Lala! What a wicked attitude from juvenile like you?!" Mr Anuma shouted.
"I think we need to consult their parents" the principal suggested. "Please, tell Wisdom to gather all the students in front of my office now" he told Mr Anuma...
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 33
Wisdom quickly gathered all the students in front of principal's office. They knew anytime they are summoned like that a serious information or punishment wants to be carried out. Some stretched their heads to look into the principal's office while some, like Tochi admired Wisdom who stood on the higher cemented area meant for teachers alone. Esther saw how she was staring at him, then she tapped her.
"Isn't he handsome?" she asked.
"Who?" Tochi asked.
"The person you are admiring and staring at"
Tochi smiled and bent down her head.
"Don't be shy, feel free. I don't have anything to do with him again. His love goes for only one girl" Esther told her then she raised up her head.
"Who's the girl?" she asked
"Come on don't pretend as if you don't know. Do you love him too?"
The question made Tochi's heart beat faster again staring at Esther. Though Melody was there but had no interest on their conversion. She was so enthusiastic and anticipated to see Jennifer and Calista coming out of the office.
Tochi gradually nodded her head in agreement to Esther's question.
"Have he proposed?" Esther was still inquisitive and Tochi nodded her head again.
"And what did you say?"
"I rejected him"
"I didn't want to hurt you"
Esther remained silent staring at her thinking how truthful and sincere she was. "Come here" she gave her a hug.
"Both of you have started your own abi?" a male voice said from behind. "Let's finish with these lesbians before you start yours" he added and the statement brought Melody's attention.
"Won't you close your hole there?!" she rebuked him.
"Don't mind him!" Esther supported. She disdained the very boy and turned to Tochi again.
"Listen, you have to follow your heart, okay? Forget about me"
"Okay, thank you" Tochi was more than happy and started looking an opportunity to return her words to Wisdom. Just at that moment, the principal and all other teachers came out with Jennifer except the one who was with Calista in the office.
"Silent!!" Wisdom exclaimed and the noise gradually died down.
Jennifer was covered with shame, so she couldn't look at anybody. Students could see tears dropping from her eyes and their ears were itching to know the actual cause of the abominable act.
"Students!" the principal began but nobody responded because they knew he doesn't start a speech like that unless he's very angry. "You want to bring down this school. I'm shocked on what my ears have heard and my eyes seen this morning. I will not say much but i want to give Jennifer Mbakew here chance to utter the cause of what happened this morning"
Everywhere became quiet that even a fallen pin could be heard.
"What's she waiting for? speak up!!" Mr Anuma exclaimed and the tears began to pour like a rain from Jennifers eyes.
"I-i-i used a love charm meant for Wisdom on Calista mistakenly" Jennifer confessed with a low voice and the students shouted, "Heeeehhh!". Immediately, Linda turned to look at Tochi while Wisdom quickly went down from the higher cemented area to Chester looking woozy.
"Tell us how you got the charm!" the principal shouted.
"Yes, tell us!" the students supported.
"I got it from my mother without her knowledge"
"Please, someone should go and call her mother and Calista's parents too" the principal instructed and two boys ran out. "Look at what a teenager can do because of a boy. A student who suppose to be studious and prepare for her examinations!"
"Oh Lala!" Mr Anuma exclaimed at principal's words.
"After this case is resolved i will have no other option than to take the rightful judgment. This should serve as a lesson to you all that are involved with diabolical or evil activities!" he angrily walked inside his office followed by other teachers and Jennifer leaving the floor for Mr Anuma.
"I am passing through acrimonious situation now" Mr Anuma began. "Because of this very act Jennifer has automatically become an acquaintance to you all"
"Sir what is acquaintance?!" a male student shouted from behind.
"Shut up your trap there! You that have refused to make use of your edutainments!" Mr Anuma replied and the students began to giggle. "Wisdom!" he called.
"Yes, sir!"
"Come up here" Wisdom stood beside him. "You are the one who would have fallen victim to this incredible and unfathomable predicament!"
"Heeeehhh! Sir easy oh!" the students shouted laughing at the same time.
Mr Anuma continued, "I believe that your accentuated complexion is the one causing all these and making girls to do the unbelievable, even still with this undernourished body of yours. Oh Lala!!"
"Oh Lala!!" the students repeated and Mr Anuma walked inside the office without smiling. Wisdom didn't know what to say or do because the grammar got him confused. He could see Tochi and Esther smiling at him, then he said, "Pls, return 2 ur classes b4 you receive another grammar"
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 34
Mrs Mbakwe was just returning with leaves and a knife in her hands when two boys in uniform arrived. They adjusted backward when they saw the knife and the leaves.
"God morning, madam" they greeted, then Mrs Mbakwe turned. She wore a fairy pink gown with a black trouser under. She had a fair complexion and a low cut hair on her head. She was surprised to see the students standing far from her and looking scared.
"Any problem?" she asked.
"Our principal sent us to you"
"Why? Come closer nah!"
"No oh! We are okay here" they responded at the same time looking at each other and took another step backward. Seeing that, Mrs Mbakwe suspected that something must have gone wrong somewhere.
"Why is your principal calling me?" she asked.
"Because of your daughter, Jennifer"
"Hey! I hope nothing has happened to my daughter oh!" she kept the knife and the leaves immediately and followed the boys who took on their heels immediately too.
The prefects took over the school since the teachers weren't available. They made sure all the students remained in their classrooms without making noise.
Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs Jacob, Calista's parents were already in the office vibrating. The mother took hold of her daughter who was still making a sexual move.
"We warned her severally to stay away from this daughter of a witch but she wouldn't listen!" Mr Jacob shouted from the seat where he was sitting with a walking stick. He was exact resemblance of Calista with a native attire and one could see white beards on her jaw.
"Do you know Jennifer's mother?" the principal asked him.
"Who doesn't know the wicked witch!" Mr Jacob began. "She can go to an extreme just to get what she wants even by force!" he added with all bitterness, then the principal exhaled deeply and glanced at Jennifer who was kneeling before everybody and shedding tears. Suddenly, Mrs Mbakwe arrived and Mrs Jacob rushed her.
"You have to kill me oh!" she shouted and grabbed her legs. "You and your daughter will kill me today!" she added.
Seeing that, teachers separated them and calmed her down. Mrs Mbakwe was still perplexed about the whole issue. She took a good look at her daughter and Calista even her parents who she knew very well.
"Principal what happened?" she asked curiously.
"I think your daughter is in a good condition to answer that" Mr Nelson replied, then she turned to Jennifer.
"What have you done, Jennifer?" she asked, but she kept quiet.
"Your daughter brought a love charm to school" Mr Nelson began. "She was actually targeting my senior prefect, a male student but she ended up using it on a her friend!"
"What?!" Mrs Mbakwe exclaimed looking at her daughter. "Jennifer, where did you get love charm from?" she asked.
"I used the leave you gave to that man yesterday"
"You deed what?! Hey!"
"Madam, shouting will not solve the problem now" Mr Anuma began. "Just get a solution on how to bring back this girl to her normal senses"
"Please, I'm really sorry" Mrs Mbakwe apologized. "There is actually a solution. Let me go home and come back" she rushed outside.
Few minutes later, she came back with a water on a white bowl. Students who saw her stared at her through the windows.
"Is that her mother?" Tochi asked Linda.
"Yes, an old wicked witch!"
"Hmm, what's she carrying?"
"Who knows? Probably they want to reverse the charm"
Tochi folded her hands staring at her until she entered into the office, then she turned to Linda again. "I want to tell you something?" she said.
"I'm all ears"
"Wisdom finally proposed"
"What?! I mean, what did you say"
"I turned him down"
"But you know what? Inside me, i love him and want to go back and approve the proposal"
"What about Esther?"
"She was the one that actually told me to do so"
Linda thought for a while. "I believe the road is open for you now?" she said smiling.
"You mean i can proceed?"
"Yes, you are so lucky" they smiled uncontrollably.
At the very sight of all the teachers, Mrs Mbakwe washed Calista's face with the water from the bowl and immediately she regained herself. She looked at everybody surprisingly, even Jennifer. "Mama" she called.
"Oh my daughter" she embraced her.
"What happened?"
"My dear, i will tell you when we get home" Calista looked at Jennifer again. She couldn't just comprehend what was going on.
"Principal, i want to take my daughter home" Mrs Jacob requested.
"Please, go on" they left even the Mr Jacob followed them angrily.
"Please, Mr principal" Mrs Mbakwe began "I apologize unbehalf of my daughter. Forgive her, please. As you can see she took the charm without my knowledge because i wouldn't have allowed her. Na this things dey give me small small money, biko gbahara"
"I'm sorry madam" the principal said. "Your daughter has been expelled from this school"
"Since her name is already on waec candidate list, she's only eligible to come back here during d examination time!" Mr Nelson concluded.
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 35
Many students watched Mrs Mbakwe dragged Jennifer out of the school compound angrily. Some laughed at her while some pitied her. Wisdom stood speechless with his hands folded looking at her. He didn't believe she could do such a thing. Melody and Esther stood at the window feeding their eyes.
"Thank God you weren't with them anymore. Who knows whether you would have been the one to be charmed instead of Calista" Esther told Melody.
"Yes, that's true" she agreed. "I noticed their character to be repulsive so i ceased being their friend instantly" She added.
The news gradually began to die down and students never hesitated to have their break meal or snack. Tochi didn't know how to start approaching Wisdom again. Linda could see her looking restless as they sat under the palm tree as usual.
"Who are you looking for?" she asked her.
"Linda, I'm afraid oh" Tochi replied.
"Maybe Wisdom doesn't love me again"
"Why are you saying like this?"
"He has not talked to me throughout today. You witnessed when i greeted him this morning but didn't answer me"
"Maybe he's only trying to be healed from the broken heart"
"That's what I'm saying oh! What if he has changed his mind about me?"
"Stop Abeg!"
Just as they were talking, Wisdom walked handsomely with Chester at their very sight into Esther's classroom. Tochi hope he just look at their direction but he didn't.
"Linda, have you seen what i told you? He doesn't even want to notice my presence. I know he doesn't love me again"
Linda remained quiet looking at her with her hands folded.
"Why are you looking at me nah?!" Tochi shouted.
"I'm just looking at how love want to drive you crazy" Linda replied smiling.
Inside the classroom, Wisdom gradually walked to Esther's seat while Melody cornered Chester at the back of the classroom in a way Chester sat on an opened window while Melody stood inbetween his thighs with a snake.
"It seems like you have some goodies for me" Chester told her.
"Of course i have"
"Abeg can i have it?"
"Yes, in one condition"
"What condition?"
Esther couldn't stop glancing at them feeling jealous as Wisdom sat opposite her also noticing it.
"In a condition that you close your eyes" Melody replied.
"Just that?"
"No, you will also open your mouth"
"Okay" at the very sight of Esther, Chester opened his mouth and Melody fed him with a biscuit.
"Now close your mouth and chew the goody" she said smiling. Chester opened his eyes and began to chew the biscuit.
"I love the goody" he said and they laughed.
Esther couldn't behold them anymore, so she concentrated on Wisdom who immediately crossed his legs smiling.
"How are you feeling?" he asked her.
"I'm fine" she replied without looking at him.
"I'm sorry for what i have put you through. I will forever be your friend"
"Is okay, such is life. At least is better than being charmed with a love charm" they smiled and Esther glanced at Chester and Melody again.
"But someone really loves you and can do anything to make u happy"
"Who?" Esther asked nd immediately Wisdom looked at Chester who was laughing seriously with Melody.
"I mean someone who will love you more than a friend is coming"
"Hmmm, i don't want anymore before someone use love charm on me" Esther said and they smiled again. "Ehn.. what about Tochi?" she changed the topic but Wisdom kept quiet.
"I don't want to talk about it"
Just before Wisdom replied, a voice came from the entrance of the classroom saying. "Wisdom the principal wants to see you now!"
Without thinking twice, Wisdom rushed out. Tochi saw him again for the second time without him noticing her presence, then she glanced at Linda again.
"If you want I'll go and talk to him" Linda suggested.
"No" she insisted.
Everybody began to go home but Tochi hesitated to go. She was actually hoping to see Wisdom again but he was nowhere to be found. She stood at the entrance of her classroom and adjusted her bag looking at every direction. She was very neat and looking more beautiful.
"Let's go home" a voice came from behind, then she turned with a sad face.
"I don't want to go yet" she replied
"You still want to see Wisdom?" Linda asked but Tochi kept quiet looking at every angle.
"I'm going oh!" Linda said.
"Bye bye" she replied and Linda walked home.
Esther and Chester were actually in their classroom by the window. Just few students remained there. Chester held her hand softly and said, "My birthday is coming next week Saturday"
"Really? And how old will you be by then?"
"5 years"
"Lair! Abeg tell me"
"Add 5 years to your age and subtract it with 4, you'll get my age"
Esther became confused and began to think. Just at that moment Tochi came at the window looking at them with her face up.
"Good afternoon" she greeted. "Have u seen Wisdom?" she asked.
"No, dear" Esther replied. "It seems like the principal sent him on an erran" she added.
"Okay" Tochi went home sadly...
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 36
Chester was the type that had been exposed to modern life regarding his background. He was also the type that do things gradually without rushing it. Of course he was inlove with the girl before him but couldn't express his feelings trying so heard not to be heartbroken. After Tochi and other students left leaving just Esther and Chester. Esther wanted to go but he prevented her.
"You have not told me what you will give me as a present on my birthday" he said.
"I'll get you something lovely" she replied smiling.
"Like what?"
Esther stared at the ceiling in thought with a finger on her lips.
"Can you give me your heart as a present?" Chester asked and brought down her hand staring into her lovely eyes.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"I mean can i look into your heart and see a space for me there?"
Hearing that, Esther's heart began to beat as she stared in to his eyes. She could see seriousness in them.
"That's the only thing i ask from you" Chester continued. "Just your heart and your love" he concluded and they stared at each other silently. Chester brought his head gradually and began to kiss her which she reciprocated. At that moment, Wisdom, who arrived saw them at the door and quietly went back. Esther suddenly quit the kiss and began to arrange her books in a hurry.
"What is it?" Chester asked her but she didn't say anything. "Have i done something wrong?" he asked again.
"No, i just want to go" she replied and flung her bag one handedly on her shoulder to go but Chester grabbed her hand immediately, then she turned sharply. Both stared at each other feeling their heartsbeat together.
"Esther, i love you. How do you want me to express it? Please, give me a chance and i promise to heal your broken heart"
Esther remained speechless, she couldn't believed the kiss and what she was hearing, then she brought down her eyes on Chester's hand and gradually disengage it. "Bye" she said and walked out gently. Just at the door, she turned and glanced at him again, then went home briskly. Wisdom sighted her from afar walking very fast and sometimes galloped, then he wondered what the problem was. Just as he stared, he saw Chester walking out of the classroom sadly.
"Hey bro!" he shouted and ran over. "What is the problem?"
"Nothing much"
"I actually saw both of you kissing"
"You did?"
"Yeah, that means she has.."
"No, she hasn't" Chester interrupted.
"I don't know, she just quit and walked out without saying anything"
Wisdom remained quiet finding it difficult to understand such attitude.
"I just don't understand her feelings" Chester broke the silence.
"Exactly! That's what I'm thinking now" Wisdom replied.
"Sometimes girls could be very difficult to be understood"
"Yes bro"
"Till tomorrow"
"Okay" they shook hands together and departed.
Esther couldn't concentrate when she got home. She rushed into her room and stared at the window. "Did i just have my first kiss?" she thought. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed quietly but to the hearing of Mrs Godwin, her mother who opened the room without knocking.
"What is happening to you?" she asked.
"Nothing Mummy" She replied.
"Why are you late from school?"
"Mummy, i couldn't get a cab on time"
"Yes, Mummy"
"Come and have your lunch"
"Thank you, Mummy"
The mother gradually closed the door.
Tochi had been in her room since she came back from school without eating anything. She wore a pink leggings trouser and fairy top lying on her bed with her face up. She blinked her eyes occasionally and glanced at the window. Her whole body and soul needed Wisdom. If only to just see him would have been okay for her.
"Tochukwu" the mother came in. "You have not told me what your problem is oh"
"Mama, I'm fine!"
"No, you are not my daughter, talk to me I'm your mother" she sat beside her on the bed. "Did your teacher flogg you?"
"No, mama"
The mother stared at her for a while and said, "Oya bring out your table and books, your teacher is here"
Tochi turned sharply. "Which of my teachers, mama?" she asked.
"Your lesson teacher nah. What is his name again?"
"Yes, Wisdom"
Before the mother could finish pronouncing the name, Tochi rushed to the backyard just to see Wisdom facing the kitchen without noticing her presence.
"Wisdom?" she called and Wisdom turned. He couldn't believe her beauty in the pink leggings trouser which gave her butt round shape. They smiled at each other.
"Good evening" Tochi greeted.
"How are you?"
"I'm fine now"
"Are you ready to study?"
"Yes, very ready" she ran inside and brought out her books and set the table, then the mother wondered where she actually got her strength from.
The lesson lasted for two hours and Tochi didn't hesitate to escort Wisdom as an opportunity to tell him her mind even when the mother insisted. They day was getting dark when they walked like husband and wife...
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 37
In the dark weather, twinkle little stars shone above the sky giving it magnificent beauty. People patrolled up and down the street making sure it wasn't bored. Still in the pinky leggings trouser and fairy top, Tochi walked simultaneously with Wisdom without saying a word. Both occasionally glanced at each other and smiled. They could see bad street boys arguing at a corner with their trousers sagged and kept their hair like that of a mad man-dada. Tochi could see their boxers outside looking very dirty and disgusting.
"Oh boy, this is our street oh! No carry sand come put for my own carry oh!" one of the boys said demonstrating like a criminal.
Wisdom looked at them and smiled seriously.
"Why are you smiling?" Tochi asked him.
"It's just funny to see young boys behaving like that"
Tochi looked at the boys and smiled too. "I don't like people like that" she said.
"They don't look responsible"
"How can you know someone that looks responsible?"
"From the way they dress and talk"
"Am i responsible?"
"You are more way responsible and handsome too"
"Thanks" they looked at each other and smiled.
Just at the lonely place where Tochi knew that it was time for her to go back, she stopped. She could hear the sound of crickets and see the brightness of the stars. It was a narrow road with bushes beside it. She stepped aside with a hand on a long grass and glanced backward. Wisdom noticed her restlessness attitude, then he asked, "Is anything the matter?"
"Yes... i mean no.." she replied feeling her heartbeat. Wisdom gently held her hands and without persuasion, Ticho moved closer to him in a way her body touched his.
"I want to tell you something" she began. "I'm sorry for disappointing you the other day. I have realised that nothing can stop me from loving you now. I love you with all my heart, please..."
"Ssshh.." Wisdom interrupted her with a finger on her lips. "You have said enough. I love you even more than you do"
"Yes dear, i can't stop loving you no matter what" they smiled staring at each other's eyes and being closer in a way Wisdom could feel her soft breast on his chest.
"I thought you don't love me anymore" Tochi broke the silence smiling.
"I will never think of that"
They remained silent again, then Wisdom made a move to kiss her. Tochi noticed what he was about to do, so she remained static staring at him as he brought his face gradually to kill her.
"May i?" Wisdom asked with a low voice and she nodded her head slightly positive, then Wisdom kissed her steadily. She didn't know when she was moved to hold him closer round the waist. At that moment, the upper part of her breast pumped upward when they were closer to his chest and Wisdom could feel her round buttocks which was soft and slippery due to the elastic leggings trouser. Suddenly, she quit the kiss and disengaged herself from him.
"I should be going now" she said.
"Is okay, see you tomorrow" they smiled and departed happily.
She walked gently towards her classroom looking shy. Her appearance and her nature of locomotion made her seems so innocent and more beautiful. Her ironed transparent uniform made the shape of her underwears visible. Just before she entered, she met Wisdom at the entrance.
"Hi, Calista" Wisdom said.
"Good morning" Calista passed him but suddenly turned. "My parents told me what happened yesterday. How bad was it?" she asked.
"It wasn't bad but disgraceful" Wisdom replied.
"Was i naked?"
"No, rather Jennifer was naked"
"Okay" she move on.
"Calista" Wisdom interrupted and moved close to her. "It wasn't your fault. Don't feel inferior in any way because it was totally not your fault, okay?"
"Okay, Thanks" she gave a weak smile to him feeling his kindness.
Students began to come to school as the time for assembly drew near, yet Tochi wasn't in school. As Wisdom anticipated to see her, Chester arrived looking classic and handsome. They stood at an opened area closer to the entrance of SS3B, Esther's classroom.
"Good morning, bro" Chester greeted and placed one of his hands inside his pocket in a way his golden wrist watch jingled at the tip of it. "I forgot to tell you that Tochi looked for you yesterday before going home" he added.
"I finally met her at home" Wisdom replied.
"I hope you worked out things with her because she wasn't looking happy yesterday"
"Yeah, we are actually..." he paused and smiled at him.
"Dating?" Chester was curious.
"Yeah, and we had our first.." he paused again.
"Wow! you deserve a handshake, bro!" they laughed and shook hands together.
Just then Calista came out and saw them smiling happily, so she stared and wondered why.
Esther also arrived at the moment. "Good morning sirs!" she greeted them frm a distance and walked inside her classroom..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 38
Chester didn't expect such happiness and greeting from Esther, so he looked at Wisdom and said, "She seems happy"
"Yeah, she is" Wisdom replied and looked at him in a way that explains: Go for her now.
Calista watched Chester horried into the classroom immediately Esther entered, then she suspected them feeling jealous.
Esther opened her bag immediately and began to look for her hymn book.
"Hi, Esther" Chester said from behind.
"Hi, Good morning" she replied quickly without looking at him. She zipped up her bag and rushed out instantly.
Chester became very surprise. Her action rendered him speechless with an open mouth. "What's wrong with her?" he thought. Just before he came out from the thought, Calista walked in like a gentle angel with her hands folded in a black jacket to prevent the morning coldness.
"Wow!" Chester exclaimed.
"What?!" Calista asked.
"You look actually.. amazing!"
"Should i take that as a compliment or mockery?"
"A compliment of course"
"Thanks anywhere" she walked closer to him. "Do i still regard myself as your friend regarding what happened yesterday?"
"Of course you are still my friend. Actually it wasn't your fault rather Jennifer's"
"Okay, good to know" they stared at each other. Immediately the bell ran for assembly.
Just as students rushed into the assembly ground, Tochi walked into the school compound and Wisdom was the first to see her.
"You are late!" he shouted from a distance smiling. Tochi also smiled and hurried up to him.
"I'm sorry sir" she replied breathing heavily.
"Welcome, ma, you may go in"
"Thank you sir" she passed with smiles on her face. Wisdom also couldn't stop smiling.
All was on the assembly ground quietly when Mr Nelson, the principal walked in with Mr Anuma. He stood before them with a paper in his hands and rattled it.
"Good morning students!"
"Good morning sir!"
"We have come to the end of this week and i believe you know what comes up next week, the quiz. It is something you should be serious with.."
Just then, Wisdom's eyes caught with Tochi's and they shook their heads in a way that explains: We gonna make it!!
The principal continued, "I'm here to announce that Mbakwe Jennifer has been expelled from this school"
There was an arising soliloquy among the students and some looked at Calista who stood alone gazing at the principal. Her only friend Jennifer had been expelled so she felt lonely.
"I found her action very offensive and disgraceful. She actually wanted to sabotage the name of this school. I couldn't allow that to happen, so just stay away from evil. Understood!"
"Yes sir!" the students chorused.
As usual the principal walked out leaving the ground for Mr Anuma who stood quietly with a hand inside his pocket gazing at the students.
"You look good sir!" a male voice shouted from behind and students started giggling.
"Who is that happygolucky student!" Mr Anuma began. "Instead of you to be inconspicuous, you are there making an indecipherable sentence" the students giggled again. "Listen to me all of you, the resent entrenchment made by the principal concerning Mbakwe Jennifer is also applicable to you all. Understood?!"
"Yes sir!"
"As for the quiz, a noble price will the given 2 the winning team"  immediately the students began to make noise.
"Silent!" Wisdom exclaimed. Everywhere became quiet and Mr Anuma looked at Tochi.
"Desmond!" he called.
"Yes, sir!"
"I hope Wisdom is doing a great job?"
"Yes sir!"
"Heeehhh!" the students shouted looking at Tochi and Wisdom.
"Sir, what type of job is he doing?" a female student asked.
"Shut up there, you mind corrupted succubus!" Mr Anuma replied with smiles and stepped out. Everybody began to wonder the type of job Wisdom was really doing with Tochi even Esther, Chester and Melody.
"Esther, dismiss them please" Wisdom instructed.
"Okay, the job dealer" she replied smiling while Wisdom also gave a weak smile.
Inside SS3B, Melody was with Esther having a funny conversation when Chester entered and stood before them. Seeing that, Esther stood up immediately in a hurry, "Let me collect a book from a friend" she said and walked out but Chester prevented her by grabbing her hand which made her turned sharply staring at him with a fast rate of heartbeat. Melody looked at their jointed hands and the romantic look on their faces, then she stared at them feeling jealous.
"Stop running away from me" Chester told Esther.
"I'm not" she replied.
"You are. I wanted to talk to you before assembly period but you ignored me. Now you are going away because of my presence. What have i done to you?"
"You have not done anything... I mean I'm ignoring you... Sorry, I'm actually saying that I'm not ignoring you, okay?" she replied looking woozy. Chester stared at her and gradually released her hand, then she briskly walked out.
"Wow!" Melody exclaimed. "What is going on?" she asked..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 39
"I don't know what her problem is" Chester replied Melody and sat down looking disappointed. He placed his hands on the locker which demarcation both of them and stared at the door.
"She behaves as if she's shy of something" Melody said.
"Yes, that's how girls behave when they are shy"
Chester thought for a while remembering the kiss they had the previous day, so he smiled.
"Why are you smiling?"
"Nothing" he stood up and walked to his seat. Just then Esther walked in briskly without looking at him. She sat down looking unstable at the sight of Melody.
"What's wrong with you?" Melody asked her.
"I'm okay"
"No, you are shy of something. Talk to me or am i not your friend?"
Esther became stable and stared at her because she really got her.
"Can i trust you?" she asked.
"Of course you can" Melody replied curiously...
Linda could see Tochi smiling uncontrollably at her locker and sometimes opened the pages of her English textbook.
"Is there something you are not telling me?" Linda drew closer.
"Something like what?" Tochi looked at her.
"Something like Wisdom doing a great job and you smiling for no reason"
"First, Wisdom is preparing me for the quiz as instructed by Mr Anuma that's why he asked if Wisdom was doing a great job. Secondly, I'm not smiling for no reason"
"Wow! Then what is the cause of this sparkling smiles?"
"He is the cause"
"You mean Wisdom?"
"We are finally dating" she brought down her voice.
"Really? No wonder!"
"And we..." she paused.
"And what?" Linda was curious...
Melody stared at Esther to tell her the reasons of her shyness while Esther stared at Chester who sat alone on his seat spacing out.
"Chester actually kissed me and proposed to me yeterday" Esther said with a very low voice.
"Wow!" Melody exclaimed looking happy but jealous inside. "And what did you say?"
"I said nothing"
"How can you nothing?!"
"I was so shy, i wasn't expecting that from him. It just came unexpectedly!"
"So are you ignoring him because of that?"
"I can't behold his presence anymore"
"But do you love him?"
Esther remained quiet but gradually nodded her head positively. "I think so" she replied.
"You are lucky" Melody gave a weak smile.
Linda stared at Tochi's lips as she replied and said, "We had our first kiss"
"You don't mean it!"
"Ssshh.. why are you shouting?"
"Hmm, girl you don enter oh. I'm happy for you shia"
Suddenly Mr Anuma entered without a book. All the class greeted and became quiet. He wrote on the board, Biology and turned.
"The bacteria which cause dead organisms to decay or decompose are called what?" he asked.
All the class became extra quiet making use of their brains.
"They are called parasite, sir!" a male student replied standing up.
"No, you are wrong" Mr Anuma said. "Desmond, tell us" he ordered.
Tochi gradually stood up smiling. "Sir" she began. "The bacteria are called saprophytes. They don't only make organisms to decay but also feed on them"
"A round of applause for her!" the students began to clap.
"Oh Lala!" Mr Anuma exclaimed. "Desmond, you are really trying"
"Thank you sir" she replied with all gratitude.
Students began to go home nd Mr Anuma monitored each of them from his car as he drove off. He met Wisdom on d way then whined down his glass.
"Caleb" he called. "I can see your handwork. Keep it up!"
"Sir, i don't understand" Wisdom replied.
"Your lesson student will explain"
"Okay sir" Wisdom understood and smiled. Just then, Tochi arrived looking happy and beautiful.
"Good afternoon, Wisdom?" she greeted.
"Afternoon, Mr Anuma just..."
"I heard him" Tochi interrupted.
"Yes, will you come today?"
"Yeah, and it will be the last day of the lesson"
"Okay, i will be waiting" they smiled and departed.
Chester walked out from the classroom at the very sight of Esther who thought he would come to her at least to say good bye. He walked quietly and met Calista going home.
"Hi, Chester" Calista came around and Esther monitored.
"Hey, going home right?"
"Yes, do you want to follow me?"
"No, he won't" Melody appeared and placed her hand on Calista's should to her surprise. "I want to follow you home" she added.
"Hmm, abeg free my shoulder oh before they call me lesbian again" Calista said and they laughed.
"Bye, Chester" she added and departed with Melody.
"Okay, bye" Chester responded.
Esther walked down the stairs moving slowly towards the road to her house-shortcut. Chester turned and saw her walking alone. He wanted to call her but hesitated thinking that she will probably begin to run if he tries to talk to her, so he turned and headed to another road. At that time, Esther gradually turned and glanced at him feeling disappointed. "It will take me two days to see him again" she thought.
"I'm happy you've come to be my friend again" Calista told Melody as the were going home.
"Is nothing, just that Jennifer misled you" she replied and Calista became quiet..
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 40
Though, it was afternoon but the weather wasn't hot. There was a gentle wind which took over the atmosphere. It blew at every angle and grasses making them to stagger around as if giving thanks to God. The road was lonely nd quiet. Only the singing of the birds was heard by Melady and Calista as they walked simultaneously without saying a word. Actually, Melody thought her last statement she made to Calista about Jennifer was provocative so she looked her and asked, "Have i done anything wrong by saying that Jennifer was the one who misled you?"
"No, just that i can't believe i wanted to kiss and have sex with my fellow girl" Calista replied.
"But it wasn't your fault"
"I know, but isn't it awkward to behave like a lesbian in the public?"
"Listen, everybody knows that it wasn't your fault and also innocent of Jennifer's evil plans, okay?"
Calista kept quiet and adjusted her school bag. Only their footsteps were heard on the lonely road.
"Did Chester laughed at me yesterday?" Calista broke the silence.
"I have no idea but i don't think he did. Why are you even concern about that?" Melody asked.
"Are you sure? Or have you forgotten that i know you had your eyes on him?"
Calista smiled and adjusted her bag again. "Yeah, that's true but i think he loves Esther" she said.
"Thank God you are the one saying it"
"It's obvious"
They became quiet again.
"Somebody told me that you can't force someone to love you just like Jennifer did but ended up disgracing herself" Melody broke the silence. "So we shouldn't force ourselves to people that don't love us" she added.
"Yes, because I'm also included" they stared at each other and smiled.
"Thank you for not resisting to be my friend. I'm so happy"
"You are welcome" Melody replied and they walked home smiling.
Esther met her mother in the kitchen preparing lunch. She wore a black short skirt and a white top which exposed the hand of her black bra.
"Good afternoon, Mummy" she greeted and got busy.
"How was school today my dear?"
"Fine Mummy" she replied without looking at her or smiling. The mother noticed it and stared at her for a moment.
"Is there anything bothering you my dear?" she asked.
"No, Mummy, I'm fine"
"Did anybody provoke you at school?"
"No, Mummy"
"Listen, i am your mother, you can always talk to me about anything. I know you have come of age and few months from now you will be 20 and find yourself in the university. So feel free my dear"
"Thank you Mummy, but I'm okay" Esther said, yet without looking at her.
"I actually fell inlove with your father in my secondary school days" the mother began then Esther looked at her. "Initially, i couldn't believe it but i finally accepted him"
Esther was surprised to hear her mother saying that. She couldn't just believe her ears.
"So my dear, are you passing through emotional feelings?" the mother asked.
"No oh, Mummy" Esther responded and turned sharply. The mother looked at her and smiled knowing very well that she was hiding her feelings.
Mrs Desmond sat in the kitchen pounding with mortar and pestle. She tied a wrapper across a black voluminous top and covered her head with a hair-tie. Suddenly, Tochi came out wearing a jean trouser and looking beautiful.
"Tochukwu nwam" the mother called.
"Yes, mama!" she replied and looked into the mortar. "Hey, mama is okay nah, stop pounding!" she exclaimed.
"No, is not. Just sit down"
"I hope there is no problem"
"No my daughter" the mother stopped pounding and looked at her. "It seems like you like that your lesson teacher" she said.
"Hey, Mama! Ibia kwa" Tochi exclaimed in igbo language which means. "Mama, you have come again!"
"Have you forgotten that i was a young girl like you? It is written all over you. You were totally down yesterday but immediately he came you became strong and happy, so you can't deny it. But what I'm going to tell you as a mother is to becareful and keep your pride"
"I have heard you Mama" Tochi replied smiling. She took the pestle from her and began to pound.
"But that boy is very handsome oh" the mother added.
"Oh, mama is okay nah!"
"Is not okay! Allow me to speak my mind oh!"
"Oya nah, speak, Mrs speaker"
Just then, Wisdom entered looking ever handsome in a jean trouser too which had the same ash colour with Tochi's.
"Good evening mama" he greeted smiling and Tochi turned sharply.
"Evening my son" Mrs Desmond responded. "How are you?"
"I'm fine"
"Let me set the table and bring my books" Tochi told Wisdom. Due to she knew what her mother can do or say, she turned and looked at her in a way that shows: Don't say anything oh!
After Tochi entered, Mrs Desmond called Wisdom closer. "Thank you very much for helping my daughter. She's now very intelligent" she said.
"You're welcome Mama" Wisdom replied.
"You are also kind and handsome too. I think you will make a good son in-law"
"Mama stop oh!!" Tochi exclaimed from the room making Wisdom to smile the more.
(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Final Episode (Episode 41)
The lesson lasted for 1hr and Tochi escorted Wisdom as usual.
"Promise me you will make me proud next week" Wisdom told her but she didn't answer rather she began to bite her fingernail.
"There is no reason to be scared. Just believe in yourself and you will make it, okay?"
"Okay, thank you" Tochi replied.
"See you next week, but make sure you keep studying"
"I will" they hugged and departed.
It was the quiz day. All students came to school as early as possible. The school hall was decorated with different colours of fabric and chairs arranged in order. A dim light shone at the centre of the place meant for the participants. Esther entered into her classroom and saw Chester keeping his bag.
"Good morning, Chester" she greeted and passed.
"Morning, welcome" Chester replied looking at her. But she stopped and turned.
"How was your weekend?" she asked.
"It was fine. And you?"
They stared at each other. Chester could see her glowing with smiles and beauty.
"I'm sorry.." both said at the same time and paused still smiling.
"I'm sorry for acting woozy the other time" Esther said.
"Is okay, i understand. I'm also sorry for.. kissing you"
"No, you shouldn't be. It was actually nice" she smiled.
"Really? Does that make us friends?"
"No, that makes us more than a friend" she replied and smiled out looking charming.
Chester couldn't believe it! "Yes!!" he exclaimed silently and walked out.
The assembly and other school activities ended very well. Now was the time for the quiz. The bell was wrong and all the students began to move into the hall. Melody and Calista met Esther on her way to the hall too and they gave her unexpected hugged.
"Come on, girls, what's this hug for?" Esther asked smiling. "I hope you are not planning to kidnap me"
"Yes, we want to kidnap you" Calista replied. "After all Chester is capable of paying a ransom" she added and they laughed.
"You girls are not serious"
"You look beautiful today oh. Tell us the secret" Melody requested.
"Yes, tell us" Calista supported.
"It seems like they sent both of you to tempt me this afternoon. Well, lets go and win the quiz, after we talk about that" Esther replied and they smiled out like big friends holding hands together. Just at the entrance of the hall, Tochi met them.
"Good day seniors" she greeted smiling.
"Hey Tochi!!" all shouted.
"I hope you are going to make us proud" Esther said.
"Aren't you supporting your class?" Tochi asked.
"Forget about our class. We are supporting you" Calista said.
"Thank you!" she exclaimed smiling and they walked in.
The hall was populated with more than one thousand students. Mr Anuma and the principal's with other teachers walked to the front of all students. Wisdom, Chester and the other prefects walked around with canes to keep everybody calm.
"Good afternoon students?!"
"Good afternoon sir!"
Mr Nelson began with a microphone in his hand. "Today is the day we all have been waiting for. The participants are required to come up here if they hear their names"
Mr Anuma began to call the names. As he called, students clapped. When Tochi was called, she looked at Wisdom who smiled at her broadly and her heart skipped.
Few minutes later, the quiz commenced. As brilliant students, SS3 was winning the SS2 with one point but just at the end, SS2 met up with them with the help of Tochi who answered several questions and Mr Anuma couldn't believe it! Only a question was remaining.
"SS3, what is the meaning of the word EXPOSTULATE?"
The hall became quiet anticipating to know the winner. SS3 participants couldn't think of the meaning of EXPOSTULATE.
"It means to move from one place to another" one of them answered.
"Wrong! Bonus to the SS2"
Hearing that, students became more quiet.
"Come on Tochi!" Wisdom exclaimed in his mind. Then Tochi stood up at the sight of everybody and said, "Expostulate means to argue or disagree about something"
There was a thunderous clap and shout in the hall and without wasting time prices were given to d SS2 participants especially Tochi.
"I'm very impress for the performance of the SS2 students.." the principal narrated and gave Tochi microphone to say something, then all the hall became quiet. Before she started tears ran down from her eyes.
"I thank you all who supported and show me kindness. I thank Mr Anuma for his help, even Wisdom who sacrificed to make sure i win this quiz. I was once regarde as personanongrata but they accepted and made me believe in myself. I also say a big thank u to my friends, Linda, Esther, Chester Melody and Calista, even d principal. Thank u all!" everybody began to clap. Wisdom's eyes caught with hers and they smiled again.
Jennifer never hesitated to study her books. She sat outside with a book before her remembering all her friends and past actions in school, then tears ran down from her eyes.
(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 1
Her room was dark and quiet, but she could hear her mother preparing breakfast in the kitchen when she woke up. She quickly turned on the light and everywhere became bright. She wore only a pant which had different colours without a bra to support the slightly fallen breast. One could see her nipples stood erect feeling the coldness of the morning and her fairy hair down her abdomen. Her name is Melody Smith. The books on the table reminded her that it was a day she had been preparing for, a day which she had waited for and a day she kept special for the dream she had that night. She quickly rushed into the bathroom without thinking twice and began to take her barth. She sang a melodious christian song as she had her body wet with soupy water. But she suddenly stopped and stared at the wall. "I have never dreamt of a man in my life, but here i was last night dreaming of a man i don't even know. This is weird" she concluded in thought and continued. Few minutes later, she rushed out to see her mother dressing the dining table.
"Good morning, Mummy" she greated and the mother looked at her. She was impressed to see her ready for school.
"Sit down my daughter" she said. "The God who gave me money to register you on this waec examination will make you pass in Jesus name!"
"Amen, Thank you Mummy"
"Welcome. Just take your breakfast"
After a while, Melody entered the road to her school without any bag but with a Mathematical set. One could see the shape of her underwears clearly and looking very attractive from behind. She hurried into the school compound but couldn't believe her eyes. The school was as quiet as a grave yard. Nobody was there, then she became surprise and wondered what was happening. It was a clear description of her dream. "God, am i still dreaming?" she thought and slowed down. She narrowed her vision and saw a boy in uniform but his face wasn't clear. "I saw this same thing in my dream. What is going on?" she thought again and became scared.
"Hi" a female voice startled her from behind then she turned sharply and breathing heavily.
"Thank Goodness you are here!" she said.
"Why are you so frightened?" Calista asked her.
"Can you imaging nobody is in school"
"What did you expect? School in on vocation"
"But at least waec candidates should be here by now"
"But look at a waec candidate there" Calista pointed at the boy standing at a distance.
"Do you know him?" Melody asked.
"We shall know when we get there. Let's go"
The boy stood in front of SS3A with his two hands in his pockets looking handsome. He barbed his hair in a fashionable style and had dimples which was only visible when he smiles. He had a chocolate complexion with a pair of shoes on his feet. He turned to Melody and Calista when they came around.
"Hi, Good morning" he greeted.
"Good morning" they responded and glanced at him. He face wasn't familiar which made them wondered who he was. Melody could see how he stared at her, then she withdrew her face looking at other side.
"I guess you also came for the exam" the boy said aloud.
"Yes, and who are you?" Calista asked.
"I'm an external candidate. My name is Edwin Goodness" he stepped down.
"Oh, welcome and I'm Calista Jacob"
"Nice to meet you" they shook hands, yet Melody looked uninterested to their introduction.
"Ehnm.. Hello" Edwin call her attention before she turned and looked at his handsome face. "Are you okay?"
"I'm fine" Melody gave a weak smiled.
"May i know your name too?"
"I'm Melody Smith"
"That's a pretty name"
"Thank you"
Just at that moment, candidates began to arrive. They saw Mr Anuma's car from a distance and also saw Esther looking beautiful.
"Hey, Mrs Chester!" they exclaimed and ran towards her then eventually hugged her at the very sight of Edwin.
"Come, this girls, is too early for this hug and jokes. Which one is Mrs Chester again?" Esther asked smiling.
"Are you not Mrs Chester?" Calista asked.
"She cannot deny it" Melody added.
"Crazy girls!" Esther smiled and they began to move into the hall. Melody could see Edwin still staring at her as they were moving, then she became nervous and neglected him.
Few minutes later, the hall was populated with students and the day was brighter than before. Chester and Wisdom had come but were with Mr Anuma who gave them an instruction before they went into the hall at the same time.
"S.P!!" some students shouted and Wisdom began to smile. Chester gradually left the floor for him and sat beside Esther who smiled at him broadly.
"Good morning, handsome" she greeted.
"Yes, that's your new name"
"Wow, thank you"
"I hope you prepared very well for this exam"
"Of course, yes" Esther replied. She crossed her hand on his arms and placed her head on his shoulder.
"Good morning my fellow students!" Wisdom began.
"Good morning, S.P!" students responded.
Before he continued, Jennifer slowly walked in and everybody stared at her...



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