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Friday, 23 June 2017

36yrs old therapist,Jacqueline Bryce arrested for drugging and raping teenage boys in her cab!!

A 36-year-old school therapist, Jacqueline Bryce Herron, has been accused of drugging and seducing two underage boys and having sex with them.

Daily Star UK, reports that Herron has been charged with 28 counts of sex with teenage boys, including sodomy.

Herron was working as a counselor to high school students in Red Bluff, in California, when the offences allegedly took place.

At least some of the sexual assault allegedly happened in public in her car.

The Therapist has denied the charges, which include oral sex, intercourse and “penetration with a foreign object” – all with minors.

They said the first alleged sexual encounter was with a boy she met while working for Victor Youth Services at a group home on King’s Way near Shasta Lake.

Police in Shasta County said after investigation that the boy told a police detective that in July 2015, he and Herron had oral sex at least once at the group home where the boy was living.

They also had sex that month in her vehicle while they were parked alongside Abernathy Lane in Redding, the report says.

Going into graphic detail, the report says, “The victim told me he had oral sex with Jacqueline Herron in the past approximately five times and penis and vagina sex two times in the past.”

The police report provided some of her employment details, claiming she had been fired by Victor Youth Services, and later hired by Alternatives to Violence, contracted to provide counseling services to students in Red Bluff.

It was reported that Herron began working with the second boy when she was a counselor at Salisbury High School – a continuation school in the Red Bluff High School District.

A Redding Police Department report claimed the underage boy brought a complaint that he had sex with Herron numerous times in March and April 2016.

He also told the police that he and woman apparently had sex at her home and would also rent motel rooms to have sex.

Employees at one motel told the police that because of the age difference between the boy and the woman, they were suspicious when they saw the two enter the motel.

The victim also reported that Herron gave him alcohol, prescription cough syrup and at least one other drug.

The boy further told the police that one time she sodomised him at her apartment while he was “blackout drunk.”

Meanwhile, the police said they have obtained photos, videos and phone texts the pair shared over a period of several weeks.

In one text, the woman allegedly sent to the boy reads, “I go to the cottonwood apt tonight the one out in the middle of nowhere haha.

“If ur not busy we should try to meet for a 7-minute hug. [sic]”

When the lad’s father heard about what was happening, the relationship ended, the police said.



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