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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

see 3 dangerous mistakes you men make,yet you are not aware!!

My Grandpa married 5 wives and had 19 children and there was no time any of the wives packed out of his house according to what my Dad told me. I don’t mean to scare you but the Number 1 reason women cheat on their husband is lack of sexual satisfaction. That is why you see older women have sugar boys, they claim their husbands are now weak or too busy to give them what they want in bed. The saying “Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned “ is not just a saying , nothing gets a woman pissed than a 2 minute sex performance. So what do most Nigerian women do if their husband cant satisfy them. 10 percent take it as their fate and get used to it but nag once in a while. 30 percent of them tell their friends about it or go online to seek other people opnion;they get different advice ranging from using sex toys, masturbating to orgasm and having a side boyfriend. The remaining 60 percent simply find a younger guy who can satisfy them,sometimes they go for the gate man,or the driver or maybe the neighbor .It would amaze you that no matter a woman’s societal class she can do have sex with just anybody to cure her sex cravings. In this short article I would outline 3 silly mistakes men make in bed and also introduce you to a complete permanent solution to two minute embarrassing issue. ———————————————

#1 – Neglecting Foreplay ——————————————— It is not just about penetration, most men skip the foreplay part and this aspect is where the woman get really aroused ,wet and ready for penetration. Some women even take foreplay more serious than the main thing.But most men just want to get an erection and zoom in. Now the issue is if after zooming in without good foreplay you cant go for upto 10 minutes which is the point at which a woman get into the sex then it makes no sense to her, because you are the only one who enjoyed it. ———————————————
#2 – Not Focusing On Her Desires ——————————————— Believe me “Ladies first” doesn’t just apply in social etiquettes, but in lovemaking as well! Try to listen to her moves,if she is ot feeling the sex position you would know, most men only try to satisfy themselves without thinking about the woman’s desires. After sex take a good look at her face,ask her he sex positions she likes, the spots she would like you to hit. My wife wants it very deep so most times I raise her legs up hit it for 15 mins and she gets orgasm. You have to study and focus on her sex desires or else she would find it elsewhere ———————————————
 #3 – Not Lasting Long Enough ——————————————— My brother in the midst of economic downturn,Evans the kidnapper story amongst others, the last thig a woman wants is 2 minutes sex. At least if she cant control economic matters and the bad news she hears on tv,work stress ; a lasting and earth shaking sex with the man she loves would complement for all that. Truth is more than 20 million Nigerian men cant last upto10 minutes on first round, and most of them cant get an erection after first round.. The major causes of this embarrassing issue is: 1.Poor diet and lack of exercise. 2.Stress and psychological problem
3.Excessive masturbation and pornography. But the GOOD News is… There are special herbal products that are approved by NAFDAC and they actually work if you administer them professionally. But There is this herbal supplement that is highly effective and can raise even a dead man’s manhood when used properly This special herbal mixture is approved by NAFDAC and it is a combination of 3 very powerful medicinal herbs that your great grandfather probably knew and used to satisfy their multiple wives even till old age. I call it Libiron Herbal Capsule Let me introduce you to this 100 percent natural Herbal solution that cures the root cause of weak erection and increase stamina on bed, helping you to last up to35 minutes on first round

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