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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

"We are not part of Biafra!!" - Ijaw youths.

According to a nairaland user:

“The attention of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) worldwide has been drawn to a statement credited to one MASSOB leader, Solomon Chukwu published in the
Vanguard and other newspapers of Tuesday June 6, 2017 declaring that the south-south region is included in the territory of Biafra which MASSOB, IPOB and other self-determination movements are agitating for. This comment has been made by other Biafra leaders in different forums. For the records, the IYC wishes to state as follows:
1. That the Ijaw and Niger Delta people identifies with the Biafra struggle for self-determination.
2. However, we wish to state clearly that the Ijaw and Niger Delta struggle for self-determination predates the Biafra agitations. It is on record that even before the Biafra declaration of independence in 1967, Major Jasper Adaka Boro during the twelve days revolution declared a Niger- Delta Republic in 1966. This was before the advent and struggle for the actualization of Biafra.
3. The Ijaw and Niger Delta people had always maintained separate and distinct identity from our Igbo brothers of the South East.
4. While we share in the Biafra agitation for self-determination which is not in any way different from our agitation; we wish to clearly state that the Ijaw areas are not part and parcel of the territory of Biafra.
5. We will collaborate with our south eastern, middle belt and any other minority groups in the quest for self-determination based on mutual respect and common understanding. In the coming days, we will start the constructive engagement on these terms”, the statement was quoted as saying.
I actually read the statement credited to one certain Nnamdi KANU where he proclaimed Bayelsa state as Biafran territory.

As usual, I welcomed it as a form of humour but going through the Official Page of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide, the people were unanimous on Ijaw youths position on Biafra.

Like I always say, Ijaw was not, is not, cannot and will never be part of Biafra.

Irrespective, Ijaw nation will ALWAYS show solidarity and support to whoever seek to exercise the right to determine their destiny.




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