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I Dedicate this small story to my fans and to the single ladies at 30...because I believe there is a man for every lady in the just have to meet him and also to my Android for been available always.


I acknowledge the almighty God for Inspiration...and to that one anonymous person that made me think about single ladies at 30,to the fans that came encouraging me to do justice to my ideas,I will forever love and appreciate you.

Episode 1


"Adelana! Adelana!! ...ahn ahn!! what is the problem? I thought you were going to spend the night at your parents place? how come you are here now?" Nina said,trying to wrap her body in white bed covers,the room steamy of hot sexual intercourse,She was wondering how she would get Adelana out of the room,so she doesn't discover how messed up it was,her tiny fingers kept scampering around her chest,endlessly,but where is the man? Nina kept hiding Akin's face with a part of the sheets while he hid beneath the bed...

"Ho lawd!! I couldn't stand mothers nagging any longer,havent you found your mr right yet? n so!!....I just cant..."she paused,choked by the smell she percieved,"come...Nina wetin dey smell? bia....why are you naked?"

"errrrhmm ...I...I...errhhm....Adelana....I was sweating...sorry doing excersise . .erhhhmm...strong ones!!"Nina lied,cleaning her mouth.

"Strong exercise? with  a black boxer near our wardrobe? a pair of black shoes? singlet and .....ohhh a man is here!!! Ahhhh Nina nawa for you o!!" Adelana went to pick up the boxer and percieved it,"for how long has this man worn this boxers and who does he want to kill?",there and then she spots Akin under the bed,"Arrhh oga sir!! na der u dey? oya commat...make I see you...okpoko!!"

Akin came out from beneath the bed,holding unto the bed cover,he quickly snatched his boxer from Adelana,looking at Nina with the corner of his eye,He bent down and picked up his shirt,threw them on...tried on his trousers and left through the door,feeling embarrassed and insulted ,and then the eyes of the both girls met,

"why you staring at me?" Nina started.
"No o! am staring at your stupidity!! are you that eager for a man?"
"what do you mean?"
"Ohhh cut that crap! 10 minutes of sex wont do you any good"
"We have gone 45mins already!! And we were about going for the third round before you came should have waited till we are done...."
"Abeg abeg!! clean this mess before I get back!!"Adelana  said,slamming the door behind her.

*   *  *   *    *    *       *       *       *       *

"We need to talk!!" Nkeiruka said,standing with arms akimbo close to the television stand,with a panel of nollywood movies carefully piled up,the rug had seem a lot warmer that Saturday evening for Adelana as she laid on it and watched Nkeiruka behave like a drama queen,as usual to entertain everybody,the moment Erika sat up from the bed with her head against the wall Adelana noticed the seriousness in Nkeiru's body movement,the eyes of both girls focused on Nkeiru,

"Nawetin don happen again...this one you are perambulating here and there,na so e dey start o! o!" Erika said,pulling out a novel she had hidden beneath her pillow to read,sliding through a few pages untill her attention went back to Nkeiru,"whats wrong"Adelana added,with a small sigh to meant she wonders whats on Nkeiru's.

"MEN!! Chaii Men!!"Nkeiruka shouted,biting her fingers
"what about them?"
"huuhn? you know Damian? that guy that talks british....his accent is fake! he is a thief,he thought he would be able suck me dry and disappear into thin air!!" Nkeiru said,acting very dramatic,"I have been thanking Baba God I have found my dream man only to realise the bastard is married to one local bingo!! you need to see the way I was otula p*ssy?? mee?? that bitch of a woman called me a harlot in publicly...she had seen my nude on her hubbys phone and came after me like a wild beast!!"

"This is serious!!" Erika exclaimed.

"Azin ehhhn...abeg babe sidown come gist me...tori don kawai!!"

Adelana slightly adjusted her skirt and vest,covering her breast button from escaping the vest,she crawled to the bed that was few steps away..pulling out a pillow to relax her head as  Nkeiru kept talking.

"I Quickly grabbed from her and was able to smash it,i smashed her strength...the stupid woman did not have the sense to transfer the photos to another device!"

"How did you know?"Erika asked.

"Ehen na! its...its the truth! I think so!! infact its so it is!!"

"my sister,I advice you stop thinking!! why would the man even save such stuff on his phone ni?"

"Look the only advice I can give you now is to stop thinking about that bastardian before his wife will gather thugs that will come and pour you acid!! please be careful I dont want to lose you!!" Adelana said,looking so concerned,she chopped on her nails when one of the broke mistakenly.

*     *     *       *       *      *      *       *

The day had barely started before Adelana started praying for the sun to set,the thought of going to Surulere to see her aunt that had promised her money  to start up a shoe business with the sun almost as if its close to her skin,kept her pacing around the house,her head spinning for what to wear to look fashionlike or her aunty will yab the living day light out of her,Erika walked in throwing herself on the bed looking peplexed,it must have been a bad period of time.

"Babe na wetin dey happen ...dis one wey your face dey like dis? hian!!" Adelana said,trying out a small denim outfit on the mirror.

"Can you believe I went to kenneth's house,only to find out his girlfriend was home!! and they were going to get married in the next one week?? ohh common ..our relationship barely started when I got to find about this! I mean what does he take me for? I thought after giving him a good sex last week tuesday night we were   made for each other,only to discover we were done for? Haba!!"

"You were fast enough to spread your cards rika!! i mean you of all people should know sex doesnt keep a man...its just something he derives pleasure from!" Adelana scolded,then came down to erika to console her when Erika began to sob,

"I didnt know that he didnt mean what he said to me!!"she cried.



Episode 2 by 11 o'clock tomorrow



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