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Thursday, 6 July 2017


"God what the hell is going on in our lives,No man has walked up to me to ask me out,just look..look my fingers are looking old without a ring,my pastor told me i have maami water worrying my life! i have tried out different eye pencils!! different mascaras,applied different brown powder..blush....lipstick...abi na pink ..and erhhm..errhhm ...yes red...i even mix red and sisters for what? to look attractive to it Brazilian weavon i did make? or Human hair?? sister time don dey go oo!!" Nina complained.

Erika and Nkeiru kept listening with their eyes standing,the room was getting a lot warmer as they discussed their ordeals just to please men and Nkeiru's ordeal made Adelana scoff..letting of a sigh that trailed off in the air,

"Hiaaa Nina your own na small thing oo...i met a guy on facebook...gosh so cute...and i decided to hook up with him when he finally asked me to come over,only to go and discover this guy to be a thief!! he sent thugs to rub me of my Iphone  and the little money I had on me..I did not know when i fell on the ground and started crying like my mom was flogging me publicly.." Nkeiru said,making her way to the wardrobe to get out a clothe she would wear to a pool party of a closed friend that stayed in banana Island and it almost as if she had nothing to wear,and she just threw herself inside the wardrobe.

"Damn!! you are covered by the grace of God my dear,thankgod you were not raped....those thugs that f*ck like dogs with scabies...they will rape you and rape your hopes of getting back to normal!!" Erika said..with her mouth forming an inverted you as she clapped her small hands,

"Arrrghhh Erika!!" Adelana and Nina esclaimed,Adelana appeared to be mostly irritated with what Erika said earlier.

"Ahn ahn whst did I say wrong?"

"you are been too direct!! ahn ahn!!" Adelana shouted.

"Di - direct as how?"

"Adelana live her,she is probably talking out of experience!!" Nina added

"Let thunder rip you to fleshy pieces!! did I say she was raped??" 

"look dont insult me o! becauseI did not Insult you...dont start with wont like the turn up!! you dey hear me so!!" Nina shouted,her anger escalated,even Nkeiru sat at a corner  looking..untill Erika got up from where she sat,

"Who are you? who you be na? Abeg go no go chichere like you talk say im wan marry you...mongo park...see as u wuo wuo..dey fine man wey go marry you..otondo!! commot from my front!!" Erika challenged,shoving Nina to a corner of the bed,Adelana wondered what had caused the quarrel.

"GIRLS STOP IT!! Just...just...just stop it...I mean what has come over..we were just laughing some minutes ago..n here you guys are fighting like olosho's...whats that sef.." Adelana Interrupted .

And for a hot moment there was silence,maintained by everyone...until Nkeiru spoke up to clear the air,taking a deep breath,

"Common one is getting raped..I wasn't going to get raped since it was in an open all I thankgod I was not raped!! lets talk about something else!!"

While everyone talked only Nina sat at a corner..she was obviously angry with Erika..she kept chewing on her nails,Nkeiru noticed it and went to talk to her,"Oh come on Nina...dont be upset!"

"Am not upset!" Nina lied.

"yes you are!"

"Alright...Erika shouldn't have pushed me like that what If I had  broken a part of my body..i want to get married in complete form" Nina said..sitting up to light her mood,

"Oya sorry o..sorry" Erika said from a distance.

"Apology accepted?" Nkeiru asked as they watched Nina behave like a kid before she gave in,"Yeap!"

"Ahh thank god..eheen Nina I  want to go for a pool party..but i dont have clothes to wear..can you borrow me your blue dinner gown...i will wash it for you..please?? and Adelana I want to borrow you white wedge!! it fits better!!"

"Take!! take..before u tag me a wicked demon!"

"I wont!".

*   *     *    *     *     *

At the pool party.

The party had barely started and the environment had already lit up with the smell of Alcohol and the sound of music,girls sat at a corner chattering like birds while the once with boyfriends sat on their boyfriends laps,terribly chewing gum like high class prostitutes ,Nkeiru sat at a corner with a glass of wine...even though she didn't like the way it tasted,suddenly she realised a guy had been staring at her and laced another direction,when their eyes met each other,"hmmm another dog has arrived!" she muttered between her breaths...taking a deep breath as though she was trying to take down what the environment had stuffed around her,her eyes met again with the secret admire of a guy, this time he did not have enough time to look away when she gave him a cute smile ,a smile that gave him the liberty to come over.

"Hey bae'b  whatsup ?" he said when he walked up to her,taking a sit.

"hi??? how may I help you?"

"Ohhh come on...can you really help me?

"I don't know ,if its something I can handle. I may help.....may...cos am not sure" Nkeiru said,sipping from her glass,for the past ten minutes she overlooked her glass until he came and she found the importance in looking at the glass and sipping from it especially when she was out of words..

"Anyways... lets talk about something else..." he said,"I'm Ken"

"Nkay!!" she replied in a hurry to take sip when she realised she had already emptied her glass from too many sips,"Nkeiru stop taking sips!!" she said in her mind.

"Alright Nkay!! can you give me your number?"

"!" she cracked down,acting like she was unsure when she was so eager to give him her number,"Nki baibe if you miss this guy...all your hopes of getting a new man will be dashed into the mud ni o!!" she muttered out,with her voice trailing when he asked her,"what did you say!"

"Ohhhhh sorry!! 0706353..." she continued and then a lady came around with a tray containing Gold circles,she nearly puked,embarrassed when the lady said,"Madam take for you for...." she  paused...using her eye to tell Nkeiru she meant ken.
Nkeiru felt the earth should open and swallow her,

"Oh common Nkay..whats there in taking a sachet of condom!! " Ken said,making her feel at ease to  collect a sachet.

*   *    *    *      *       *      *

Erika and Nina sat at a corner playing ludo in the room,while Adelana sink in their one and only couch sipping garri without sugar, and it was as if the garri had become a problem in her throat when she tried to swallow another spoon and it didn't go down..she almost jumped out of her skin with the way Nkeiru badged into the house,Nina   had already wrapped her self on Erika who was struggling to breath with Nina's hand around her neck,

"Ahn! Ahn!! Nkeiruka!! why? why did you badge in like that?" Adelana said,struggling to regain her breath,Erika pushed Nina to corner to breath in fresh air,

"Girls....I am so happy!! I just met a new guy!! his name is Ken he ....he damn cute!! gosh!!"

To be continued.



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