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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Todays episode on Twist of Fate...speechless

Pragya wonders where is Tanu and sees her car there. Sarla feels Pragya’s presence, and thinks she has to have strength and get out from it soon. Dasi asks Dadi to say what is the matter? Dadi asks her to enquire by herself. Dasi says I will solve your confusion for forever, and declares that she is going to her Pint/ village. Dadi says I will not stop you now, and asks her to go. Dasi says shall I go? Mitali hears her. Dadi says I am letting you go. Dasi asks her to tell what is the matter? Dadi says there is nothing to say. Dasi says I will leave. Dadi thinks she felt bad really and asks her to stop. Dadi tells Dasi that Sarla is missing, and Abhi and Pragya went to search her. Mitali hears her. Dasi asks her to tell everything. Mitali hears it carefully.

Abhi thinks there are many girls wearing blue dress here. He sees a girl wearing blue dress and calls her Sarla aunty. The girls identify him to be rockstar Abhi and take selfie with him. Pragya thinks this way is closed and thinks Tanu might have used other way. Abhi thinks sometimes fan irritates him, and doesn’t understand urgency. He sees Pragya walking in an isolated lane and thinks to find out what is happening.

Tanu coming to the said place, and thinks Nikhil called her at a scary place. Nikhil comes and says it is a romantic place for passionate lovers. Tanu scolds him and asks what is the surprise. Nikhil asks her not to react and hear him fully. Pragya thinks what to do as Tanu went somewhere there. Abhi thinks it is like ghost place. He wonders where is Pragya? He sits down scared . Nikhil brings Tanu to the place where he kept Sarla. Tanu scolds him for not killing Sarla. Nikhil says she is saying fake stories, and I have a doubt on her. He says today you got blackmailer’s call and that means she is not real blackmailer, but know his name. Tanu asks him to kill her. Nikhil says he will make Sarla tell the blackmailer’s name and then he will kill her. Tanu says I am going now. You should give me news that Bulbul’s mum reached Bulbul. Nikhil asks her not to worry. Pragya comes and pats on Abhi’s shoulder. Abhi thinks ghost is talking in Pragya’s voice and thinks he don’t know even hanuman chalisa. Pragya asks what happened to him? He says he was searching.He says you lied to me about blue color dress girl, and asks her to tell truth. They hear the voice and follow the person. Dadi tells Dasi about Sarla’s kidnapping and asks what is her decision now. Mitali hears her. Purab calls Dadi. Dadi says she doesn’t know where is Abhi and Pragya. Purab says he is in police station, but will call them. Dasi asks if there is anything else also. Dadi says she started again. Dasi asks Dadi why did you tell Purab to be with Pragya. Dadi says so that Purab can inform me and I can inform Abhi.

Purab calls Pragya and asks where are you? Pragya says she is near now. Abhi takes the call and asks if he is in commissioner’s office. Purab says I am with commissioner and gives call to him. Commissioner says we are searching our team and Purab will be with us. Tanu thinks Nikhil should kill Sarla fast, so that her trouble ends. She thinks Abhi and Pragya shouldn’t be doubtful about her. Abhi tells that no one is here, and asks if she really came to meet any girl. Pragya says yes. Just then they hear someone going in car. Pragya scolds Abhi and says the person have left seeing you. Tanu comes back home and thinks life has changed and have become troublesome, but before that it was all well. She looks for Abhi and thinks he must not have talked to Pragya. She wonders if they are together.

Tanu asks Dadi if she knows where is Abhi? Dadi tells she doesn’t know where is he? She says nobody tells her where they are going etc and scolds her for coming late. She says you are going to be my bahu and asks her not to roam in night. Tanu agrees and thinks until when she will be alive. She collides with Mitali and asks why she came in her way. She tells she is looking for Abhi. Mitali tells her that Abhi and Pragya went to search Pragya as she went missing. She reads her face and says it seems you are involved in her kidnapping. Tanu looks angrily and says she don’t care. Mitali says you are acting as innocent as if you haven’t planned anything with Aaliya.

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