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Monday, 3 July 2017

Twitter User currently wants a Partner for his 53yrs old mom!!

Folarin Okunola is the Internet's most recent sweetheart, after initiating a boo search for his 53-year old mum

Some of us most times when we think of the term ‘single’ and ‘ready to mingle,’ what comes to mind is gangs of young guys and squads of young ladies; all full of life, single and very ready to mingle.

Twitter user, Folarin Okunola [@TheFolarin] is out here showing us all that maybe that’s a myopic way of viewing the issue.

On July 1 2017, he posted a refreshingly thoughtful tweet seeking out a potential partner, not for himself or any of his friends, but for his 53-year old mum.
His 53-year old Nigerian mum.

“Please if your daddy is a widower (or single) and has his shit together, hmu. [Hit me up]”, his now-viral tweet reads.
“I'm looking for companion for my mother. Help me RT, please.”
Folarin, who works here at Pulse as our ‘Tech Expert’ says what motivated the tweet is to show his mum, who’s been the only one for him and his sister that it is never too late to [re]discover love’s magical touch, regardless of age.
"She has dated few people but somehow it never particularly ended well,” he tells me.

 ended well,” he tells me.

“We were having a chat recently and from the things we spoke about, it was obvious that maybe someone new wouldn’t exactly be a bad idea for her.”
So he asks her if she does not mind if he puts out a word to some people and see if they have daddies, uncles or other middle-aged family members who might be looking for the same thing as her, and his mum says it’s OK.
playFolarin, his sister, and between them, their mum. The two women have their faces hidden for privacy reasons. (TheFolarin / Twitter)

Apart from the beauty of a mother-son relationship as open and sweet as this, one other mindblowing thing here is the reaction the tweet has gotten so far
With over 2700 retweets and 108 replies at the time of publishing this story, it is obvious that the tweet struck a nerve with so many young people.
From the replies to Folarin’s tweet, one can see that many single middle-aged parents are out there, seeking new partners and a kind of companionship that might be too much to seek from their children who have their own lives ahead of them and may not even be around that much.
Amazingly, people with these single parents are thinking of helping out with this but until Folarin’s tweet, many did not even know how to go about it.
“I think there are many single parents out there who, having lost a partner, just devote all their energy into raising their kids and being strong for them.
But they are also human beings, and body no be firewood.
They need companionship even though they might be too shy to come out and talk about it.”
Unlike us [young people] it is not really easy to put themselves out there like that.
So I guess I just had to do the best I could for my mum,” the contender for the Son Of The Year award adds.
If you are  wondering how far he’s gone with the search for his mum’s new boo, Pulse’s Tech Guy says he’s making progress, and that about 12-15 people have reached out and discussions are really progressing in the match-making process.
“Well, I’ve had about 12-15 people send me pictures of their dads, I’ve sent her picture to some of them, too.
Let’s just see how it goes,” he says with a laugh.
“I’m just trying to dispel the idea that she can’t get anyone anymore
"I'm trying to show her it's never too late to find that spark again,"
We’ve got our fingers crossed on this one, and we can’t wait for this to reach a happy conclusion and bring you the happy news when it happens!



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