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Friday, 11 August 2017

Must read: Adaobi - Chapter 5 and 6

Written By Chipappii

I was Janet’s territory and nobody was allowed to trespass. She gave life to the word insecurity. She would get jealous at me for even leaving her to attend to my sisters.

Yes that was Janet. So you could imagine the amount of tongue lashing i got from her that day after Ada called.

I had managed to convince her into believing that it was my cousin from the village that called.

One thing i loved about her was that she was easily pacified. She was sure to smile for you after after a few teases…

Three days after the day Ada called and i was desperate to hear her voice again.

I called like 5 to 6 times and her mom always picked and each time i would drop the call and block her number from calling back.

I was getting frustrated when an idea struck me.

I ran into Chinaza’s room and met her changing from her school uniform, she wore only her pants and bra and quickly covered herself the moment i came in, i looked away and sat on her bed.

“The people who invented knocking on doors weren’t stupid you know? She said and rolled her eyes at me

“The people who invented door locks weren’t stupid too and besides what are you hiding?, remember i took care of you when you were this little”

i demonstrated with my hand a little close to the floor “and that included bathing you”
“Silly boy” she said and wore the rest of her clothes while i waited for her.
“Naza can you speak English with the most local intonation you know” i chose English because apart from our parents, no one else knew how to speak our mother tongue Igbo.

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“Why? ” she said and looked at me.
” Don’t ask me, just speak "

” Hmmm, So why du yu wantu me to du dati” she said in a funny way and we laughed.

“Good, i need you to do something for me”

“What? ”

” You are going to call a number i will give you, an elderly woman will pick, you will tell her that you are Adaobi’s girlfriend at school and that she should give her the phone and when she does that, you hand back the phone to me, can you do that?”

“Its simple, it will cost you 2000” she said.

“Thats outrageous, 2000, just to call someone with my own airtime o” i said

“Then call her yourself ” she said and made to leave the room.

” Ok i will give you 1000″ i said as i was desperate.

“Cool, where’s the number? ”

” You sure know you shouldn’t be using all these posh grammar and intonation on her, she’s not stupid and should sure know when she’s talking with a village school girl”

“I know, just get the number “..

She called, Chinaza was a perfect actor, i soon got through to Ada, i pushed Chinaza out and lay on the bed as i got emotional with Ada.

We talked for as long as 15 minutes then we reluctantly said goodbye.

I left the room for the parlor and Naza was there waiting for her 1000 naira.

“Kingsley is owing me 2000, take the 1k from him and tell him i said he can keep the rest” i said and laughed.

Chinaza’s face puffed liked an over soaked bread.

She ran after me with her slippers in her hand.

Kingsley was her boyfriend…

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I was in the village and i was in the only place that i ever want to be with the only person that i ever want to see, under that tree with Ada and the sun was just setting. The sky was golden and the atmosphere was serene. We were sitting on the big outstretched roots of the tree, cuddling each other and talking sweet.
“How many kids would you like to have? ” i asked her. She giggled and say four.
” Hmm, same as me” i said
“I would like 2 boys and 2 girls, it would be even that way” she added. I smiled, closed my eyes and kissed her on the forehead.
“Quincy, i think someone is calling you ” she whispered. I opened my eyes and everything seemed upside down, a small part of my head seemed to sting, i closed my eyes.
” Quincy someone is calling you” Princess’ tiny voice rang out. I opened my eyes again and princess was sitting on me in the bed trying to hand over my phone which was ringing. I had obviously fallen asleep and was dreaming. I took the phone from her and put it to my ear, the ringing tone pierced my ear and i took it off my ear immediately, princess laughed while i smiled and picked the call.
“Hello baby, guess what?” Ada’s sweet voice shouted excitedly over the speaker
“Hey sweetheart, what?”
“Guess naa”
“Okay, the king’s eldest son just proposed to you?” i said and scoffed.
“Mad boy, noo”
“You won a U. S visa?”
“Hahaha, no again”
“Just tell me please ” i pleaded.
“No, keep guessing”
“Ermm, you are pregnant for me”
“You are silly”
“Ada tell me naa, before i die of suspense”
” Okay, I will tell you “she said and paused while i listened.
” Well, i’m coming over to the city for my waec exams” she shouted and i jumped from my bed.
“You are coming over here Ada?” i asked excitedly.
“Yes baby, i will be staying with my aunt”
“Please when are you coming? Today, tomorrow? When baby? ”
I was obliviously too excited.
“Don’t worry, i will soon be there”
she said
“You know i have many things i would like us to do when you come. Please make it quick”

“I will, i have to go now, talk to you later”

“Okay baby, i love you so much”.

“I love you too, bye” she said and dropped the call.

I threw my phone on the bed and jumped up on it. I looked at princess and she was staring at me.

“You love who?” she asked tilting her head in a funny way. I picked my phone.

“Oya take Phone, go outside and play candy crush” i said handing the phone over to her..



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